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Special Report on

Industrial Relations Court of Australia

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The Commonwealth of Australia (‘Australia’) is a federated constitutional monarchy with power divided between the federal government (also referred to as the Australian or Commonwealth government) and the states and territories. Australia has a common law legal system with a strong tradition of separation of powers, particularly between the legislative/executive and the judicial arms of government. However the legislative and executive arms of government are not entirely separate as the heads of government departments are government ministers that are elected parliamentarians. The Prime Minister (Commonwealth) or ...
The AIRC replaced a previous system of industrial courts, which broadly speaking, was engaged in the same functions, but with superior independence and powers than the AIRC.
Lord Hopetoun became the first Governor-General and Edmund Barton the first Prime Minister. Both were sworn in at the ceremony inaugurating the Commonwealth of Australia. 1st federal elections Voters elected 75 members to the House of Representatives. Voters in the six states elected 36 representatives to the first Senate. This was the only federal election to take place on two days, 29 and 30 March. Parliament House for a day The grand opening of parliament in Melbourne’s Exhibition Building in the morning, was followed by the first sitting of the House of Representatives and the Senate in their borrowed home, ... market research, surveys and trends
warning labor ir policy ahead
So its pretty obvious by this stage in the campaign that the ALP has a strong probability of winning the election. Fair enough. What I find utterly striking and in fact scary, is that the hullabaloo about the work choices laws, but there is no talk what so ever of what the ALP has in store for the country's IR system. No one has yet questioned what the ALP has planned. I have seen in detail what the ALP has planned for us and let me tell you the experience left me cold  Theres so much of it, it is the key focus of the election. Don't believe me? Well take a good look at what Des Moore, Director of the Institute of ... market research, surveys and trends


Industrial Market Research: Definition and additional resources ...
market research into the marketing of services and goods to industry, businesses, and other institutions. Industrial market research is used as an aid to decision making and concerns the manufacture, selling, and distribution of products with the goal of reducing costs and increasing profits. It considers factors such as the available labor force, location of the firm, export market potential, and use of resources. Thomson Consumer Electronics executives reported that according to marketing firm Industrial Market Research, color TV sales for the industry declined in 1995.(Brief Article) INDIANAPOLIS--Thomson Consumer Electronics ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
of around 9.3 million persons 16 The labour force, according to the criteria used by ..... (5.5 percent per annum between 1966 and 1994) being in the service sector, .... (AIRC) and abolished the Industrial Relations Court of Australia, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Leaders play to voter anxiety
Voter concerns about the pressures of overcrowded cities and the cost of living were targeted by both political leaders, as the race towards a knife-edge August 21 federal election began in earnest yesterday. The Fin Miners ponder return to tax war Mining companies left out of this month's tax deal with the government are considering a resumption of hostilities backed by a new national advertising campaign. The Australian Business urges reform on wages, tax and climate Business has called on Labor and the Coalition to deliver a comprehensive economic reform agenda to cut corporate tax to 25 per cent, initiate a systematic ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
The birth of new football jokes
EVERY four years, the world comes to a standstill to watch the greatest sporting show on earth. People want to be mesmerised by a Pele dribbling past six players to score a goal, watch a player like David Beckham score from the halfway line, or just witness some football controversy. In this year�s World Cup in South Africa, we have our fair share of controversy � for example, referees sending off wrong players, goals wrongly disallowed by match officials, and the French team sulking like babies, just to name a few. But for me, the World Cup was also a content hunting ground for comedians. You might say there was nothing much to ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Industrial Relations Court of Australia Annual Report 1996-1997
of the Industrial Relations Court of Australia. • Most proceedings pending in the Industrial. Judicial Registrar Kim Parkinson in Melbourne hearing ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Courts - Commonwealth - Law on the internet (Monash University ...
(AustLII) for full-text of the latest cases from the High Court, available on the day of their handing down by the Court. Reported decisions (Monash users only): CLRs (authorised reports) (Lawbook Online) and ALRs (Butterworths Online) High Court of Australia Bulletin (AustLII) High Court of Australia Special Leave Dispositions (AustLII) High Court Transcripts 1996- (AustLII) High Court of Australia home page   including Speeches by Justices of the High Court Unreported decisions: Federal Court of Australia decisions 1977- (AustLII), Federal Court - Full Court Decisions 2002- (AustLII) and Butterworths ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
WikiAnswers - What was Edmund Barton's political party
With the backing of the Protectionists, Barton embarked on a campaign to deal with the problems of Australian defence, the creation of courts to adjudicate on industrial relations and the Constitution (he later sat as one of the founding Justices in the newly-formed High Court of Australia). He also worked towards a unified tariff system and the White Australia Policy which seemed to be what many Australians wanted. First answer by Tycho . Last edit by On the Wallaby . Contributor trust : 1411 [ recommend contributor ]. Question popularity : 33 [ recommend question ]. Can you answer these
WikiAnswers - What are some of the major events associated with ...
Communist Party of Australia This article is about the historical Communist Party of Australia, dissolved in 1991. For the current party, see Communist Party of Australia (revived) The Communist Party of Australia was founded in Sydney on 30 October 1920 by a group of socialists inspired by reports of the Russian Revolution. Among the party's founders were a prominent Sydney trade unionist, Jock Garden, Adela Pankhurst (daughter of the British suffragist Emmeline Pankhurst) and most of the then illegal Australian section of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). The IWW rapidly left the Communist Party, with its ...