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Special Report on

Credit Europe Leasing

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The Central Asia-Caucasus Institute and the Rumsfeld Foundation are sponsoring a fellowship program for emerging regional leaders in government, commerce, and academia from Central Asia, the Caucasus and Afghanistan.  The goal of this program is to foster better understanding and build stronger relations between the United States and countries of the region.  The program brings a small group of young leaders from the region to Washington DC twice a year. This is a six week comprehensive orientation that includes research, and high level meetings with leading figures in government, business, journalism, ...
Electric vehicles first came into existence in the mid-19th century, when electricity was among the preferred methods for automobile propulsion, providing a level of comfort and ease of operation that could not be achieved by the gasoline cars of the time. At one time the internal combustion engine (ICE) had completely replaced the electric drive as a propulsion method for automobiles , but electric power has remained commonplace in other vehicle types, such as trains and smaller vehicles of all types. During the last few decades, increased concern over the environmental impact of the petroleum-based transportation ...
Credit Europe Bank a decis majorarea capitalului social de peste ...
Actionarii Credit Europe Bank, controlata de grupul turc Fiba, au decis majorarea capitalului social al bancii cu 375 milioane lei, pana la 675 milioane lei (189 milioane euro), au declarat reprezentantii bancii citati de NewsIn. Actionarii Credit Europe au hotarat sa majoreze capitalul social la ultima adunare generala (AGA) din 20 august, iar banii vor fi folositi "pentru a sustine portofoliul de credite, pentru achizitia Credit Europe Leasing IFN si Credit Europe Ipotecar IFN si pentru intarirea nivelului de capitalizare". Majorarea presupune doua componente, prima constand in conversia a trei credite ... market research, surveys and trends
Credit Europe Bank N.V. verzeichnet Rekordergebnis im Jahr 2007 ...
Bank N.V. weist ein sehr erfolgreiches Geschäftsjahr 2007 aus: Zum 31. Dezember 2007 beläuft sich die konsolidierte Bilanzsumme auf � 5,9 Mrd und verzeichnet damit einen Anstieg von 54% gegenüber dem Vorjahr.   Das Ergebnis vor Steuern konnte die Bank von � 41.2 Mio in 2006 um 70% auf � 70.2 Mio steigern, der Reingewinn wuchs um 69% von � 29,2 Mio in 2006 auf � 49,3 Mio. Die operativen Kosten stiegen um 62% – ein Ergebnis, das das konsequente Wachstum und die Expansion der Bank widerspiegelt. Die Erfolgsrechnung des gesamten Jahres 2007 wird geprägt von einer deutlichen Stärkung der ... market research, surveys and trends


New Survey Finds 76 Percent of Consumers now Believe Renting to Be ...
/PRNewswire/ -- A new online survey commissioned by the National Apartment Association conducted in May finds 76 percent of consumers deem renting to be the more favorable option to owning a home in the current real estate market, a 5 percent increase from 2008. The survey also found that both renters and homeowners are not eager to make any changes in their housing status within the next year, demonstrating low consumer confidence and continued uncertainty in the housing market. "While some may want to declare the housing crisis over, consumer patterns of behavior are showing otherwise," said National Apartment ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
IFC Europe & Central Asia -Leasing in Uzbekistan
Until 2002, almost all leasing companies in Uzbekistan were established under separate Government Resolutions, which granted individual tax preferences. Presidential Decree #3122 “On Measures for the Future Development of Leasing,” enacted August 28, 2002, created a strong basis for the sector’s growth. This Decree expanded all of the tax benefits available to credit to leasing, thus removing the tax barriers to its growth. The Decree was then followed by more than 40 legislative amendments to the Civil Code, Tax Code, Civil Litigations Code, and the Laws on Leasing and Customs Tariffs between 2002 and 2003. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Turning East, Turkey Asserts Economic Power
Today, Turkey is a fast-rising economic power, with a core of internationally competitive companies turning the youthful nation into an entrepreneurial hub, tapping cash-rich export markets in Russia and the Middle East while attracting billions of investment dollars in return. For many in aging and debt-weary Europe, which will be lucky to eke out a little more than 1 percent growth this year, Turkey’s economic renaissance — last week it reported a stunning 11.4 percent expansion for the first quarter, second only to China — poses a completely new question: who needs the other one more — Europe or Turkey? market trends, news research and surveys resources
GM Vehicles Getting Higher Prices as It Prepares IPO
June 29 (Bloomberg) -- General Motors Co., preparing for an initial public offering as soon as the fourth quarter, said U.S. consumers are paying more per vehicle than last year. Customers in the U.S. are paying $3,000 more on average for GM’s cars and trucks, Mark Reuss, president of GM North America, said today in a conference call as part of a daylong presentation to analysts and potential investors. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Ed Whitacre and other top executives gave a review of Detroit-based GM’s current business operations, including restructuring in Europe, growth in other markets and 85 percent ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


National Bank of Romania Norm no. 18 as of 05/09/2006 regarding ...
National Bank of Romania. Norm no. 18 as of 05/09/2006 regarding the organization and the internal control, the management of the significant risks, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
USAID Europe and Eurasia: Ukraine
Ukraine plays a key role in U.S. foreign policy objectives due to its strategic position between Europe and Eurasia and its importance for regional stability. The U.S. is committed to helping Ukraine achieve social and economic security, and supports its goal of joining NATO and the European Union (EU). Since 1992, USAID has devoted more than $1.6 billion to Ukraine. Today, USAID programs primarily focus on good governance, economic growth, strengthened health services, and anti-corruption. Ukrainian Media Partnership Launches New Safer Sex Campaign On November 28, 2008 the Ukrainian Media Partnership (UMP) to Combat ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Brindusa Covaci | Harvard Business School | Papers -
We develop a principal-agent model based on a sequential game played by a representative enterprising and a collect manager in an asymmetric information framework. The model shows that enterprising' perceptions of the collect market play the key role in the collect's fee-setting mechanism. The managers' really know-how to deliver stream is not relevant. Along with a simple relation between fees and collects' performance, empirical evidence suggests that most Romanian domestic equity mutual collects have added high markups in recent years. the collecWe show that, for these fees to be justified, enterprising ...
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Tips on Buying Cars: purchase a used car w/credit card, profit ...
Yes, but it is up to the dealership if they want to accept it.  Profit margins are so thin on the sales side of most dealerships that few will accept a credit card for the full purchase because of the costs involved (the credit-card company charges 2-4% of the sales price as their fee).  Nearly any dealership will let you put a deposit on a credit card, or even allow you to put a portion of the final payment on one, but most dealers won't let you charge the entire vehicle.  I've even seen this sign on the front door of some dealerships: "While our service department will accept your credit card for ...
What will happend to all insurence holders from AIG, if the ...
US insurance giant AIG raced against the clock to avert collapse Tuesday after three blows to its credit standing, and central banks pumped out 160 billion dollars to prop up financial markets. AIG was at risk of following Lehman Brothers into bankruptcy despite approval for it to borrow 20 billion dollars and as report said the Federal Reserve had asked two banks to help provide 70-75 billion dollars. Markets, investors and savers around the world focused on AIG to see if it would be the next failure in the firestorm from the shocks on Wall Street on Monday, when another investment bank Merrill Lynch was bought out of trouble ...