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Fashion Retail Law

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In any case, it may already be too late for the proposed law to serve its purpose because modern-trade operators have expanded rapidly into every province and community in the country. The number of modern-retail outlets has spiralled in little more than a decade, from 1,429 outlets in 1999 to 10,177 last week. The government's original aim was to cap the wildfire expansion of modern traders, whose business threatened to destroy small and medium-sized retailers around the country. A final draft of the proposed Act - a combined effort by the Commerce Ministry and the Thailand Trade Representative Office - has been under the ...
David Abercrombie founded A&F in 1892 as an upscale sporting goods store. Forming a partnership with Ezra Fitch, the company continued to expand in the new 20th century. After Abercrombie left the company, Fitch became sole owner and ushered in the "Fitch Years" of continued success. After his retirement, the company continued under a succession of other leaders until its financial fall and closing in 1977. Limited Brands purchased the ailing brand in 1988 and brought in Mike Jeffries, who revolutionized the image of Abercrombie & Fitch to become an upscale youthful fashion retailer. Today, the company is a ...
How Can Take the Plus-Size Market to New Social Shopping ...
presence to the next level by offering dedicated shoppers a forum to squawk or squee about purchases and get special deals and discounts on Lane Bryant threads. The company isnt showing any signs of giving up on the site. In fact, plus-size fashion blogger Diana Rajchel told me she was at Lane Bryant HQ last week for a conference where execs heavily promoted the site and even encouraged her and others to pipe their blog feeds to Inside Curve. Rajchel reports that Inside Curve has about 24,000 members currently, but shes not sure how the two will co-exist. There’s a law called Metcalfe’s Law aka as the network effect ... market research, surveys and trends
Fashionista-at-Law: From "Screen to Door" to "Screen to Store"
"The fact that home delivery can be a barrier to some consumers is no news and solutions such as physical drop boxes or collection store networks have been talked about for years. But no one has taken the click to brick plunge yet in any meaningful way. This might be the catalyst. Pure online retail, in spite of all the hype surrounding it, possesses one fundamental barrier to growth; the fact that, as those of you who've been waiting around for hours for a parcel or had to rush to the post office before 5pm to get it know, home delivery is not convenient for many people working or leading busy lives. What still amazes ... market research, surveys and trends


Survey: Organized retail crime down, woes linger
Washington--Industry partnerships, law enforcement scrutiny and watchful retailers have helped put a small dent in the growing problem of organized retail crime, the National Retail Federation (NRF) says, but new research shows that thieves are getting bolder in their tactics.   A full 89.5 percent of retailers surveyed in the NRF's sixth annual Organized Retail Crime (ORC) survey, said their company has been an ORC victim within the past 12 months, a slight decrease from the 92.2 percent who said the same last year.  The survey also found that nearly 59 percent of retailers have seen an increase in ORC activity ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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The American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) has brought out the sixth edition of its Restricted Substances List (RSL), covering product safety and environmental standards in the US and around the world. The tool is designed to help the industry navigate complicated domestic and international regulations and remain competitive in the global marketplace. "Over the last few years, our industry's solid track record of producing safe clothes and shoes has been put into jeopardy because of rigid product safety reforms," said AAFA President and CEO Kevin Burke. "With the implementation of the Consumer Product ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
VMware takes on Windows XP-to-7 move
VMware says that, like its rival Parallels, it has virtualization software that can help ease the transition from Windows XP to Windows 7 . While its approach is less comprehensive than Parallels $50 product , VMware's approach is free, using a combination of VMware Converter and VMware Player, both of which are available from the company's Web site. VMware's approach uses Converter to package up and transfer a physical XP desktop into a virtual machine and then allows that XP desktop to run virtually inside the new Windows 7 machine. VMware's products have been available for some time, but the company this week market trends, news research and surveys resources
Express, Inc. Announces a Three-Fold Increase in First Quarter Earnings ...
a specialty retail apparel chain operating 576 stores, today announced its financial results for the first quarter, the thirteen weeks ended May 1, 2010, which compares to the same period ended May 2, 2009 last year. Michael Weiss, Express, Inc.'s President and Chief Executive Officer commented: "Our leadership as a go-to fashion authority for our customer led to a 12% increase in comparable store sales, a 57% increase in e-commerce merchandise sales, and operating income that more than doubled versus the prior year - a great start to 2010. Strong response to our offerings across categories drove increased regular ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Kerman - Retail Law Strategist Article
Reprinted with permission, Retail Law Strategist, published by the International .... not waived in wholesale fashion in the lease itself, the interests of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys (NARCA) represents over 700 law firms that practice in the field of consumer debt collection. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
A Design for the Copyright of Fashion
retailers and consumers follow the game of international fashion. Within the last decade, consumer knowledge of specific designers has increased dramatically. Magazines and newspapers now cover the fashion industry as part of their national news coverage, focusing on the ever-changing world of creative designer expressions. [2] The general public has a ready command of the names and faces of fashion models and the designers for which they model. Countless television shows and feature films [3] exploit the fashion industry world. Consumers can now recognize the distinct style of their favorite designers: Chanel, jersey-knit ...
Organized Fashion Retailing | LinkedIn Answers | LinkedIn
How good is the scope of organized retailing in India. To be more specific I mean something like TOPMAN, NEXT.These are middle class retail chains in UK. If something like these chains are opened in India in 2 and 3 tier cities.Considering Indian Standards posted 5 months ago in Business Development | Closed Share This Director at GoFrugal Technologies see all my answers Best Answers in: Staffing and Recruiting (1), Small Business (1) Retail is on the exponential growth trajectory in India. Investments in the organized retail is increasing - major corporates in India all have their presence in the retail sector . The percentage ...
Retail Sales: Does Your Service Sell?
Smart business owners know that providing great service to their patrons is an essential ingredient to their overall success. They also recognize that without a certain level of revenue they will not stay in business. Unfortunately, many people think that selling and service are two distinct activities and mutually exclusive. So, where does the service part of the job end and where does selling begin in a retail store? I believe that service and selling work hand-in-hand to create the entire experience for a customer. According to Webster's dictionary, one definition of service is "to be ...