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Employment Law Center

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brings the rewards of a collegial and supportive workplace, and the satisfaction of providing a high level of client service. Student law clerks and new attorneys supported by fellowships continually bring new energy and ideas to the programs of the LAS–ELC, and their contributions are highly valued. Joan Messing Graff President Joan Graff has been President of the Legal Aid Society–Employment Law Center since 1981. She began her legal career working in the General Counsel’s office of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission at its headquarters in Washington D.C. Following her move to the Bay Area Ms. ...
Housed in Morrissey Hall, the law school boasts the highest enrollment of law students in Missouri and offers both full time and part time programs. The school is also home to the Omer Poos Law Library, which is one of the largest law libraries in the state of Missouri in terms of volumes held. [2] The current interim dean is Sandra H. Johnson.
Escambia School Santa: Petaluma Legal Services
of services is alleged unconditional Contreras (a) San Francisco, California Education lawyers, attorneys and law firms in and more so the answer blog FindLaw, the Education Act. In San Francisco, free legal advice SF Tenants Union, did not go to school and become a trading company of its own in the spring of this year. March 18, 2009 San Francisco School of Law the right to ask students to read the review of official and and lawyer, found found that lawyers and legal services. CCSF Sheriff's Department: The Sheriff Hersh FamilyLaw Practice A Professional Corporation - Law Firm in ... market research, surveys and trends
OAH 2008090353
Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Deidre L. Johnson, Office of Administrative Hearings, Special Education Division (OAH), State of California, heard this matter on February 3 through 6, 10, and 11, 2009, in Montebello, California. Student and his mother and father (Mother and, collectively, Parents) were represented during the hearing by Shawna Parks and Anna Rivera, Attorneys at Law, Disability Rights Legal Center. In addition, attorney Lewis Bossing, the Learning Rights Law Center, and The Legal Aid Society Employment Law Center were co-counsel of record. Mr. Bossing was present on February 5, 2009. 1 Jessica Toth, an attorney ... market research, surveys and trends


From the National Employment Law Project
Mar 26, 2010 ... million – over 40 percent of the unemployed. Over 11 million jobless workers are collecting some form of unemployment insurance, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Tourism: state's second-largest industry shines in 2004: about ...
If truth be told, it probably all started with John Muir-maybe even before. Regardless, once people heard tales of the last great place, the stampede began. Comprised of gold seekers, adventurers of all sorts, and tourists (defined in the New Scholastic Dictionary as people who travel for pleasure), travelers have been migrating to Alaska for the past two centuries. And while The Last Frontier still has a hold on modern day entrepreneurs and wilderness enthusiasts of all stripes, it's the pleasure traveler that drives one of the biggest economic engines that fuels the state's economy. With more than 1.5 million ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Workplace harassment: Same-sex sexual harassment cases are on the rise
Workplace harassment evolving: In this file photo from 1996, National Organization for Women activist Michelle Harris, shouts slogans at a demonstration protesting alleged sexual harassment at Mitsubishi plants. Men are increasingly filing sexual harassment lawsuits. Same-sex harassment suits are also on the rise. Steven Senne/AP/File Enlarge By Alissa Figueroa , Correspondent / July 21, 2010 It happens more often than one might think: A worker sues a fellow worker of the same sex for sexual harassment. Skip to next paragraph What doesn't happen very often is that the case goes to trial. That's why a ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
NUMMI workers sue over severance packages
OAKLAND — Former NUMMI workers who were injured while employed at the auto factory filed a federal class-action lawsuit Wednesday against Toyota Motor Corp. and New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. The class-action lawsuit was filed on behalf of 300 former employees at NUMMI. The injured or disabled workers claim Toyota and NUMMI discriminated against them by giving them much smaller severance packages than the companies offered to nearly all the other employees at the auto factory. When NUMMI closed its doors April 1, about 4,700 people lost their jobs. If successful in the legal action, the employees could receive as much ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Fact Sheet - Sexual Orientation - eng 2004 (00043654.DOC;1)
May 28, 1998 ... differing interpretations, the Legal Aid Society - Employment Law Center cannot ensure the information in this fact sheet is current nor be ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
California Courts: Self-Help Center: Links and Resources
Section of this Web site with useful information about alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options and referrals. Created by the Judicial Council of California How Can I Resolve My Dispute Without a Trial? A State Bar of California pamphlet. Local Mediation Programs This site has information about mediation and referrals to mediation programs. Posted by the California Department of Consumer Affairs. San Francisco Law Library Alternative Dispute Resolution Research Guide This site has a list of books about alternative dispute resolution. Click here to find a book on this list. California Taxes State Board of Equalization The ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
NYU Law - Centers: Center for Labor and Employment Law
The Center is currently working on the fifth installment of NYU Labor & Employment Law, the newsletter of the Center for Labor and Employment Law.     The Center recently completed the 63d Annual Conference on Labor , June 3 and 4, 2010:  " Resolving Labor and Employment Disputes: A Practical Guide ."    NYU’s 63d Annual Conference on Labor brought together top government officials and leading attorneys in the fields of labor and employment law in a unique and practical two-day program, Resolving Labor and Employment Disputes: A Practical Guide, in which attorneys ...
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How bad are the Wisconsin unemployment insurance fund deficits?
The Wisconsin unemployment insurance fund is projected to have a nearly $3 billion deficit by the end of 2011, the state announced this week. A representative from the Division of Unemployment of the Department of Workforce Development presented the report to the Assembly labor committee on Tuesday. The figure is double the estimate from earlier this year. Dick Jones, agency liaison at the Department of Workforce Development, said in an e-mail that the deficit has come as a direct result of the current economic recession. According to Jones, DWD has experienced record unemployment claims over the last year. With so many people ...
Google Answers: California State Labor Law
Hi! California State Labor code says that on the termination/resignation of an employee, an employer is required to pay all outstanding wages (including vacation days) within 72 hours of termination. If the final wages are past that 72 hours, and the vacation pay is paid separately, late, and an incorrect amount, do penalties accrue on those amount separately? Dear redneckmystic-ga; Thank you for allowing me an opportunity to answer your interesting question. Obviously we cannot offer legal advice but merely answer your question about what is stated in published law: ?If the final wages are past that 72 hours, and ...