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Special Report on

EU Competition Law

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Resale Price Maintenance (RPM) refers to an agreement between a supplier and a distributor by virtue of which the parties agree to set either a (1) fixed, (2) minimum, (3) maximum, or (4) recommended resale price. The first two forms, on which this paper will focus, are considered to have more severe anticompetitive effects such as a) elimination or reduction of intra-brand competition and b) increase in price transparency that might facilitate horizontal collusion upstream or downstream.[1] Therefore, these agreements are generally treated more strictly by competition law. The anticompetitive or pro-competitive effects of RPM ...
meaning the free flow of working people, goods, services and capital in a borderless Europe. Four main policy areas include: Cartels , or control of collusion and other anti-competitive practices which has an effect on the EU (or, since 1994, the European Economic Area ). This is covered under Articles 101 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU). Monopolies , or preventing the abuse of firms' dominant market positions. This is governed by Article 102 TFEU. This article also gives rise to the Commission's authority under the next area, Mergers , control of proposed mergers, acquisitions and joint ...
EU Probes Areva, Siemens Noncompete Clauses - Law360
AG ran afoul of European Union competition law by using noncompete clauses when the French energy giant took over the companies' civil nuclear technology joint venture in 2009, the antitrust regulator said Wednesday. The EC has opened a formal investigation into the noncompete clauses and other contractual limitations between the companies and will consider whether they improperly inhibit competition for some civil nuclear technology products. The two companies combined their efforts in the field in 2001 into Areva NP SAS, which designs and builds parts for nuclear islands used in nuclear power plants. In January 2009, ... market research, surveys and trends
Guest Blogger: Tu Thanh Nguyen on Case T-432/05 EMC Development
On 12 May 2010, the General Court (GC) delivered its judgment in Case T-432/05 EMC Development AB v. Commission. This judgment relates to a review of the legality of the Commission’s decision not to act on a competition complaint against allegedly anti-competitive effects of standardisation in the European cement industry. It can provide interesting guidance on the application of EU competition law to standardisation. The European Committee for Standardisation (CEN), whose members are the national standard setting bodies of European countries, is a Standardisation Body recognised under Directive 98/34/EC. In 2000, CEN members ... market research, surveys and trends


Recent Trends in EU Competition Law
receiving a 10 percent reduction on its fine in return for acknowledging that it participated in a .... million, the fourth largest fine ever imposed by the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
the more general context of the review of EU Competition Law application that has ..... i.e. about 50 million households. Sixteen percent of all ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
EU⁄UK Competition Law Newsletter - June 2010
The Emerging Competition Laws of Hong Kong and the PRC - How Trade and Professional Associations Are Impacted (Mayer Brown JSM) Trade and professional associations (hereafter, ‘Associations’) play a vital role in the economy. By representing members of particular industry sectors or professions, they provide a platform for the promotion of common interests, and a forum for collective discussions and activities such as lobbying, advocacy, research, education and the promotion and improvement of product or service standards. A New Area in Turkish Competition Law: Leniency Regulation for Cartelists (GSI Meridian) With the 2008 ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Fireplace firm claims EH abused its position
English Heritage is facing scrutiny from Britain’s new coalition government over claims of a conflict of interest which allegedly saw it “abuse” its planning powers in favour of a commercial partner. Liberal Democrat MP and secretary for Scotland, Michael Moore, is investigating a complaint that the quango discriminated against specialist fireplace manufacturer Thistle & Rose – a firm based in his constituency – in favour of a rival firm licensed to sell a range of “English Heritage”-branded fireplaces. EH strongly refutes this, arguing that its organisational structure is designed to protect against conflicts of interest ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Download guide - EU competition policy and the consumer
EU competition law and why the. European Commission imposes .... EU competition law. They can order agreements and practices which ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Quality Health Care in the European Union Thanks to Competition Law
Under European competition law, direct and indirect aid given by member states is controlled by article 87 EC-treaty [2]. The question is if health care ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Antitrust Law in the European Union - Graziadio Business Report
Major differences have existed in enforcement of antitrust law in the U.S. and the European Union.  However, recent political changes and new regulations in the EU could have significant impact on business decisions for global companies. Suppose that you are the CEO of a multinational corporation based in the United States, and you learn that your two largest competitors have announced plans to merge. You are concerned about the combined market power of your two rivals, but you realize that antitrust regulators in the United States have been approving ever larger mergers, even between directly competing companies. What ...
  1. profile image MainlyVoid RT @GTCost: EU Comm referred 13 states (inc IRL) to Court of Justice = failing to correctly implement EU law on rail market to competition (Dir 91/440)
  2. profile image yunjoonkim 트위터는 첨에 면벽수행같아서~RT @amenability: “@yunjoonkim: 반디앤루니스 건대점에서 책들을 사냥(?)중에 있는데 딱 눈에 들어오는게 없네요~”트위터 어려워요 ㅋㅋ 혹 eu anti competition law 관련 책 있나요?
  3. profile image amenability “@yunjoonkim: 반디앤루니스 건대점에서 책들을 사냥(?)중에 있는데 딱 눈에 들어오는게 없네요~^^”트위터 어려워요 ㅋㅋ 혹 eu anti competition law 관련 책 있나요?
WikiAnswers - What is competition law
Competition law usually refers to practices prohibited because they reduce or exclude market competition, as in the U.S. "anti-trust" laws. These may include price-fixing, tying arrangements, monopolistic mergers, and so forth. First answer by Wutzyerproblem . Last edit by Wutzyerproblem . Contributor trust : 1024 [ recommend contributor ]. Question popularity : 40 [ recommend question ]. Can you answer these laws related to businesses questions? What is the meaning of the law is the law is the law ? It means essentially the same thing as the current 'in-vogue' ...
Where to Find International Legal Disputes? | Ask MetaFilter
Where can I find specific international legal cases? What are some good resources to turn to when you only have the nature of the case in mind? I'm an undergrad and an international studies major, you'd think I'd know where to find this stuff but this is my first law class yet. This assignment we've got asks us to evaluate hypothetical cases. The other students seem to be as stumped as I am. I've exhausted the library's periodical searches and resources... I just need some suggestions on where I can find a good database of international legal disputes (particularly involving EU law, and member states).