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Forming a Legal Corporation

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Although the incorporated share of self-employment declined slightly last year, the trend over the past two decades has been towards increased incorporation. With all due credit to Steve King, who looked at this topic about a year ago in his blog , I’m offering my own take on it today. In the figure below, I’ve plotted the incorporated share of self-employment since 1989 using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).  Since 1989, the share of non-agricultural self-employment that is incorporated has increased almost ten percentage points from 27.8 percent to 37.1 percent.  The pattern is pretty similar when the ...
which may be separated and held by different parties. The concept of ownership has existed for thousands of years and in all cultures. Over the millennia, however, and across cultures what is considered eligible to be property and how that property is regarded culturally is very different. Ownership is the basis for many other concepts that form the foundations of ancient and modern societies such as money , trade , debt , bankruptcy , the criminality of theft and private vs. public property. Ownership is the key building block in the development of the capitalist socio-economic system. The process and mechanics of ownership are ...
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Many businesses can benefit from incorporation. The main benefit of incorporation for most businesses is that it shields the business owner from lawsuits and protects their assets in the event that the company is the target of a lawsuit. Because the company is established as a separate entity from the partners, the assets of the partners are not affected by a judgment against the company. While the risk of a lawsuit may seem remote, it is actually a major concern for small businesses. Small businesses encounter many challenges; however, other options do exist in place of self-incorporation. Many self-employed or ... market research, surveys and trends
Incorporating Information
Incorporating is the process of a business forming a legal corporation. Deciding to incorporate is an important step for any young company, and choosing the right type of corporation is important. Today, the most common forms of corporations are General Corporations, Subchapter S Corporations and Limited Liability Corporations, or LLCs. For many small businesses, LLCs are often the best choice as they are easy to set up, and provide substantial tax advantages over General Corporations. Some Types Of Corporation 1. Limited Liability Company (LLC) The LLC is a type of hybrid business structure that is designed to provide the ... market research, surveys and trends


The $962.5 million paid to Alaska natives as a result of ANCSA was paid by the State of ..... Document forming a legal corporation, spelling out the ... A part or portion of the whole, expressed as a percent (%), and computed ... industry trends, business articles and survey research - Forming a Plan, The Company Is Launched, One Million ...
magazine. During the next four years, however, the company became not only a driving force in American business, it emerged as a shining example of how to turn an Internet start-up into a corporate empire. Because of its amazing success, Time named company founder Jeff Bezos its "Person of the Year" for 1999. Today, is a household name thanks to an enormous amount of publicity and a customer base of twenty-five million. It has weathered ups and downs to become the nation's largest bookstore and one of the top businesses in the country. In ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Eastbridge (OTC-BB: EBIG) Offers Shareholders a Strong Pipeline of Asian IPOs
EastBridge Investment Group Corp (OTC:EBIG), a financial services company that provides Asian companies with access to U.S. capital markets, while consistently maintaining an inventory of several Asian IPO clients, will unlock big value for their own shareholders in the wake of successful IPO’s like those of Chinacast Education Corporation (Nasdaq: CAST) and China Agritech Inc. (Nasdaq: CAGC). EastBridge Investment Group Corp (OTC:EBIG) assists Asian companies with the auditing, legal and investor relations processes to become public companies and achieve listings on U.S. stock exchanges, while also making valuable introductions ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Gillard's Green path forward
Julia Gillard has declared Labor better-placed than the Coalition to form a stable government after Saturday's election because it is more likely to win Greens support for its policies in the Senate. The Aus Latest counting points to a dead heat Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott are heading for a draw of 73 seats each after further counting improved Labor's position in the Tasmanian seat of Denison, but the Liberals held their lead in Western Australia's Hasluck. The Aus Crook's stance adds to intrigue Newly elected West Australian National Tony Crook says he will withhold support from both Labor and his ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


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incorporated - forming a legal corporation; e.g., a board of directors is an incorporated body. mandate - an official command or instruction by an authority ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
LSC — Legal Services Corporation: America's Partner for Equal Justice
The Legal Services Corporation announced on April 29 that its Board of Directors has initiated a search for a new president, to be led by Board Chairman John G. Levi, and has issued a Request for Proposals for Executive Search Services. Download the Request for Proposals. John G. Levi, Chairman of LSC's Board of Directors, testified before a House Judiciary Subcommittee on April 27 in support of an authorized annual funding level of $750 million for LSC. Six presidential appointees to LSC's Board of Directors were sworn in to office on April 7 and at their inaugural Board meeting elected John G. Levi, a ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Legal Forms of Business
There are a number of legal forms that a business can take. .... file Form 2553 with the IRS when voted/elected to be S-Corporation by share holders ...
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I am a member of a well-established all-female triad.  We are planning to have children next year and are beginning to plan legal concerns.  What has been tried and what resources are available that you are aware of? I know we should each do financial and medical power of attornies and wills.  Can the two non-biological mothers both adopt the children? Thank you. Answer Rachel: This isn't an easy question to answer, because legal issues vary widely on a state by state basis.  Even if I knew which state you lived in, I'm by no means an expert on the legal ramifications of what you want to do. One ...
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At the most very basic lever, you can form a corporation by filing Articles of Incorporation with the appropriate state agency. You then need to adopt bylaws and you will also need shareholders to invest in the corporation and elected a board of directors. The board of directors then elects the officers who run the day-to-day operations. In forming a corporation, specific filings must be made with the State and certain corporate formalities must be maintained in order to preserve the corporate status and limited liability of the corporation. There are important tax and legal questions and should only be answered by qualified ...