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Deed, Mortgage and Lease

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WASHINGTON � Can't pay the mortgage? You still might be able to stay in your home. Government-controlled mortgage company Fannie Mae is going to give borrowers on the verge of foreclosure the option of renting their homes for a year. The change announced Thursday could give a temporary break to thousands of homeowners, but critics question whether it will only add to the mushrooming losses at the company, which has received billions in taxpayer money. The new "Deed for Lease" program will allow homeowners to transfer title to Fannie Mae and sign a one-year lease, with potential month-to-month extensions after ...
A specialty is a contract under seal (bond, legal mortgage, debt secured by writing under seal) and formerly ranked in priority above a simple contract in the administration of a decedent's estate for paying off liabilities, especially since specialties have a 12 year limitation period, twice that of a simple contract. They are often used by lawyers when a very formal document is required. Deeds can be described as contract-like as they require the mutual agreement of more than one person. Deeds can therefore be distinguished from covenants , which, being also under seal, are unilateral promises. However, a deed differs ...
SUCCESS not tasting so sweet! The WF loan mod saga continues ...
Many homeowners are having issues in dealing with Wells Fargo when trying to obtain a loan modification. Wachovia and American Home Servicing (ASC) are companies owned by Wells Fargo also. This forum is for homeowners to share tips, contacts and advice on how to get help and deal with one of the worst loan serivicers in the world. This is a discussion on SUCCESS not tasting so sweet! The WF loan mod saga continues... within the Wells Fargo - American Servicing Company (ASC) forums, part of the Wells Fargo Home Mortgage category; First I have to say THANK YOU to everyone who posts on Loansafe! It has been so empowering to me ... ... market research, surveys and trends
2550000 Visits and Moving fast. Thank You Readers!! « Livinglies's ...
there so are a few good men. Neil your site has been my bible, Beth Findsen is a doll, a very very smart one. Just wanted you and bloggers included he info i glean is an awesome and essential source of support during what has been and continues (sadly) to be THE biggest fight of my life. As Winston Churchill once said “i will never surrender” just got the Tilte report thankyou, couple of surprises there! Doing A QWR to the lender here and i need to check to see for OHIO what the time frame is that i should give them to respond.. ??? thank you in advance !!! sharon Hi All! Thank You so much for this website! The ... market research, surveys and trends


U.S. Readies Jobless Aid and Help on Homes -
WASHINGTON — In separate actions to address Americans’ continuing economic hardship, the government moved Thursday to assist long-unemployed workers and struggling businesses, as well as home buyers and homeowners facing foreclosure. Fannie Mae, the federally controlled mortgage company, announced a Deed for Lease program in which those in danger of eviction may be able to stay as tenants in their houses for at least a year. At the same time, Congress gave final approval to a stimulus measure that will extend unemployment benefits for the longtime jobless, aid that will bring total assistance for many to nearly two ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Fannie Mae and Wells Fargo Announce Creative Mortgage Solutions: A ...
announced a stunning $18.9 billion loss.  Remember last year when we were told that bailing out the enormous Government Sponsored Entities that we would be turning a profit?  Well that didn’t exactly pan out and both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have been a vortex for taxpayer money.  With that said, Fannie Mae announced a “lease for deed” program that will essentially convert struggling homeowners to that feared word, renters.  In the same week after Attorney General Jerry Brown sent his letter to the top option ARM wheelers and dealers in California, Wells Fargo came out with its ingenious solution.  Wells Fargo has decided, at ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Secure your interests when lending
MONEY lending business is an important component of modern commerce. Companies and individuals alike cannot survive without resorting to borrowing and few lenders will lend without security. This is because for lenders, it will not make sense to leave loan repayment to be through the goodwill of the debtor. The law that governs loan security is there to protect the interests of the lender against defaulting borrowers. Such law also takes cognisance of the interests of borrowers so that they are not unfairly deprived of their assets by gullible lenders who take advantage of their financial muscle. The need for members of the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Jo Anne McKnight's Points South news
Odd Fellow Mac Hart, an old pro at wielding his melon-cutting cleaver, handed out slices of the juicy fruit to Calcedeaver Elementary students Blake Presley, 7, and his sister, Sydney, 10. The two are the children of Chris and Jettie Presley and attended the Watermelon Festival with their grandparents, Donna and Jay Lindsey. Wendy Hall of Grand Bay not only brought her own children to the festival; she loaded her car with neighbors and they all descended on the watermelon booth. View full size (Jo Anne McKnight/Correspondent) Wendy Hall of Grand Bay brought a carload of children to the Grand Bay Watermelon Festival. She is shown ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


to modernize the sample deed, mortgage, and lease forms to incorporate language related to domestic partnerships. Section 34 amends the law pertaining to ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Indiana Code 32-21-4
    (b) A conveyance, mortgage, or lease takes priority according to the time of its filing. The conveyance, mortgage, or lease is fraudulent and void as against any subsequent purchaser, lessee, or mortgagee in good faith and for a valuable consideration if the purchaser's, lessee's, or mortgagee's deed, mortgage, or lease is first recorded.     (c) This subsection applies only to a mortgage. This subsection applies regardless of when a mortgage was recorded. If:         (1) an instrument referred to in subsection (a) is recorded; and technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Termination of Contracts for Deed
If a farm debtor is unable to perform under a contract for deed, the rights of the parties are determined by state law. In general, if the farmer defaults on his contract for deed, the seller will have the right to terminate the contract and take the land back. Minnesota law is very specific with respect to the process of terminating a contract for deed. Specific time periods are provided by the statutes and must be followed to the letter by the creditor who is attempting to terminate a contract for deed. Failure to follow each step of the termination process properly may result in an invalid termination. A typical contract ...
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Difference between a contract for deed and lease to own? - Yahoo ...
My husband and I found a place we love. We are want to own it but will not qualify for a VA loan for about a year. We were offered a contract for deed or an "option to buy" aka lease to own. Can someone please explain these both in detail. Which one is more beneficial to a buyer? What are the drawbacks to each? Which one makes the most sense. The seller is only requiring $2000 down on the CD and the same for lease to own, so the down payment is not a factor. Please help! I just heard a STARTLING stastistic today that 98% of ALL lease to own contracts NEVER GET FULLFILLED. That's because after a year of living in a home ...
Energy Industry (Oil & Gas): General Warranty Deed/CFD : Gas Lease ...
I can answer most questions relating to the buying, selling, or leasing of mineral rights. I am not an accountant, nor am I a geologist, but I have a broad base of experience. Land is the source of all wealth, and without landowers as partners, oil and gas companies could not do business. We here in the United States have a choice: Will we give our money to OPEC, or will we keep it here? I will be more than happy to negotiate leases for you with no up-front cost. Experience I am a petroleum landman with more that 35 years of experience, and my family has been in the oil and gas business since 1923. I have been a contract ...