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Special Report on

Corporate Taxation in Canada

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Politics is about choices. But we can’t make effective choices without clarity. And that means we have to have an adult conversation about taxes and public services. A conversation that starts at A and goes to B, and doesn’t assume something that doesn’t make any sense to get there. A conversation that re-establishes in public discourse a connection between the public services we need and the taxes that pay for those services. The kind of conversation we expect our children to learn to engage in virtually from the moment they can talk. Most four-year-olds have figured out that, when you go to the store to get something you want, ...
having its own privileges, and liabilities distinct from those of its members. There are many different forms of corporations, most of which are used to conduct business . Corporations exist as a product of corporate law , and their rules balance the interests of its stakeholders : the management who operate the corporation; creditors who loan it goods, services or money; shareholders who invest their capital ; the employees who contribute their labor ; and the clients they serve. In modern times, corporations have become an increasingly dominant part of economic life. An important feature of corporation is limited liability. If ...
Bermuda Signs Tax Agreement With Canada |
Bermuda today [June 14] signed a bilateral agreement with Canada that provides for a full exchange of information on criminal and civil tax matters between the two countries. The signing of the Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA) took place at a ceremony today at the Premier’s official residence at Camden. The TIEA was signed by the Hon. Paula A. Cox, JP, MP, Deputy Premier and Minister of Finance, and Canadian Consul General Daniel Sullivan. Distinguished guests at the signing ceremony included Consul and Department of Finance Representative in New York Glenn Campbell, Ministers of Cabinet, Honourary Canadian Consul for ... market research, surveys and trends
Osgoode Hall Law School Library - Recent Acquisitions » RECENT ...
Globalizing justice : critical perspectives on transnational law and the cross-border migration of legal norms / edited by Donald W. Jackson, Michael C. Tolley, Mary L. Volcansek. Publisher: Albany : State University of New York Press, c2010. Description: xii, 293 p. ; 24 cm. Subject: International and municipal law. Subject: Justice. Subject: Globalization. Subject: Conflict of laws. K 415 N38 2008 Title: Natural law : historical, systematic and juridical approaches / edited by Alejandro N. Garcìa, Mario Silar and José M. Torralba. Publisher: Newscastle upon Tyne, UK : Cambridge Scholars Pub., 2008. Description: viii, 514 p. ; ... market research, surveys and trends


A Cost–Benefit Approach to the Evaluation of Regional Selective ...
In the Netherlands, for instance, in 1989 approximately Df 40 billion (8 ...... N. and Mintz, J. (1982), 'Corporate taxation in Canada: toward an efficient .... Tikka, K. S. (1993), 'Finland: fundamental tax reform (25 percent rate on ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
BC has lowest minimum wage, highest poverty rate : Columbia Valley ...
The BC Federation of Labor says that the minimum wage in BC is a national embarrassment. This comes as Ontario increased its minimum wage on March 31, 2010 to $10. 25 an hour and on April 1, 2010, Nova Scotia’s minimum wage will rise to $9.20 and New Brunswick’s to $8.50 with another increase in September, which will bring it’s minimum wage to $9.00. “The Campbell government has abandoned its responsibility to establish a minimum wage that is fair to the hundreds of thousands of low-wage workers in BC”, says Federation President, Jim Sinclair. ”It’s time for the MLA’s and the Liberal caucus to accept their responsibility and ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Should We Tax Excess Corporate Profits?
Deficit spending by the government is merely the counterpart of private sector saving. What government deficit spending does is to permit the private sector to achieve its level of desired saving. When the latter changes, government spending ought to be adjusting in the opposite direction to offset it (unless the current account balance happens to do the job). But consider the implications of what happens if one the economy’s three major sectors – in this case, the corporate sector – retains savings above and beyond that required to reinvest and establish growth in the productive economy. If one examines recent cases in ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Randsburg Corporate Update
(the "Company" or "Randsburg") is pleased to announced today that a summer work program will begin shortly on the Company's 20% owned Titan Project. The Titan Project is a Vanadium-Titanium-Iron project located in Ontario, Canada jointly owned with Prophecy Resource Corp. ("Prophecy"). The work program is being conducted by Prophecy as part of its commitment to incur $200,000 in Exploration Expenditures on the property by December 31, 2010. "Working with Prophecy on the Titan Project, we hope to see the Project considerably advanced and added value brought to the parties," stated ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Doing Business In Canada
There are two levels of corporate taxation in Canada: federal and provincial. The combined (i.e. federal and provincial) effective 2008 corporate income tax ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Tax Treatment by Other Jurisdictions of Electronically Delivered ...
Canada does not consider electronically delivered products to be tangible ... Schadewald, 2007 Multistate Corporate Tax Guide Volume II, Sales/Use Tax (CCH ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Compliance and Administrative Costs of Taxation in Canada
The Impact and Cost of Taxation in Canada: The Case for a Flat Tax Reform ...... Compliance Costs of Corporate Taxation in Hong Kong. International Tax ...
Tax Law (Questions About Taxes): International Tax Question (Japan ...
I'm a Canadian non resident based in Japan. I've been investing in Canadian Real Estate (SFR, Duplex and 4-Plex all residential) from Japan for the past two years, for my own portfolio. I want to put together a group of investors (non-Canadian residents) from here to invest in residential/commercial apartment buildings in Canada. I understand that this is a large topic, I was hoping that you could answer a few general questions regarding tax, ownership and company entity? I'd like to get an idea of how something like this might work. 1) What is the best entity to manage a project like this? Canadian or offshore? ...
What is 'double taxation'? - Yahoo! Answers
Generally, double taxation means being taxed twice on the same transaction or being taxed on a tax paint. In Canada, for example, British Columbia used to apply sales tax to the cost of the item purchased PLUS the Goods and Services Tax (GST) paid to the Feds as part of every purchase. The GST was 7% so if an item cost $100.00 you paid this plus $7.00 in GST. BC figured the sales tax on the $107. You ended up paying a tax on a tax - double taxation. The most obvious answer to the second part of you question is that double taxation is unfair and ends up pissing off the electorate. BC, for example, changed the law so that the ...