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Special Report on

Corporate Taxation in Switzerland

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As Belize’s benchmark reputation for integrity has grown and its underlying infrastructure of innovative, integrated network of professionals and legal system have expanded in tandem with each stage of its growth, the offshore banking legislation became effective with the enactment of the Banks and Financial Institutions Act of 1995 and the introduction of the Offshore Banking Act of 1996. In an additional move designed to attract international banks to relocate to Belize, the Money Laundering Prevention (Act) of 1996 led to the introduction of a “know-your-client” rule and made it known to the worldwide ...
its political stability as well as the various tax exemptions or reductions available to Swiss companies doing business abroad, or foreign persons resident in Switzerland.
America Is Over-Regulated?
Running for the Door ... German Giants Flee Wall Street ... With expensive accounting rules, an increased threat of litigation and hundreds of millions of dollars in fines for some firms, the once prestigious New York Stock Exchange and other American markets have become unattractive to Germany's biggest companies. Daimler and Deutsche Telekom have fled this year and the few remaining are likely to follow. On June 18, the symbol of the German company Deutsche Telekom, DT, made its last run across the ticker at the New York Stock Exchange. Europe's largest telecom company left the world's biggest and most ... market research, surveys and trends
The Irish Economy » Blog Archive » Budget 2011 (ctd)
What is the obsession of so many economists/commentators in Ireland will property taxes? Is it some form of social engineering, whereby they hope to turn Ireland into a nation of property renters rather than property owners, as is the case in many European countries? I have no objection to a property tax if stamp duty is reduced to compensate. The former might be more stable. But, while property tax is low in Ireland, stamp duty is very high. Some economists appear to want us to have a high property tax AND high stamp duty. No way, Jose. Richard Tol Says: July 22nd, 2010 at 10:06 am @JtO It goes without saying (to me at least) ... market research, surveys and trends


Progressive Taxes and Firm Births¤
18 Corporate taxation in Switzerland is based on legally binding .... Switzerland has an area of 41285 square kilometers and a population of 7.5 million. It ... The average new …rm has 2.6 employees at birth, and 43 percent of new …rms ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Atrium Incorporators
Switzerland imposes a withholding tax. Where applicable, this can be reduced, or even eliminated, by making use of the many Double Taxation Agreements currently in place. Minimum capital requirement for a company limited by shares (AG / SA) is CHF 100,000, of which a minimum of CHF 50,000 must be paid in, and CHF 20,000 for a limited liability company (GmbH / SARL), of which a minimum of CHF 10,000 must be paid in. Various classes of shares can be issued. However, whilst companies limited by shares may issue bearer shares, limited liability companies may not. For a company limited by shares, there is a minimum requirement of one ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Cantons dangle juicier tax carrots for firms
Lucerne’s decision to slash corporate profit taxes in the next two years has raised the hackles of some neighbouring cantons and could draw unwanted attention from the European Union. The EU has fiercely criticised the tax inducements offered by Swiss cantons as being uncompetitive and in violation of a trade treaty between the two parties. But as EU and Swiss negotiators meet again, cantons are showing no signs of backtracking. At present, companies pay an average 23 per cent combined local, cantonal and federal taxes on their profits depending on where they are situated in Lucerne. In two years time the burden will be reduced ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Treasure Islands: Mapping the Geography of Corruption
When is a tax haven not a tax haven?  When Mauritius' Vice Prime Minister Ramakrishna Sithanen says so.  "We are a not a tax haven," stated Sithanen, who is also the country's Minister of Finance.  Ironically, Sithanen would go on to reveal that ring-fenced financial services (FS) -- the legal and financial secrecy vehicles facilitating corporate mispricing and corruption marketed to foreign clients, especially India -- accounts for 12.5% of GDP. Mauritius is already India's largest single source foreign investor at $39 billion, almost half of total investment flows. The beautiful tourist island of ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Corporate tax relief in Switzerland
In Switzerland, corporate income and capital taxes are levied at three ... income taxation, but will frequently also provide a lower equity tax rate. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
impose its branch profits tax in addition to the basic corporate tax on ..... residents of Switzerland. Therefore, the Swiss company will be entitled to the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
KPMG's Corporate Tax Rate Survey 2006
to June 30, 2002 and later income years, the corporate tax rate is 30 percent. ...... in Switzerland (29.07 percent). Some cantonal income tax rates, ...
Google Answers: International Dividend Taxation rates for the past ...
Thanks for taking a look at my question. Based on the completeness of the answer, I will tip more than the $10 base amount for the question - see below for details. I am interested in dividend taxation and corporate taxation laws around the world - both now and historically. Much of this data is supposedly available through the OECD ( however I cannot find it in a readily usable format. I have access to several academic databases (See for a list of databases that I can access) - so if you can only get the data through these sources, you can ...
Tax Law (Questions About Taxes): Taxation of retirement funds ...
QUESTION: I am leaving my company in Switzerland and moving to California,USA .What happens to my Swiss retirement funds savings if I transfer  the money I receive ( after being taxed by Switzerland ) to USA before my employment begins in USA ?? What happens if I do so after my employment begins ...Will my savings be taxed once more  and if yes,at what rate ?? Thanks ANSWER: Ugur, Thank you for your question. 1)What happens to my Swiss retirement funds savings if I transfer  the money I receive ( after being taxed by Switzerland ) to USA before my employment begins in USA ?? If you paid taxes on this money in ...