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Special Report on

IEL Labour Law

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Family and succession law are tightly bound together. Succession law is usually based on kindred relationships as established by family law. The trends established in the marital property laws and succession laws are often a result of developments in family law. Equality of spouses and of all children, regardless of their descent, is not without consequences for marital property laws and succession law. Therefore, this comprehensive comparative looseleaf set covers family law together with marital property law and succession law. In addition to the national monographs that follow the outline below, this subset of the ...
For the first 100 years of its life, the main activities of the company were conventional shipping operations on the Australian coast, primary products, consumer cargoes and extensive passenger services. In the 1930s and 1940s, the company diversified into the airline operations, towage, shipbuilding, and the shipping of salt, coal and sugar. 1 Adelaide Airways was formed in 1935, and purchased West Australian Airways before merging with Holyman's Airways to form Australian National Airways (ANA) in 1936. ANA was sold to Reg Ansett in 1957. 2 In 1964, the Interstate fleet merged with McIlwraith, McEacharn & Co , and the ...
Reading List for International law 2009
United Nations GA/10748: World Leaders Pledge to Reinvigorate ‘Global Partnership of Equals’ to End Poverty, Hunger, Underdevelopment in Africa, (2008) Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD): The Paris Declaration (2005) Jackson, Global Economics and International Economic Law in The Jurisprudence of GARR and the WTO (Cambridge University Press: 2000) at 3-14 (b) Public International Law The IMF and the World Bank (IMF Factsheet, September 2008) The World Bank Turns Up Criticism of the IMF (Washington Post, December 3, 1998) The IMF and the World Trade Organization (IMF Factsheet, September 2006) market research, surveys and trends
The Opal File « The Dim-Post
This is . . . weird (actually weird is an understatement). The Opal File is a ‘secret history’ of New Zealand from 1967 to 1987. It also references the Aussies but seems focused on NZ politics and finance. It can be found on various conspiracy sites around the internets. The author is listed as ‘Anthony Pollock’, the ‘Opal File’ references the well known Gemstone File conspiracy theory. Here are some typical excerpts, the complete file is over the break. (If anyone knows who wrote this – is it a joke? Are they for real? – I’d love to hear from them.) September, 1974: ... market research, surveys and trends


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on Bilateral and Regional Trade Agreements.  You can read it just for your own pleasure, but note that they are looking for input, so feel free to give them comments (by Friday 10 September 2010.)  Here are the draft recommendations . Given that Australia has been more skeptical than most rich countries about investor-state dispute settlement (the Australia-U.S. FTA does not include it), I was interested to see what the report had to say about investor-state.  Here's something from the draft recommendations: DRAFT RECOMMENDATION 5 The Australian Government should be cognisant of the capacity of legal ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Local 45's Brown wins national apprentice competition Boilermakers ...
“There's currently a law suit over who pays for it. It's a messy story.” ..... iel won a contract for nuclear power plant maintenance that had formerly .... for 1.7 million homes in nine states, producing 80 percent less carbon .... tion of Labour (CGT), hope the calen- dar will fund a trip to Italy, where they ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


KLI 130 IEL Online Brochure:.
IEL Labour Law and Industrial Relations Online gives you overviews of 67 countries. It includes: Coverage of individual as well as collective labour ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
USERRA FY 2005 Annual Report To Congress - US DEPARTMENT OF LABOR
USERRA referrals that were pending (i.e., carried over from FY 2004). OSC received. 30 USERRA referrals from the U.S.. Department of Labor in fiscal year ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
NYU Law - Foreign & International Research: Foreign Database ...
For issues of the journal, click on Numéros.  An electronic journal, in French offering the table of contents for free, focuses on African legal issues. One of its links brings to the Journal of African Law (fee-based) published by the Cambridge Journals Online; Journal Officiel de la République de Djibouti and many other legal documents from other countries from Africa . Full text articles comment on laws, and cases from African countries. The main portal to African information is Habari . Asian Law Centre Bibliographic Database At Melbourne University. Asian Legal Information Institute (AsianLII) AsianLII ...
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Hello JD3, ?From 1981 to 2002, there was a huge deceleration in the growth of capital due to a much lower investment rate. TFP also declined from 1981 to 1993, resuming positive growth between 1994 and 2002. If one factor has to be isolated, I would say that rapid capital accumulation was the single most important factor explaining growth. TFP is also important but it was capital accumulation that led to high growth from 1930-80. Conversely, it was the low rate of investment that caused low growth in the 1980s. Despite the resumption of positive TFP growth since the 1990s, low capital accumulation rates continue to ...