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Demurrage Law and Legal Definition

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This is an appeal by the defendant from a summary judgment entered in favor of the plaintiff. The action was brought by the appellee railway company to collect from the appellant, Armour and Company, demurrage charges at the rate stated and prescribed by the Interstate Commerce Commission in its Service Order No. 775. The demurrage charges prescribed by the Commission were greater than those set up and published in the tariff of the railway company. The appellant defended upon the ground, which is likewise urged here, that the demurrage rates as set forth in the railway company's published tariff schedule, on file with ...
is a privileged claim upon maritime property, such as a ship, in respect of services rendered to, or the injuries caused by that property. In common law , a lien is the right of the creditor to retain the properties of his debtor until the debt is paid. It is a proprietary lien which interest is about the “res” (property). It should be understood that “res” may be the vessel (including their appurtenances and equipments), the cargo, the freight or even the proceeds of sale. The rights include jus in re (right on the property) and jus in rem (right against the property). The doctrine of Maritime Lien is that ship will be treated ...
What drives growth: capital, profit, interest?
With the people at Oekonux, I have a perpetual debate about open money, which they oppose, because the problem of infinite growth is not related to money, but to the functioning of capital itself. Though the Oekonux leadership is generally uninformed about monetary transformation, this one key argument makes sense and deserves an answer: - that even with demurrage-based currencies, the productivity and competition logic of capitalism is such, that it would still be market with perpetual growth (the higher productivity of the best competitors forcing everyone else along) Chris Cook already responded: “One of the points ... market research, surveys and trends
Winding-up proceedings – Commendable role being played by company ...
As everybody knows, Company Law is very complicated and at the same time very interesting too. Both Company Law Board and the Company Court discharge its responsibilities commendably when they entertain company disputes or company petitions. Interpretation of provisions of Companies Act, 1956 and applying the legal provisions to the facts before the adjudicatory forum will be a challenging job. Below is the extract of a judgment rendered by the High Court of Delhi in a winding-up petition filed on the ground that the Company is not in a position to pay its debts. If somebody reads the provision pertaining to filing winding-up ... market research, surveys and trends


U.S. imports from Turkey were $3.7 billion, down 21.1 percent. ... demurrage charges, and other uncertainties that inhibit trade. ... Turkey has expanded the definition of domestic bidder to include foreign- .... Turkey passed its long- awaited Nuclear Power Law in 2008, and conducted a tender in September 2008 ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
If money rules the world – who rules money? – A case for ...
In the late seventies, environmentalists – among whom I count myself – were among the first to question the present money system, which – in order to function – requires exponential growth returns that the planet could never sustain. We discovered that there was a severe lack of understanding on the most basic facts about money amongst laymen as well as professional economists. Up to this day, it remains almost taboo among economists, bankers and politicians to discuss it publicly, as if the global monetary system was a fundamental given. However, nothing could be further from the truth. I first discovered that there is a basic ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Item 11000A – Definition of Inhalation Hazard and Explosives Issued ..... Cars of refused or unclaimed freight to be sold by BNSF for the time held beyond legal ... If the designated Consignee alleges that it is not responsible at law ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Rescind PPMs
in the law, decisions rendered in court cases, or the issuance of other policy ... definition of “ship, barge, or vessel” that was consistent with this decision. ... This PPM addresses demurrage charges by compressed gas vendors. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
US CODE: Title 45351. Definitions
The term “employer” means any carrier (as defined in subsection (b) of this section), and any company which is directly or indirectly owned or controlled by one or more such carriers or under common control therewith, and which operates any equipment or facility or performs any service (except trucking service, casual service, and the casual operation of equipment or facilities) in connection with the transportation of passengers or property by railroad, or the receipt, delivery, elevation, transfer in transit, refrigeration or icing, storage, or handling of property transported by railroad, and any receiver, ...
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HOWEVER, IN CASE OF CONOCO CLAUSE I.E. TIME LOST DUE TO ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITIONS TO BE SHARED 50/50, IN THIS CASE SHOULD THE ABOVE RULE "ONCE ON DEMURRAGE .." APPLY ? THANK YOU FOR CLARIFICATIONS. posted November 28, 2008 in Exporting/Importing | Closed Share This Market development Associate at Energime Sustainable Technologies, LLC see all my answers This was selected as Best Answer I don't think so except under very extra ordinary circumstances such as a hurricane, war etc. before share responsibility of 50/50 can be applicable. posted November 28, 2008 Director at TBX - Comércio de Autopeças e ...
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