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Special Report on

Globalisation of Legal Practice

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The need for continuous training of legal practitioners remains one of the cardinal objectives of the Nigerian Bar Association and other stakeholders, writes Gbolahan Gbadamosi. The Nigerian Bar Association’s Institute of Continuing Legal Education with Prof. Ernest Ojukwu as its Part-Time Director received a boost at the June 2010 meeting of the NBA’s National Executive Committee in Dutse, Jigawa State. The institute’s received the blessing of the NEC as addition grant was approved to enable it to “administer, supervise and set standards for the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education programme.” Article 4 (b) of the NBA’s ...
a sword symbolizing the court's coercive power; scales representing an objective standard by which competing claims are weighed; and a blindfold indicating that justice is (or should be) meted out objectively, without fear or favor, regardless of identity, money, power, or weakness. Law is a system of rules, usually enforced through a set of institutions . It shapes politics , economics and society in numerous ways and serves as a primary social mediator of relations between people. Contract law regulates everything from buying a bus ticket to trading on derivatives markets . Property law defines rights and obligations ...
FG sets machinery in motion for nuclear energy | NigerianMuse
The five-day training course for lawyers on Nuclear Safety and Radiological Protection, organised by the Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NNRA), in conjunction with the Federal Ministry of Energy, Federal Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Vienna, Austria, comes to an end today . The course which started on Monday, August 11, 2008, with an opening ceremony graced by the Attorney-General of the Federation, Chief Michael Kaase Aondoakaa, SAN, Minister of State for Energy (Petroleum), Mr. Odein Ajumogobia, SAN; Honorary Special Adviser on Legal Matters and ... market research, surveys and trends
law in a globalised world
I have been subscribing to TODAYonline’s full text email news alert for over a year now. It has always been promptly delivered to my mailbox at around 7am everyday (except Sunday) and had been enjoying reading the free ‘e-paper’ for that period of time. However, I would have some problem reading it when I had to travel that morning. Since I own a Palm, I guess it would be useful if I could have it synced with Avantgo so I could have the full paper of TODAY for the particular day while I am traveling on MRT or buses. As much as I wanted to have the full feed, I found out that TODAY doesn’t provide such ... market research, surveys and trends


About five hundred, or two or three percent of applicants, ... Japan's general population of 127.7 million). Most law students believed that ... However, the Reform Council Report had an emphasis on the globalisation of legal practice. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
In 2005, the services industries accounted for 68 percent of U.S. GDP and 79 ... Exports of legal services in the UK totalled ₤2.167 billion in 2005 ..... “ Partnerships are the only permitted model of practice for law firm in India. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Europe's Muslims: burqa laws, women's lives
Several European states - France, Italy, Belgium and Britain among them - are involved in legal, social or political disputes over the dress-codes of Muslim women. A detailed and alert survey of the variegated experiences and attitudes involved is the best way to understand a complex issue The burqa, and items associated with some Muslim women’s dress (the niqab and jilbab) is once more at the centre of political controversy in Europe. In fact, the immediate event that has propelled it to the centre of attention - a near-unanimous vote by France’s lower house of parliament on 13 July 2010 in favour of a bill to ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Cameron bets future on India's meteoric rise
On Thursday night, Ravi Shankar, the legendary Indian sitar player, unveiled his first ever symphony at London's Royal Festival Hall and played the culmination of a life's work of fusing Eastern and Western musical styles. It is precisely the kind of cross-cultural collaboration that the new coalition Government would like to see played out between British and Indian businesses. May's Coalition Document, which outlined the Conservative-Liberal Government's policies for the current term, specifically pledged to "establish a new 'special relationship' with India". Last week, a delegation of ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


DW for ANU Law Students Forum - 21 May 2010
Globalisation of legal practice. • Much greater international orientation. (law, regulation, jurisprudence). • de facto commercial 'World Law' = New ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Globalization and Health
as science and practice evolve. The globalization of stand- ards creates a challenge for those .... national legal frameworks, and the context of relation- ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Conference examines impact of globalization on the legal profession
Trevor Faure, general counsel for Europe, Middle East & Africa, Tyco International, offering his perspective on the Global Law Firm. November 29, 2008 Hundreds of American law firms have expanded their operations overseas in the last 20 years to meet the needs of clients in an increasingly global economy. The largest firms now span the globe, some with thousands of lawyers practicing worldwide in geographically diverse offices. Large corporations seek to create and maintain common identities among in-house attorneys practicing in a multitude of jurisdictions that typically report upward to a single general counsel resident in ...
Human Resources: Globalisation and Compensation, employment ...
STEP  1 --   understanding  the role  of  COMPENSATION   IN  EMPLOYMENT  RELATIONSHIP. COMPENSATION  PRACTICES  IS  A  MAJOR  ELEMENT  OF  THE  EMPLOYMENT RELATIONSHIP. The employment relationship is a legal notion widely used in countries around the world to refer to the relationship between a person called an "employee" (frequently referred to as "a worker") and an "employer", for whom the employee performs work under certain conditions in return for remuneration. It is through the employment relationship, ...
Globalisation/Globalization - Economic Advantages and ...
I quote: What Is globalization? Is it the integration of economic, political, and cultural systems across the globe? Or is it Americanization and United States dominance of world affairs? Is globalization a force for economic growth, prosperity, and democratic freedom? Or is it a force for environmental devastation, exploitation of the developing world, and suppression of human rights? is dedicated to providing students with information and interdisciplinary learning opportunities on this complex phenomenon. Our goal is to challenge you to think about many of the controversies surrounding globalization and ...