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Internet Legal Research Group

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From what you have read in prior chapters, the legal community has developed a very precise method of finding legal materials. If you follow the rules, you have a much greater chance of finding the answer to your question. Although potentially expensive to purchase, CALR and CD-ROM can be quite precise. In fact, despite the need for search queries, both CALR and CD-ROM use the traditional legal research framework. Enter the Internet—for a low monthly fee (and sometimes free), you can search the globe for legal materials. Until a few years ago, finding legal information on the Internet was a daunting task. The Internet was wild ...
Located approximately north of New York City proper, Pace Law School is situated on its own landscaped campus of historic and modern buildings in White Plains , New York . Founded in 1976, Pace Law School is accredited by the American Bar Association , and is the only law school located between New York City and the state capital of Albany, New York , 136 miles (219 km) north. The Law School ranks among the top three environmental law programs in the nation. According to the Internet Legal Research Group (ILRG), Pace Law School ranks in the top 20 of all US law schools by median salary in public practice. Pace Law School's ...
The 'gruel' of law
I remember my enthusiasm when I first hit law school in 1980.  I had been practicing without a license for years in Sonoma County, California.  Tenant organizing had led me and a friend to author the first Rent Control ordinance in 1975 that was constitutionally upheld in the state of California for tiny little Cotati, a small and what would later become a large bedroom community that sits forty five miles north of San Francisco.  At the New College School of Law in San Francisco , many of us attending this public interest law school wanted to be like Bill Kunstler, defending ‘the people’ with passion and commitment against the ... market research, surveys and trends
Attorney Services News
Most of us have faced a legal problem at one point or another, but where can we go when we need legal advice? Most attorneys charge fees for even brief consultations, so that isn’t always a viable option. The most obvious place to turn for legal research is the Internet, but unfortunately there are a few websites where proper information isn’t always available. Here are the top five websites for legal research. Legal Research Website #1: Nolo’s Legal Encyclopedia This is one of the most well-thought-out websites on the Internet, and their legal information is both informative and easy to understand. Their main ... market research, surveys and trends


ILRG: Employment Trends for Recent Graduates, 1985-2001 (USA)
The overall employment rate for the Class of 2001 was 90% of graduates for whom employment status was known as of February 15, 2002. It is important to note that new job classifications, effective with the Class of 2001, permit a more precise tracking of the extent to which law graduates are using their law degree in ways other than the practice of law in the traditional sense. However, because of these changes, exact comparisons with prior years are not available for all trends. Employment Trends, 1985-2001 OF THOSE FOR WHOM EMPLOYMENT STATUS WAS KNOWN % of Jobs in Law Firms % of Law Firm Jobs in Firms of 2-10 % ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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The prospects for law school graduates have rarely been so tenuous. Today's legal job market can't guarantee a six-figure starting salary for graduates of the best law schools, never mind for those whose schools are toward the bottom of the list. You might suspect students would be pretty nervous about attending a fourth-tier school in this economy, but here's the surprise: Like a number of lower-ranked schools, San Francisco's Golden Gate University School of Law—and its 662 students—seem to be doing just fine. In fact, the campus, situated on the edge of the city's financial district, is thriving in ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Online Bullies Pull Schools Into the Fray
Students at Benjamin Franklin Middle School in Ridgewood, N.J., are old hands at text messaging, but not all of the words are friendly. The girl’s parents, wild with outrage and fear, showed the principal the text messages : a dozen shocking, sexually explicit threats, sent to their daughter the previous Saturday night from the cellphone of a 12-year-old boy. Both children were sixth graders at Benjamin Franklin Middle School in Ridgewood, N.J. The Educators' Quandary This is the first in a series of articles on Internet bullying. “I had a 45-year-old father crying in my office. He kept asking, ‘Why would someone do ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
FCC Advances Internet Plan Backed by Google, Amazon
June 17 (Bloomberg) -- A divided Federal Communications Commission advanced a plan backed by Google Inc., EBay Inc. and Inc. to regulate Internet service providers over the opposition of carriers led by AT&T Inc. The FCC, by a 3-2 vote, opened a process to seek comments on its legal authority to regulate how companies including AT&T, Verizon Communications Inc. and Comcast Corp. deliver high-speed Internet service, or broadband. All three Democrats endorsed the action and both Republicans dissented. The vote is a step in FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski’s drive to reclaim authority undermined when a court ruled ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Legal research sites
Internet Legal Research Group - A categorized index of more than 4000 select web sites in 238 nations, islands, and territories, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Legal research on the Internet
Links to Legal Research Portals on the Internet library.htm Alaska State Court Law Library Website ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Legal Research Using the Internet
In the past few years, many new resources have been put up on the Internet that facilitate legal research work. The sheer number and variety of resources can sometimes make it difficult to determine where to start, how to choose among similar resources, and how to keep up-to-date on available resources. The present guide is intended to explain why the Internet is useful for legal research, and describe some of the major resources available on the Internet for researching the law of the United States and other countries, comparative law, and international law. It will conclude with some tips for the net-traveling researcher. ...
General Writing and Grammar Help: plural, ted nesbitt, legal ...
I am the bibliographic instruction and reference librarian at a public college. Some members of the English department recommend me to their students. I offer assistance in grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and paragraph development. My master`s thesis concerns William Faulkner`s tragic novels. I formerly taught advanced placement English at two schools in the Philadelphia area. You are here:   Experts > Arts/Humanities > Writing > General Writing and Grammar Help > plural Expert: Ted Nesbitt - 7/30/2007 Question Can you please tell me what the plural would be for Power of Attorney? Answer Shelly: It's ...
Google Answers: Contract of Employment - wording to prohibit blogging
I'm looking for some standard wording that could be inserted into a Contract of Employment (UK law) to specifically prohibit employees or contractors blogging about the company's activities. We work in an extremely sensitive industry where seemingly (to employees) insignificant pieces of information can have significant impact if divulged. The net effect of the wording should be to hold the individual personally responsible for the consequences of any loss of client, law suit against the company, etc. If the wording can be expanded to include personal emails, telephone calls, etc as well I'll add a ...