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Special Report on

Conveyance of equity of redemption

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l i 1. % 28 i VALUABLE LAW WORKS PUBLISHED BY STEVENS AND SONS, LIMITED, 119 & 120, CHANCERY LANE, LONDON, W.C. Chalmers' Bills of Exchange. A Digest of the Law of Bills of Exchange, Promissory Notes, Cheques, and Negotiable Securities. Fourth Edition. By His Honor JUDGE CHALMEES, Draughtsman of the Bills of Ex- change Act, 1882, &c. Demy 8w. 1891. Price 18*. cloth. Moncreiff on Fraud and Misrepresentation. A Treatise on the Law relating to Fraud and Misrepresentation. By the Hon. FREDERICK MONCREIFF, Barrister-at-Law. Demy 8vo. 1891. Price 21s. cloth. Kennedy's Law of ...
always a mortgage", meaning a borrower cannot contract to give up his right to redeem title to his property once his debt is discharged.
Ontario Real Estate: “Agreement of Purchase and Sale” (Planning Act)
The Planning Act clause is a standard provision in every agreement of purchase and sale. It could become one of the most important provisions in the agreement, if it comes into play. The purpose of the Planning Act is to regulate the orderly development of the Province. Any new lot creates obligations upon the Province and any local municipality to provide services in exchange for taxes. Consequently, approval is required in all cases. Let's have a look at the standard form agreement of purchase and sale and see what it says in the "inspection" clause: “15. PLANNING ACT: This Agreement shall be effective ... market research, surveys and trends
Equity Of Redemption
More specifically, a mortgage is a type of security for a debt. Although almost all mortgage agreements contain a promise to repay a debt, a mortgage is not a debt by and in itself. More importantly, a mortgage is a transfer of a legal or equitable interest in land, on the condition sine qua non that the interest will be returned when the terms of the mortgage contract are performed. This right of the borrower to repay the lender once the terms of the mortgage contract are fully satisfied is known, at law, as equity of redemption . Mortgage Law originated in the English feudal system in approximately the 12th century A.D. In the ... market research, surveys and trends


Clogging the Equity of Redemption: An Outmoded Concept? - [2002 ...
To understand the concept of equity of redemption it is necessary to understand the influences of equity upon money lending transactions involving the security of real property over many centuries. Under an old system mortgage, the legal title of the borrower was conveyed to the mortgagee and, upon redemption of the debt, the mortgagor was entitled to a reconveyance of the land which had been the subject of the security. The Court of Chancery developed jurisdiction to set aside the legal title of the mortgagee by compelling the mortgagee to reconvey title to the mortgagor where the mortgagee refused to do so, thus recognising ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
than a conveyance to the lender, the rule against clogging the equity of redemption and ..... and as to $15 million by the issue of preference shares. .... mortgagee to claim an effective interest rate of 57 percent per annum over a ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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This newspaper does not knowingly accept HELP WANTED Ads that indicate a preference based on age from employers covered by the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. All real estate advertisement in this newspaper is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968, which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin or an intention to make any such preference, limitation or discrimination. Rates: $5 for first 20 words and 20 cents each additional word. Legal ads are $5 per column inch. FOR SALE For Sale: Good Used Appliances. Large and Small ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
GARY J. RUSSO, CARMEN M. RODRIGUEZ, KYLE M. BACON, LAFAYETTE, LA, Counsel for Defendant/Appellant, CINGULAR REAL ESTATE HOLDINGS OF LOUISIANA L.L.C. a/k/a CINGULAR REAL ESTATE HOLDINGS. Before: WHIPPLE, HUGHES, and WELCH, JJ. HUGHES, Judge. This is an appeal from a summary judgment granted in favor of Clara Wright, the plaintiff in this suit, to quiet title to immovable property purchased in a tax sale, against the former property owner, Cingular Real Estate Holdings of the Southeast, L.L.C., on behalf of itself and its predecessor by merger, Cingular Real Estate Holdings of Louisiana, L.L.C. ("Cingular"), which failed ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Gwynedd Archives, Caernarfon Record Office
CONVEYANCE of equity-of redemption of two dwellinghouses at Caellwyngrydd in occ . * of Thomas Williams and Thomas Evans, 2 above ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Lawriter - ORC - Chapter 5301: CONVEYANCES; ENCUMBRANCES
of the Revised Code, or lease of any interest in real property and a memorandum of trust as described in division (A) of section 5301.255 of the Revised Code shall be signed by the grantor, mortgagor, vendor, or lessor in the case of a deed, mortgage, land contract, or lease or shall be signed by the trustee in the case of a memorandum of trust. The signing shall be acknowledged by the grantor, mortgagor, vendor, or lessor, or by the trustee, before a judge or clerk of a court of record in this state, or a county auditor, county engineer, notary public, or mayor, who shall certify the acknowledgement and subscribe the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Beck v. Sheldon, 259 N.Y. 208, 181 N.E. 360 (1932); Baird v. Baird, 145 N.Y. 659, 40 N.E. 222, 28 L.R.A. 375 (1895); Weich v. Graham, 124 N.Y.S. 945 (1910), affirmed 148 App.Div. 900, 132 N.Y.S. 1150 (1911) and 21 N.Y. 637, 105 N.E. 1102 (1914). Why? What are the policy arguments for or against having a security interest without a valid personal or enforceable underlying obligation? What are the obligations which might be thought to be unenforceable in New York? Does the obligation have to be valid or enforceable as to the promisor or can it be to secure the promise or performance of a third party? See generally , Amherst ...
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  Q: We are currently living in a single family home. The "owner" of the house is my mother's sister, or ...   A: Your aunt can Quit Claim Deed you the home for around $100. If you do that though, you would have ...   Q: The property I asked about has a warranty deed, that is 2 seperate parcels. You advised me that the ...   A: A little back ground to make sure we are both on the same page. A lot is "legally" subdivided when ...   Q: 5 years ago I left and filed for divorce 2 years ago at that time he said he wanted to keep the ...   A: Sorry to hear about the mixed up ...
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Ownership of real property is one of the most valuable legal rights. The method of documenting and transferring this ownership gives rise to the questions in this category. Total questions 10900 Supervisors Become a Supervisor ID2794032102 asked How can you have your ex husbands name removed from mortgage loan and said it was the same as Can a husband name be removed from a mortgage 11 Jul 2010 04:47 Kluss (supervisor) [307] unflagged How do you find out if your house has been recorded as homestead 11 Jul 2010 04:21 Kluss (supervisor) [307] reverted the answer of How do you find out if your house has been recorded as homestead ...