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Special Report on

IFC Private Enterprise Partnership China

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Forum staff share lessons learned to benefit organizations that participate in the Forum’s initiatives, or do similar work. Lessons Learned series CD. The Forum’s Lessons Learned series are now available on CDs. It includes 12 Lessons Learned publications from October, 2007 to December, 2009. To request the CD copies, please email to Institutes Share Successes and Challenges in Training Board Directors to Lead Corporate Governance Reforms. June 2010 Too often, board directors have the business acumen but lack a deep comprehension of corporate governance or the leadership skills required to ...
of "business" relates to the state of being busy either as an individual or society as a whole, doing commercially viable and profitable work. The term "business" has at least three usages, depending on the scope — the singular usage (above) to mean a particular company or corporation , the generalized usage to refer to a particular market sector , such as "the music business" and compound forms such as agribusiness , or the broadest meaning to include all activity by the community of suppliers of goods and services. However, the exact definition of business, like much else in the philosophy of ...
Independent power producers argue that small hydroelectric plants have a key role to play in avoiding an energy shortfall in the Southern African region. Cheap power from South Africa - which derives most of its 40,000 MW from coal-fired plants - has delayed investments in the Southern African Development Community's (SADC) electricity sector for three decades. But South Africa's surplus is drying up and countries are scrambling to build up generating capacity. The case for generating energy from Africa's rivers seems straightforward. "The continent has only tapped 20 percent of its 100,000 megawatt ... market research, surveys and trends
Manager Better Work Jordan (Amman, Jordan) |
Better Work is a unique partnership program between the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC). Launched in February 2007, it aims to improve labour standards and competitiveness in global supply chains. Better Work involves the development of both global tools and country level projects. The focus is on developing scalable and sustainable solutions which build cooperation between government, employer and worker organizations, and international buyers. Better Work Jordan will focus on the apparel export industry which employs 54 000 workers of whom two-thirds are migrant workers ... market research, surveys and trends


Building Sustainable Business
IFC committed $50 million to tourism projects in FY04. While this represents a small percentage of the total ... missions, ranging from 15 to 40 percent, filter back to ... China Project Development Facility. Sichuan Province, China ... Private Enterprise Partnership for the Middle East and North Africa ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Strengthening Partnerships with the Donor Community to Deliver ...
model, the Private Enterprise Partnership for Africa. Its mandate will ... For FY05, IFC allocated about $68 million, of which about 75 percent has been ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


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Private Enterprise Partnership for East Asia and the Pacific: China Project Development Facility (IFC-CPDF). Mario Fischel, General Manager ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Corporate Governance
project within the framework of the IFC Private Enterprise Partnership that aims ...... Figure 7: A Premium for Better Corporate Governance. Russia. China ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Alumni Notes - Agricultural & Applied Economics - UW-Madison
writes, "our daughter, Talia Zara Aliber, was born on 21-12-02.  Hiltrud and I are delighted to welcome her into our lives. I was in Uganda in September 2001 and saw John Okidi (PhD '97) wearing a tie, which was a bit disorienting, but otherwise really nice.  Unfortunately, I recently got weak-kneed and applied for a job, and now am hopelessly mired once again in a large South African bureaucracy. " Ken Baerenklau (PhD '02), Associate Professor in Environmental Sciences at UC, Riverside, has been appointed Associate Dean in the Graduate Division iin October ...
What are the most innovative countries and cities? | LinkedIn ...
"It is taken as axiomatic that [innovation] has been the single, most important component of long-term economic growth" (from Nathan Rosenberg Emeritus Professor of Economics , Stanford University) My two questions are: (1) what, in your estimation, are the countries that provide the most favorable environment for innovation? (2) with respect to the U.S., what cities are most favorable for innovation? Look forward to your perspectives with respect to biotech (LinkedIn forced me to choose a category) as well as more generally. In thinking about this question you may find a recent blog entry of mine of interest: See: ...
How I can utilize my edge in 2008? Seek advice for international ...
Like thousands of young professionals in the United States, I am ambitious, passionate, and full of energy and ideas. I am ready for challenges, and want to leverage my skills and knowledge as much as possible. However, I knew, we are different. We are international people working in the United States. When the words of “China”, “India”, “multinational”, “globalization”, “Asia”, “multilingual” are all over the Internet, newspaper, TVs, I knew I (we) have a edge. Yes, I have international experiences. Yes, I speak multiple languages. And yes, I ...