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Delaware Registered Agent

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As your Delaware registered agent, all the pre-populated forms to file and instructions for the best way to file are in your online account immediately after you sign up. As your Delaware registered agent, we upload all service of process and annual reports into your online account immediately. As your Delaware registered agent, we not only electronically deliver your annual report reminders, we send you email reminders and you can manage Delaware and any state in your online account calendar. We do not have Delaware registered agent forwarding fees. It's the same flat rate price each year. Delaware has long been thought of ...
The registered agent's address may also be where the state will send the paperwork for the yearly renewal of the business entity's charter. The registered agent for a business entity may be an individual member of the company, or (more often) a third party, such as the organization's lawyer or a service company. Failure to properly maintain a registered agent can affect a company negatively. 1 Cite error: There are tags on this page, but the references will not show without a {{Reflist}} template or a tag; see the .
Delaware adopts 2010 corporation law amendments. | Delaware LLC Law
The new Amendments become effective on August 2, 2010 generally, however Sections 16-17 of the Bill, as amended, will be effective as to transactions consummated pursuant to agreements entered into after August 1, 2010. The DGCL Amendments were largely technical amendments. Provisions were added at the request of the Secretary of State to deal with issues in its office dealing with service of process, a clarification that in a merger the certificate of incorporation of the surviving corporation may be amended or restated in its entirety and that the “good standing” certificate filed in connection with a foreign ... market research, surveys and trends
Aged Shelf Corporation – What to expect when you buy a shelf Corp ...
Keep this in mind when purchasing a new or existing Corporation or LLC you are buying a good start or to continue to appreciate the day you start work. If you check again, closure or sale of your company determine the value of the old Corporation in the sale price. Most owners completely on the value of the company to be sold provided it is properly maintained thereafter forgotten. There are many buyers looking for good yearsCorporations. What do you get when you buy an old Regal Corporation? To create a corporation, the statute must be the secretary of state or other government entity of the case, the statutes and decisions are ... market research, surveys and trends


GAO-01-120 Suspicious Banking Activities: Possible Money ...
as a Delaware-registered agent that together with a related company, ... $600 million deposited in Commercial Bank, over 50 percent was similarly ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Suspicious Banking Activities: Possible Money Laundering by U.S. ...
On February 25, 2000, you expressed concern that foreign individuals or entities can create U.S. corporations, open bank accounts in the name of the U.S. corporations, and use these bank accounts to launder money through the use of correspondent banking services. 1 You identified certain corporations that had engaged in suspicious banking activity indicating possible money laundering. Each of these corporations had been formed in the state of Delaware for unknown foreign individuals or entities. The suspicious banking activity involved correspondent bank accounts and wire transfers of funds from Eastern European banks through ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
• March 2006: Sold by Eagle to Allied Aircraft Sales and Leasing, Delaware
In his deal with the U.S. government, imprisoned Mexican drug cartel king Osiel Cardenas Guillen surrendered a $1.3 million helicopter dubiously parked in Washington state — the first public clue his massive syndicate shuttles cocaine into the Great White North. A judge in Houston ordered the AS350 B3 helicopter — the same type to land for the first time on Mount Everest's summit — be forfeited, part of a deal in which former Gulf Cartel boss Cardenas must hand over $50 million and tell what he knows about drug crimes. Unlike millions in cash he's forked over in the Texas-Mexico border city of ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Now before the Court is defendant's Motion to Dismiss Plaintiff's First Cause of Action (Dkt. # 6). Defendant Eclipse Services, Inc. (Eclipse) argues that the Court lacks jurisdiction to hear plaintiff's claim for inspection of corporate books and records, because the Delaware Court of Chancery has exclusive jurisdiction over this claim. Plaintiff Yale South Corporation (Yale South) is an Oklahoma corporation with its principal place of business in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Eclipse is a Delaware corporation with its principal place of business in Houston, Texas. On April 1, 2002, Yale South obtained an option to ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Certificate of Change of Agent
Certificate of Change of Agent. Delaware Division of Corporations. 401 Federal Street – Suite 4. Dover, DE 19901. Phone: 302-739-3073. Fax: 302-739-3812 ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Division of Corporations - FAQs
If I am incorporated in another state or jurisdiction, do I need to a qualify to do business in the State of Delaware? How quickly can I incorporate or receive back my request? How do I know my document has been filed? How do I register my DBA or "Doing Business As..." name in Delaware? How do I amend my corporate documents? How do I change my Registered Office and/or Registered Agent? How do I reserve a corporate name? How do I determine which business structure is best suited for my needs? Where can I obtain a copy of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
2.4 Registered Agent. The Company's registered agent in Delaware will be Corporation Trust. Company. The Company's registered office in the State of ...
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Cheapest Delaware Registered Agent? I'm forming an LLC, based in ...
I'm registering an online business as an LLC in Delaware, and am wondering what the cheapest registered agent is? I've seen some for $50 per year: Will there be any other fees? Anything else to consider? Any cheaper places? Thanks! Bill 10 months ago (Tiebreaker) Answerer 1 I would try these guys: If someones offering a price for $50.00, there's probably hidden fees. Northwest gives me an online account where all my documents and law suits are stored, I ...
Google Answers: ownership of business
I would like all the partners/owners of Y & O Burgundy LLC. Looking specifically for anyone with name of Yoav, was told was owner could be first or last name. Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 24 Nov 2004 10:51 PST Hello there, A search of several commercial business databases identified Y & O Burgundy as a company registered in Texas. A subsequent search of the Texas Comptroller's corporation page at: for [ Y & O ] turns up: ========== Y & O BURGUNDY LLC, FOREIGN LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (LLC), 7/19/2001, 0709310623, TEXAS SECRETARY OF ...