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Special Report on

Enterprise Profit Tax Law

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After the implementation of New Enterprise Income Tax Law (hereinafter as “New Tax Law”), the tax rate is 25% for all enterprises in China, which increase the burden of taxation to foreign investment companies. This article will analyze the impact of New Enterprise Income Tax Law on foreign investment enterprise from the respect of tax rate, standard of tax withheld, Preferential Tax Treatment.   Tax Rate New Tax Law unifies the tax rate as 25% to local and foreign investment enterprises, which reduces the burden of tax to local enterprises. At same time, to the foreign investment enterprises which enjoy the low ...
The Iranian Labor Law is very employee-friendly. In 2008, about 55% of the government's budget came from oil and natural gas revenues, the rest from taxes and fees. The informal economy is also important. Labour and tax laws in Iran govern the employment and fiscal contributions of people working and living in Iran . Roughly one-fourth of Iran 's labour force is engaged in manufacturing and construction . Another one-fifth is engaged in agriculture , and the remainder are divided almost evenly between occupations in services , transportation and communication , and finance . Women are allowed to work outside the home ...
Socialist Animosity Toward Private Enterprise | MND: Your Daily ...
Marxian economic dogma explains why liberal-progressives, the Obama administration in particular, push for restructuring our constitutional government to concentrate more power in the hands of labor unions and the Federal government. Marxian economic dogma has been emphasized to an increasing degree in our colleges and universities, even in our high schools, since Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal imposed state planning upon the United States in the 1930s. That emphasis became dominant in the late 1960s and 1970s. Today so many generations of teachers and students have been so thoroughly and subtly imbued with Marxian ... market research, surveys and trends
TaxProf Blog: Symposium on the Law of Philanthropy in the Twenty ...
85 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 479 (2010):  "For more than fifty years scholars, practitioners, and government officials have debated whether the federal government, the state governments, or the charitable sector itself can best ensure that charity leaders fulfill their fiduciary duties. The dramatic growth of this sector, recent highly publicized governance scandals, and a push in Congress and the IRS for more federal involvement in this area have now brought this issue to a head. This article lays a foundation for resolving the dispute by developing an institutional choice framework for considering and comparing the various ... market research, surveys and trends


Ukraine Memorandum of Economic Policies, August 11, 1998 -- Letter ...
1.  Since the government and the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) embarked on the first economic reform program in October 1994, inflation has been reduced substantially and stabilization of the exchange rate has been achieved. Progress has also been made in structural reforms, especially in privatization, liberalization of prices, and the trade and the exchange systems. However, public finances have remained under pressure, and, as a result the stock of official debt has increased sharply and financial stability remains fragile. This, combined with the turbulence in international capital markets in recent months, has ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Intermex Customs Tariff - News
Belgrade, Nov 28, 2003 - Serbia's retail prices in November inched up 0.8 percent from the last month, with prices of commodities and services rising by 0.7 percent and 1.2 percent, respectively, the Serbian Statistical Office said in a statement. Compared with December 2002, retail prices increased by seven percent. The cost of living rose 0.9 percent against October, climbing 7.2 percent compared with last December. Prices of oil derivatives added 0.17 percent points to the overall retail price increase in November, food products 0.13 percent points and agricultural produce around 0.10 percent points, the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Batt O'Keeffe to wage war on red tape in business
is preparing a blitz against the mountains of red tape that threaten to strangle Irish businesses and swamp out struggling entrepreneurs. Last Tuesday, the minister pioneered an urgent bill through Cabinet, aimed at giving relief to companies suffering from bureaucracy in both imports and exports. The Customs Consolidation Bill has set up a one-stop shop enabling businesses to cut through vast mounds of paperwork that have hamstrung their activities amid recessionary conditions. Last night, Mr O'Keeffe said: "My attitude is that if there is red tape interfering with the profit margin we must put a stop to it, without ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Advocate of For-Profit Colleges Mounts a Strong Defense Before Senate Hearing
on federal spending at for-profit colleges, Harris N. Miller, president of the trade association that represents such institutions, spoke out in defense of the booming sector and sharply criticized the expected testimony of a Wall Street investor who has compared it to the subprime-mortgage industry. The investor, Steven Eisman, is a portfolio manager for FrontPoint Partners, a hedge-fund unit of Morgan Stanley, who made his reputation by betting against the housing industry before the real-estate bubble burst. According to an advance copy of his prepared testimony, he will argue at a hearing on Thursday before the Senate ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


ENTERPRISE PROFIT TAX LAW. Published in Službeni glasnik RS No. 25/01 and 80/02 of 26 November 2002. I. TAXPAYER. Article 1. The enterprise profit taxpayer ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Does NH have an Income Tax or Sales Tax?
New Hampshire does not have a general sales tax or an income tax on an individual's reported W-2 wages.  There are taxes on an individual's interest and dividends income, inheritance, business taxes, consumer excise taxes and other taxes as listed below.  Fuel taxes are administered by the NH Dept. of Safety Road Toll office at 603-271-2311. It is the intent of the Department of Revenue Administration that this publication be for general tax information purposes and therefore should not be construed to be a complete discussion of all aspects of these tax laws. Since rates, percentages and other aspects of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Problems in international division of the business income tax base
Policies” 54 Tax Law Review 261 (2001) has taken issue with the residence ..... enterprise carries on business as aforesaid, the profits of the enterprise ...
Nonprofit Law: Restaurant as a Nono-Profit or Tax Exempt?, irs gov ...
US Federal tax issues of nonprofit 501(c)(3) public charities only. Establishing and maintaining legal requirements for such non-profit organizations in the United States, including Internal Revenue service filings and requirements. I will not be working on this free forum to answer questions about Nonprofit's unrelated or for-profit businesses or how to fill out forms. This forum is only for general questions about federal tax law, not as the law applies to your specific situation. To search my previous answers you can do a Google search: [with your other search terms appended]. Experience I have been ...
How do I start a non profit organization? | LinkedIn Answers ...
It all depends on the country you are starting this youth group in. There are regulations in each country that require registration of the group as non-profit organisation. While you are planning, you may wish to look at the vision and mission, area of outreach, and the target age group, where you will be getting your fundings from, etc. However, if you are basically starting a youth group in the church, then you may wish to speak to the pastor in charge first. Best regards Iris 16 Feb 2010 PS I worked in a church and a non-profit organisation previously, and am now serving as a volunteer actively while holding a full-time job. ...