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Special Report on

Improving Work-Life Balance

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A joint research study recommending measures for enhancing people’s work–life balance was published in December 2007. The study describes the current situation in this regard in Cyprus and gives an insight into people’s awareness of this issue. It also proposes measures to improve paternity leave, parental leave, working time organisation, and childcare structures and services. The findings should be used as a basis for public debate towards the creation of targeted policies. A joint study (in Greek, 490Kb PPT) entitled ‘Models of work-life balance and the demand for gender-based equality of ...
family and spiritual development) on the other. Related, though broader, terms include "lifestyle balance" and "life balance".
Research buried by political interference | Scoop News
The Green Party is alarmed by reports of censorship of state funded research that appears to have become the victim of political interference. "The lack of independence shown by the Families Commission in suddenly withdrawing support for this research after one of its authors used its findings as part of a submission to Parliament is very disturbing," Social Development Spokesperson Sue Bradford says. In an interview on National Radio this morning, Rotorua People's Advocacy Centre's Paul Blair described how the report, entitled 'Improving Work Life Balance for Domestic Purposes Beneficiaries Sole Parent ... market research, surveys and trends
OPM-Work/Life News
The U. S. Office of Personnel Management's (OPM) vision is the Federal Government will become America's model employer for the 21st century. Realizing this vision means that the Federal government must recruit and hire the best; expect the best; respect their successes, and honor their service. To achieve this, OPM, in collaboration with other Federal agencies, is improving hiring and recruitment so that it is fair, simple and fast, but still based solely on merit. In addition, we are improving work/life balance and treating our employees with respect - by enhancing their health and environment and helping them ... market research, surveys and trends


Survey: Highest performing CPA firms know how to leverage ...
Creating a long-term sustainable business advantage is the key to success for accounting firms, in both good and challenging times, yet some firms do it better than others. What’s their secret? CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business, commissioned an independent nationwide survey examining the practices of high performing accounting firms to examine what market leaders are doing today to achieve success and what their plans are for the future. The survey, conducted by Opinion Research Corporation (ORC), included interviews with 100 partners at accounting firms nationwide. Across the board, the survey found that high performing ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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a few years, U.S. companies will be down six million workers, and ... difficult to balance their work and family life; 28 percent said it was ..... 4 Sheri Todd , “Improving Work-Life Balance—What Are Other Countries Doing?” ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Rethinking the workplace in the 21st century
Sometimes the sign of good leadership is an ability to see challenges as opportunities rather than roadblocks to success. Case in point: telework . It can be tempting as a manager to assume that workers who are not present are not productive. One agency head recently told one of my colleagues: "People come to the office and do nothing. I want those kinds of employees inconvenienced by having to come into the office. I don't want them working in the comfort of their homes." Yet, with the ever-increasing demands on government, leaders must learn to adapt to the new century and start rethinking when, how and where ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Telecommuting Could Save Small to Mid-Sized US Businesses $124B
The TeleResearchNetwork ebook, “Workshifting: Bottom Line Benefits,” sponsored by Citrix, quantifies the benefits of telecommuting on small to mid-sized businesses, individuals and nations. The report finds that less than two percent of U.S. employees work from home the majority of the time (not including the self-employed), but 40 percent have jobs that are compatible with telework. A key finding shows that if employees who wanted to telecommute (about 80 percent) did so only half of the time, businesses could save $124 billion in real estate, electricity, and related costs as well as increase productivity by more ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Improving Work-Life Balance – What Are Other Countries Doing?
information to policy analysts, employers, employees and unions on the importance of improving work-life balance. Newsletters, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Work-Life Balance Award Act of 2010 | EdLabor Journal | Committee ...
establishes an annual Work-Life Balance Award at the Department of Labor to be given out annually by the Secretary of Labor to employers with exemplary work-life workforce policies.  These policies are defined as workplace practices �designed to enable employees to achieve a satisfactory work-life balance.�  Any public or private employer of any size is eligible for the award, as long as they are in compliance with federal and state labor and employment laws. Criteria for the award will be developed by a bipartisan advisory board consisting of representatives from the public, state and local government, industry and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Work-life balance: the links with management practices and ...
off in terms of their working lives than those in smaller, more national firms. This conclusion suggests that improving work-life balance ...
  1. profile image JewelHealth The legendary NZ sickie: New Zealand HeraldHR consultants talk about improving work-life balance with the likes of...
What are keys to improving hospital - physician relations ...
Too often mutually beneficial endeavors are not pursued, or if pursued have unattended consequences, as both parties are in the same business sector but have VERY different business structures and goals. One example: hospitals, whether for-profit or not-for-profit, use an Accrual Accounting basis. Physicians, whether employed or private practice, use a Cash Accounting basis. This creates very significant challenges to "translate". Also, most deals need to have the not-for-profit entity as a majority owner (51 %+) to maintain the hospital’s overall IRS not-for-profit status, but most physicians see the required 51% as a ...
Will US-Russia improving relations have expected results ...
USA relations with Russia are sometimes friendly, sometimes adversarial. Setting aside US differences during the Cold War, is Russia now a friend or an enemy? Will this have expected economic and security impact? My layman thoughts are... Doug L., Rob M., Nan L - thanks for your comments. Cleopatra - appreciate the economic data and details on trade context, does add more color to the issue Douglas B. - assume it's hard/too early to measure foreign policy results for Pres. Obama considering the reduction of arms could well take years as both sides couldn't be expected to make anything but gradual ...