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Examine Your Work-Life Balance

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John Sherffius has been capturing the issues of the day in pen and ink since his college years at the University of California, Los Angeles. Sherffius has been honored in recent years with national cartooning awards from the Robert F. Kennedy Foundation, the National Press Foundation, the Society of Professional Journalists and the Scripps Howard Foundation. He is the 2008 winner of the Herblock Award. His home paper is the Daily Camera in Boulder, Colo. Normally you would not blog about every senseless killing pounding at the heart and soul of our communities. There are far too many, and they are far too ugly. They dramatize ...
family and spiritual development) on the other. Related, though broader, terms include "lifestyle balance" and "life balance".
Work Life Stories: Man Vs Debt
.  What started as an experiment in transparency and dreams has leveraged Adam into a substantial web personality in just under a year. I wrote recently about my own challenges with debt a couple of weeks ago.  As you examine your life to assess where the balance needs to be found, lifestyle and spending levels have to be part of that equation.  Often we don’t want to acknowledge that element.  Cali Yost from Work+Life Fit talks about it here very thoroughly. This blog is not about the lifestyle design phenomenon sweeping the globe.  But it is about sharing our stories of finding the right work ... market research, surveys and trends
Top Ten Tips For The Prospective Virtual Worker | Casuals Online ...
With many start-up entrepreneurs and corporate entities considering establishing a virtual office to enable them to attract quality business and staff, the Virtual Office® Group in Piccadilly has compiled a comprehensive list of useful tips to facilitate the decision-making process. 1. Are you the right ‘type’ to work from home? Do you have what it takes to work successfully from home? Many start-up entrepreneurs and home workers admit it can be more difficult to maintain a healthy work/life balance and find they work longer hours. Research suggests that out-going, socially oriented and experienced professionals are ... market research, surveys and trends


Get Stress-Free With These Work/Life Tips
A new generation of workers is worried about balancing work and life. Nearly 73 percent of Generation Y workers surveyed said they were concerned about being able to balance a career with personal obligations. Members of Generation Y, a workforce of about 80 million individuals born between 1979 and 1999, contributed to the survey by OfficeTeam. Why so stressed? In the wrong career, you may feel like your skills are underutilized even as you dedicate more and more time to your work. Avoid that overworked, underpaid feeling with these simple work/life balance tips. If stress at work comes from feeling like you're missing key ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Survey: Highest performing CPA firms know how to leverage ...
Creating a long-term sustainable business advantage is the key to success for accounting firms, in both good and challenging times, yet some firms do it better than others. What’s their secret? CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business, commissioned an independent nationwide survey examining the practices of high performing accounting firms to examine what market leaders are doing today to achieve success and what their plans are for the future. The survey, conducted by Opinion Research Corporation (ORC), included interviews with 100 partners at accounting firms nationwide. Across the board, the survey found that high performing ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
How to Truly Unplug When You're on Vacation
be. According to an study, 30 percent of working Americans say they stress about work while they're on vacation! Advancements in technology have made it easy to stay connected to the office using your BlackBerry, remote access or Skype, but the ability to stay in the loop (unless you're talking about waterslides) is a direct threat to your vacation. Luckily, there are ways to save your summer getaway -- and the process starts with you . Example: When I went on summer vacation this year, I actually told my PR agency, "Unless it's an emergency or Oprah wants me on her show, I'm on vacation." market trends, news research and surveys resources
Do you need independence in your work life?
While you prepare to celebrate our nation’s rally for freedom from the irrational and self-serving policies of an overlord nation, perhaps it’s time to review your own situation. Are you enjoying your work life, or does it feel like servitude to an irrational overlord as well? If you feel like a wage slave, you might yearn to declare an independence day of your own. Before you make any big changes, it will help to define “independence.” Do you want freedom from your work schedule, from the work itself, or from something more specific, such as an annoying co-worker? If you can make an adjustment to ease ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Manage Your Work-Life Balance (1 day).ai
Learning Objectives examine your current work-life balance consider your passions, values and goals and how you can bring them into your everyday life ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Georgia Health Info | Work-life balance: Ways to restore harmony ...
Spend more time at work than at home, and you miss out on a rewarding personal life. Then again, when you face challenges in your personal life, such as caring for an aging parent or coping with marital problems, concentrating on your job can be difficult. Whether the problem is too much focus on work or too little, when your work life and your personal life feel out of balance, stress — along with its harmful effects — is the result. The good news is that you can take control of your work-life balance — and give yourself the time to do the things that are most important to you. The first step is to recognize ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Work-Life Balance, Management Practices and Productivity
much does your company emphasize work-life balance?”, where scores are as follows: “Much ... is the first thing that we examine empirically in the paper. ...
Question I ask in Interview- Pleae post your comment | LinkedIn ...
5.0 Given the academic and industrial experience- how has the person solved and executed 5/10 non trivial problems in his domain. 6.0 What is the core expertise.- what is fluff content 7.0 Can he work on the team- Does he make up answer when he does not know the answer. 8.0 Does he continuously learn- does he believe in Learning Organization- assuming he is technical background. 9.0 Cross Specialization- If you are technical- do you read management and communications books. 10.0 Do you know how to handle people- customers from hell, young people with attitude, co workers from dysfunctional end of society, first generation ...
Survey Uncovers What Keeps Employees Satisfied
Nearly eight out of every ten employees are satisfied with their jobs and say benefits, compensation, and work/life balance are the most important factors to their overall job satisfaction, according to the Society for Human Resource Management�s (SHRM) Job Satisfaction Survey released recently. �For organizations to be successful at competing for new talent and retaining employees, they have to know what workers want, what keeps them happy, and what makes them stay,� said Susan R. Meisinger, SPHR, president and CEO of SHRM. �Addressing the essentials, including fair compensation, valuable benefits, and the ability ...