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US No. 081423, a decision which held that the first sale doctrine does not apply to gray market products manufactured in a foreign country.  By this action, the Court is basically going to revisit its earlier decision in Quality King Distributors, Inc. v. L’Anza Research Int’l, Inc. , 523 U.S. 135 (1998) which held along the same lines.  The Court’s decision to review comes despite the Solicitor General’s recommendation that it should not grant review. The case under review arose from a suit by the Omega, SA, manufacturer of the well known watch by that name, against Costco Wholesale Corp. to block sales of genuine Omega ...
is an Australian broadband user web site, started in 1998 by founder, Simon Wright. Since then, it has grown significantly with over 350,000 registered users (as of 14 April 2010) while remaining independent.
Open Invitation for Additions to Taxonomy
suggesting that entirely new categories of legal blogs should be added, or that existing categories should be changed or subdivided; and providing updates about legal blogs which have a new URL, or have become inactive.     The taxonomy was originally limited to American and Canadian legal blogs. But readers who wish to recommend legal blogs from other countries may do so here. Interested readers should also visit      The taxonomy does not include law student blogs. Rather than posting them here in the comments, readers should go to Clever WoT’s excellent Law Student Blogger Directory . Any omissions ... market research, surveys and trends
Outskirts Press Announces the Release of El Almidón del Kaiser ...
Canam Credit Company announced today that it plans issue shares at 0.05 cents per share of Canada Debt Assistance to raise $275,000.00 for expansion in to the Ontario debt management market. The company was purchased by Canam Credit Company in May of 2007 for $1.5 Million. After the purchase, the senior management made several management changes, embarked upon many regulatory audits, new procedures and policies were made, at this time the company feels it is in a position to sell equity, and start expanding the operation. As the economies of the world start hiding downward toward a recession, Canada Debt Assistance Inc. is ... market research, surveys and trends


Legal News : Chicago IP Litigation Blog
I am proud to announce that the Chicago Bar Association has honored me, and the Blog, with the 2010 Herman Kogan Media Award.  I usually do not post about personal awards, but I am making an exception because this one stems from my work on the Blog.  I was the first winner of the Kogan Award's new online category.  The print and broadcast category recipients of the 2010 Kogan Awards were, respectively, The Chicago Reporter and Chicago's ABC 7 News.  I received the award for my series of posts on the Local Patent Rules at the end of 2009 -- click here to read the posts.  The award ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
March - Ryan Gile - Las Vegas Trademark Attorney - Vegas Trademark ...
A blog dedicated to exploring, discussing, and sharing with the world the latest news and legal developments in trademark law -- Published by Ryan Gile. Michael Atkins’ Seattle Trademark Lawyer blog posted today (link here ) about a trademark infringement victory for Las Vegas’ favorite personal injury lawyer, Glen Lerner . The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a Nevada District Court decision awarding Lerner $124,375 in attorney’s fees for the willful infringement of Lerner’s “ONE CALL. THAT’S ALL” slogan as well as infringement of Lerner’s copyrights. See Invision ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Visit: About The Monkey Rock Group, Inc. The Monkey Rock Group, Inc. is a professional European-styled leisure concept that serves select North American markets with its unique delivery of food, beverage and live adult-themed entertainment venues. Our concept is a traveling one, where we have designs to serve some of the country's largest social and sporting events to include motorcycle and auto rallies, rodeo events and auto races. Monkey Rock Group, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Feb 7, 2007 ... Calder Lounge, Uris Hall, Columbia University ... areas of institutional and legal reform, and, at the same time, concrete enough .... development oriented IP system. To what extent should China's IP system reflect its ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Collin County Law Library Newsletter
Attorney Lounge. The new courthouse has a room designated as an Attorney Lounge where attorneys can work on case ... intellectual property, personal injury, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Speaking on: his paper, "They Don't Disregard the Constitution's Clear Text, Do They?: What Article III's Jury Trial Clause Teaches Us About Originalism and the Living Constitution." Brief Bio: Professor Siegel’s long-standing research interest is American legal history, although he also is highly regarded in the areas of property and constitutional law. Over the past decade, his articles have appeared in leading law journals, including law reviews published by Texas, Virginia, and Southern California, and recently, he published major studies of jurisprudence and affirmative action as lead articles in ...
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A place which serves beverages and little sandwiches. Sometimes there is a grand piano in such places, and as such it is called a piano bar. The pianist plays tunes by request for the enjoyment of guests. It is customary to give a dollar or two to the musician if he/she plays a tune you requested. First answer by Bozidar . Last edit by Bozidar . Contributor trust : 1365 [ recommend contributor ]. Question popularity : 31 [ recommend question ]. Can you answer these history, politics and society questions? Related answers: How do you to make a complaint to the city about a miami bar or lounge
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Identify a place that you can use with minimal expense, low rent, but easily accessible to thousands of potential customers. Choose a theme to make your business different from all the others. Redecorate, remodel, refurbish the premises. Get a license if this is necessary. Get the best price deal on all your liquor and refreshments. Get the best price deal on garbage removal. Open a bank account in your business name. Employ staff and train them. Invite a local celebrity to open the business. Advertise the grand opening, perhaps with a free drinks gimmick. Open. First answer by Cobber43 . Last edit by Cobber43 . ...