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Preeminent Treatise - This is recognized by scholars and practitioners as one of the leading authorities on a specific subject. This research guide was designed to assist students beginning research in the law of corporations, agency, partnerships, and other business organizations. While not comprehensive, this guide provides a listing of the more important, current and relevant materials available in this subject area. If you have any questions about finding or using any of the materials described in this guide, or if you need additional research assistance, a reference librarian will be able to assist you with identifying ...
Estimates in 2007 rank the population of Delaware as 45th in the nation, but 6th in population density, with more than 60% of the population in New Castle County . 2 Delaware is divided into three counties. From north to south, these three counties are New Castle, Kent , and Sussex . While the southern two counties have historically been predominantly agricultural, New Castle County has been more industrialized. The state ranks second in civilian scientists and engineers as a percentage of the workforce and number of patents issued to companies or individuals per 1,000 workers. The history of the state's economic and ...
Chancery Finds Officers Liable for Approving Personal Expenses of ...
This 132-page decision by the Delaware Court of Chancery addresses the fiduciary duties of officers of a corporation. The most efficient manner in which to present a blog post about an opinion the size of a small book is to highlight the important issues addressed and recite the statements of law pronounced by the Court, and encourage those readers who are interested in the topics addressed to download the entire opinion at the foregoing link. Brief Overview This case began with an investigation by the board of the founder and CEO of a publicly held company based on accusations of lavish ... market research, surveys and trends
Delaware Law Office: 09/17/2006 - 09/24/2006 - a Delaware Legal Weblog
As a big fan of local history, I couldn't read this article in The Daily Times, and not make a brief post about it. The author, Brice Stump takes a look at the history of one of Delaware's towns in Delmar: Too big for one state . Delmar straddles both Delaware and Maryland, and owes its existence to a desire to stretch a rail system to the Maryland border in the 1800s. I've never visited Delmar before, but now I'd like to see it. Nice story.   There are sites that aggregate content from other sites on the web, such as Google News , and provide a useful and valuable service. Others scrape content from ... market research, surveys and trends


Delaware Business Bankruptcy Report : Delaware Business Bankruptcy ...
Morris James LLP is pleased to announce that ten of its partners have been ranked among the leading Delaware lawyers in the 2010 edition of Chambers USA:  America’s Leading Lawyers for Business - an increase of two rankings from last year.    In addition, four practice areas including Bankruptcy/Restructuring, Chancery, Intellectual Property and Employment Law were identified among the leading practices in Delaware.   The Morris James partners selected for inclusion in the 2010 edition are: Bankruptcy/Restructuring Chancery Intellectual Property Labor and Employment Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use industry trends, business articles and survey research
Unions Are Good for Delaware's Economy
wages in Delaware were on average 9.9 percent higher than non-union workers ... were rewarded with higher wages.6 But this link between greater ... stant, new union workers in Delaware would earn an estimated $102 million more in wages ... currently face a hostile legal environment and are commonly intimidated by ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Letter: Immigration reform vital to internal, external security
Editor: What do Russian spies, illegal border crossings, 9/11 terrorist attacks, and the South Ponte Vedra search for a drifter with three legal driver's licenses (Delaware, California, and Indiana) have in common? Answer: They all acquired ID under false pretenses. They can vote, travel unhindered, and borrow/acquire Social Security numbers to aid staying under cover. The borders (land, sea and air entry points) are porous to people like these. A national ID card and centralized database, already somewhat in place residing in Visa and Mastercard computers is a major component of any effort to identify persons that are here ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Developer Ransome agrees to settlement
After nearly a year and a half of legal wrangling, a former local developer has entered into a settlement agreement with the group of investors who sued him for misappropriating funds associated with a planned development project northwest of Interstate 75 and State Road 200. Dawson Ransome, who once headed The Ransome Group, a commercial and residential real estate company, was sued by Ransome Group Investors, a Delaware-based limited liability partnership, for concealing payments and redirecting funds into the construction arm of his company as the project was under way. Now, a final judgment order, agreed upon by both ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


What is a Security Deposit? Is the Landlord Allowed to Ask for A ...
Page 1. What is a Security Deposit? A “security deposit” means any deposit, not including a pet deposit, that a tenant gives to the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
First State Judiciary - Legal Assistance
The court process can be very complicated. Representing yourself may take a lot of time, may be difficult, and may be confusing. The Court will expect you to follow the same rules attorneys must follow. If at any point throughout the Court process you are not sure about representing yourself, you should talk to an attorney. Please remember that COURT STAFF CANNOT GIVE YOU LEGAL ADVICE. If you have a question about what options you have or what you should do, you should talk to an attorney. Just because you talk to an attorney does not necessarily mean that you must ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Delaware Legal Ethics
This summary of the law of lawyering of Delaware has been prepared by Professors Louise L. Hill and Lawrence A. Hamermesh of the Widener University School of Law in Wilmington, Delaware. The summary is transmitted for informational purposes only and not for legal advice. Users should not act upon this information without seeking the professional advice of a lawyer in the applicable jurisdiction. An effort has been made to provide useful information, but the information is not necessarily complete, may be inaccurate, and may not reflect current legal developments. The provider does not warrant that the ...
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Unknown folder in "my network places"? - Yahoo! Answers
I just happened to open my network places and there is a folder named "Data on" in the folder. I looked up the site and it points to Delaware Legal Link and I have no knowledge of this site. How did the folder get there and do I just delete it to remove? Or do I need to do something more thorough to remove and make sure this doesn't occur again? I don't have a router, my internet is straight from the cable modem through my ISP, RoadRunner. Also when I click on "view workgroup computers", nothing happens. I'm curious as to how this folder got there. Could it be that someone visited the ...
myth or fact: Delaware is the best place to incorporate | LinkedIn ...
First, corporate lawyers believe that Delaware has some of the best corporate law in the world. They have a dedicated court that handles nothing but corporate law matters. That specialization means deep expertise. The state takes corporate law very seriously, so you don't get ridiculous political sentiments impinging on the efficiency of the system. Second, when you go to exit your business, people will take you seriously and know what to expect if you have incorporated in Delaware. If you incorporate in California or New York, they will groan. If you incorporate in Nevada, they will wonder why your tax planning was so ...