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Special Report on

Indian Industrial Relations Laws

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For issues of the journal, click on Numéros.  An electronic journal, in French offering the table of contents for free, focuses on African legal issues. One of its links brings to the Journal of African Law (fee-based) published by the Cambridge Journals Online; Journal Officiel de la République de Djibouti and many other legal documents from other countries from Africa . Full text articles comment on laws, and cases from African countries. The main portal to African information is Habari . Asian Law Centre Bibliographic Database At Melbourne University. Asian Legal Information Institute (AsianLII) AsianLII ...
societies. Most of the written historical record about Native Americans was made by Europeans after their immigration to the Americas. 1 Many Native Americans lived as hunter-gatherer societies, although in many groups, women carried out sophisticated cultivation of a variety of staples: maize, beans and squash. Their cultures were quite different from those of the agrarian , proto-industrial immigrants from western Eurasia . The differences in culture between the established native Americans and immigrant Europeans, as well as shifting alliances among different nations of each culture, caused a great deal of political tension ...
Political Economy of India?s Special Economic Zones: a Conceptual ...
 Every country stands for its own development. For this purpose the state introduces and implements new policies and programmes such as Special Economic Zones Act. After 60 years of its independence India with its 110 core population has evolved a new paradigm of its political economy which is confusing. The policies and programmes initiated by Indian government to create a ‘global village’ based on free market economy and free trade among nations cutting across all barriers, abolition of national boundaries and dismantling the nation –state system giving priority to ‘market’ over the ‘state’ . After the enactment of Special ... market research, surveys and trends
Failed state
A country India where millions have no guarantee of living like a human being, where only Indian styled glorified titled public servants enjoy the free loot of national exchequer, NOTHING IS PEOPLE/USER FRIENDLY.  Be it Government run banking sector, IT sector, or whatever, it is just a big screw up.  Public servants as experienced for years are at liberty to extort the people and are at liberty to throw the people away from their work place.  And, this is India in 2009. In India, in old age, my father had no pension, had no guarantee of living like a human being.  “Freedom fighter”, fighters’ pension was refused by him.  By ... market research, surveys and trends


Foreign Labor Trends Report: India 2006
Please Note: The labor force figure relates to the formal sector in India - defined by law - it does not include all industries. Authentic figures for all industries are not available and the Government provides figures only for the formal sector - as defined by it. Informal economy includes the booming software industry and other services not included in the formal sector. 1 U.S. Embassy-New Delhi source for Indicators 8, 14, 19-25, 28 and 29; CIA World Factbook 2005 and 2006, source for Indicators 1-7, 9-13, 15-18, 26 and 27.II. SUMMARY OF MAJOR DEVELOPMENTS 2 U.S. Department of State, Background Notes 12/05 reports that ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
India - Labor
Based on the 1991 census, the government estimated that the labor force had grown by more than 65 million since 1981 and that the total number of "main workers"--the "economically active population"--had reached 285.9 million people. This total did not include Jammu and Kashmir, which was not enumerated in the 1991 census. Labor force statistics for 1991 covered nine main-worker "industrial" categories: cultivators (39 percent of the main-worker force); agricultural laborers (26 percent); livestock, forestry, fishing, hunting, plantations, orchards, and allied ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Saudi-US Alliance - An Obstacle Against War On Terrorism?
Saudi-US alliance which is primarily a bargain of oil for security for over half a century is perhaps the most improbable engagement between the two socially, politically and religiously opposite societies in the modern world. Saudi Arabia claims to be a true Islamic state but its strategic alliance with an infidel "Crusader" may be against the Islamist doctrine of Wahhabism which is the political ideology of the Saudi Monarchy. Similarly United States which is a democratic Super Power having alliance with an authoritarian Islamist Monarchy that is ideologically opposed to the modern world view and is also known as a ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
ICKLER: Battles Back For 13th At Iowa Speedway
Brian Ickler may not have had the racetruck to beat in Sunday's Lucas Oil 200 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race at Iowa Speedway in Newton. But he had arguably the next-best through most of the first half of the race. That's when it went all for naught as the 24-year-old from San Diego, driving in his third Truck Series event in the No. 18 Toyota Tundra for Kyle Busch Motorsports (KBM) and the 14th of his career, got turned from behind on a restart just past the halfway point in today's 205-lap race, fell two laps off the pace, and used the rest of the day to battle his way back onto the lead lap and settle ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


pervasive in Indian industrial relations. There have always been detailed laws on collective bargaining, dispute resolution, employee ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
annual activities report - Department of Industrial Relations
While California has voiced the need for greater employment of women and minorities, a paradox exists: higher unemployment at one end of the continuum, unfilled jobs at the other end. The job market for unskilled and low-skilled workers is shrinking as the demand for specialized skills increases. The California Apprenticeship Council and Division of Apprenticeship Standards believe that the apprenticeship system of job training has an important role in effecting a turnaround that will help to bring an end to this unnecessary paradox. Occupational career opportunities through apprenticeship training should be designed to ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Indian Law: Labour Law in India, labour law in india, labour laws
I saw in one of your Q&A that there is no "labour law" in India, but practices. Could you advise me, what are the practices when preparing employment contract for local india hire, as in what are the terms and conditions? Like benefits? Many thanks! Answer Dear Carolynn, If you happen to read the answer to the question on labour laws as one of my answers in the past, it was in the context of the working hours and my mentioning that there are no labour laws as such in India, I was on the direct issue of Labour, but in general parlance the word labour laws are used in relations to issues pertaining to and in disputes ...
Management Consulting: industrial relations, consulting management ...
plz help me out to solve this. Ur site is very helpful for our kind of student who couldn't manage to have regular classes or can purchase expensive books. Thanks very much from all the students like me. 1.   Explain the Industrial Relations in India. Discuss the current development in the field of Industrial Relations in any organization you are familiar with. Briefly describe the organization you are referring to. 2.   Discuss the development of Trade Union in India. Describe the functions of Trade Union of any organization you are acquainted with. Briefly describe the organization you are referring to.