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Special Report on

Federal Law Enforcement Jobs

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In the post-911 millennium, the American notion of law enforcement has taken on fresh meaning, and the career marketplace has witnessed increased hiring associated under the umbrella of Homeland Security. To match the need for highly trained law enforcement personnel to fill these new roles, colleges and trade schools have broadened their curriculum. Whether training students in intelligence gathering and security procedures, or offering coursework in IT security, computer forensics, and criminal investigation, online colleges serve up a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs designed to ready graduates for the ...
was adopted on September 17, 1787; its ratification the following year made the states part of a single republic with a strong central government. The Bill of Rights , comprising ten constitutional amendments guaranteeing many fundamental civil rights and freedoms , was ratified in 1791. In the 19th century, the United States acquired land from France , Spain , the United Kingdom , Mexico , and Russia , and annexed the Republic of Texas and the Republic of Hawaii . Disputes between the agrarian South and industrial North over states' rights and the expansion of the institution of slavery provoked the American Civil War of ...
Blacks scarce on Lubbock police force | Lubbock Online | Lubbock ...
When detective Bill Carter joined the Lubbock Police Department in 1980, he was one of three black officers. Now there is only one other black officer - Damion Pleasant. "It's disappointing that there aren't more blacks," said Pleasant, who joined the department in 1998. "I'd like to see more minorities period." The Police Department has 379 officers. Of those: • 76 percent are white - the city of Lubbock is 56 percent white. • 20 percent are Hispanic - the city is 32 percent Hispanic. • Less than one percent are black - the city is 9 percent black. "We should have a ... market research, surveys and trends
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The number of federal law enforcement jobs is quite impressive. If you plan on getting a degree in criminal justice, want to focus on law enforcement and would like to work for the federal government � you are in luck. The number of federal law enforcement jobs and opportunities for those interested is high in federal agencies. Each federal agency has a different focus, offers different career paths and has a very specific set of application procedures. We have identified some of the most common federal agencies, bare in mind that this list is in no way exhaustive. Federal Law Enforcement Jobs - Where to Start? 1. Bureau of ... market research, surveys and trends


Homeland Security and Law Enforcement
The Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 may have made the single largest impact on law enforcement in the nation in 50 years. Enacted in response to the tragic events of September 11, 2001, the act created an interactive intelligence community that reaches from the community and state all the way up to the federal law enforcement level. As a result of the act, over $18 billion was allotted by Congress to state and local governments in an effort to increase local preparedness and national security. The grants included an additional $1 billion for protecting mass transit (buses, trains, ferries), port ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
pdf - Comparing the Pay of Federal and Nonfederal Law Enforcement ...
Feb 14, 2005 ... York, federal pay was about 11 percent less, and in the. “rest of U.S.” locality -pay area, .... For some federal law enforcement jobs, agencies hire at ... Out of more than 1 million full-time-equivalent personnel, about ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
GOP Lawmakers, Some Dems Blast Justice Department Suit Against Arizona Law
The Obama administration is facing harsh backlash from several lawmakers today after filing suit against the state of Arizona over its controversial immigration law. The Justice Department today filed suit against the state's law, which makes it a state crime to be in the country illegally, arguing that it unconstitutionally usurps federal authority to enforce immigration laws. Republicans and some Democrats say that while immigration is a federal issue, Arizona should not be punished for acting in response to the federal government's failure to meet its responsibility. Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), the top Republican on ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Medical marijuana law in Michigan runs into workplace rule
If a recently filed medical marijuana lawsuit reaches the Michigan Court of Appeals or state Supreme Court, it could produce a precedent-setting decision that impacts employers and patients, whose jobs may be at risk even when legally using the drug. Joseph Casias -- a 30-year-old Battle Creek resident who legally uses marijuana -- filed a lawsuit last week against Wal-Mart in Calhoun County Circuit Court after being fired for testing positive for pot during a drug test. A Wal-Mart spokesman last week said that the corporation has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to drug use and follows federal law, under which marijuana is ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Federal Law Enforcement Careers: Laying the Groundwork
ties and qualification requirements for federal law enforcement jobs. A particu- lar emphasis is placed on Series 1811 Criminal Investigator positions, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the largest investigative agency in the Department of Homeland Security, is responsible for enforcing the nation's immigration and customs laws. ICE has more than 19,000 employees working in 400 offices in the U.S. and around the world. Our homeland security mission is carried out by a wide variety of law enforcement, intelligence and mission support professionals — all of whom have the opportunity to contribute to the safety and security of our country. In addition to the core law enforcement occupations, there are also a wide range of professional and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Law Enforcement - Job Profiles
Law Enforcement Jobs IN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. It's not just making a living, it's making the difference. Sample Job Profiles ...
  1. profile image metallimacrules @Alyssa_Milano Guess we now know what the federal government thinks of LOCAL law enforcement doing "THEIR" jobs. (sigh) :\
What Federal Law Enforcement jobs are hiring now??? - Yahoo! Answers
I am a criminal Justice major, and leaning towards not joining the police department. What else can I do with my degree? ( I graduate in May 08) What federal agencies are hiring now??? I'd like to stay as close to NY as possible. 3 years ago Member since: September 25, 2007 Total points: 187 (Level 1) If you are looking into federal law enforcement, BE PREPARED TO MOVE. If you want to stick closer to home, then go ahead with the Police Dept. The FBI does not even let you live in your same state for your first assignment. Oh and be prepared to wait for up to 2+ years, in some cases, to go through the entire process ...
Careers: Police: Prospects in Law Enforcement/Homeland Security ...
General Maryland Law Enforcement, Maryland Law & Traffic Law, the Court System. How to start the process to become a Police Officer, different Police careers, the Interview process, General Police career questions Experience 18 Years experience as a local and Federal Police officer. In addition to working "the road", I've worked as an Academy Instructor, Law Digest Compiler for Police Department, Community Policing coordinator, Department Gang officer, Bike Patrol Officer, and Advanced Accident Investigator. I've also served on the SWAT/SRT team, and currently work for the Department of Army Police (Federal ...