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Is Taxation Legal?

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Improved LexisNexis and Westlaw tax research platforms and new electronic tax research platforms offered by BNA (BNA Tax Management Library), CCH (CCH Tax Research NetWork), and RIA (RIA Checkpoint) constitute a virtual tax library that offers tax researchers much of the content and functionality of a physical tax library, as well as some useful functionality features (e.g., direct linking of primary and secondary sources) a physical tax library cannot provide. The new virtual tax library offers tax researchers numerous benefits, including the convenience of a portable library, more reliable and current research results, and ...
(COMT) is a legal theory (with at least one historical precedent) that attempts to extend into the realm of taxation the concessions to conscientious objectors that many governments allow in the case of conscription — thereby allowing conscientious objectors to insist that their tax payments not be spent on the military. Some tax resisters advocate legal recognition of a right to COMT, while others conscientiously resist taxes without concern for whether their stand has legal approval.
Voluntary Taxation « Jak's View of Vancouver v.3
Back in June 2002, well before the HST controversy that is sweeping BC and Ontario, I proposed doing away with all non-voluntary taxation by replacing income and all other taxes with a consumption tax. This is what I wrote in 2002, and I see little need to change the basic structure proposed: The basic principles for a semi-anarchistic tax scheme are that it should be essentially voluntary, and concerned with ensuring equal opportunities for all. Therefore, I would propose the elimination of all personal and corporate income taxes as they violate by their very nature the voluntary aspect of taxation. I propose to replace the ... market research, surveys and trends
Estate Planning for You: George Steinbrenner's Estate Escapes Taxation
In this blog, Gary Botwinick will discuss estate planning issues of importance to your family. The blog will try to address the most timely and relevant issues to clients and friends of the firm. Of course, anyone is welcome to browse the blog. Please feel free to post your questions about the tax implications of your estate plan and other related topics. At Einhorn, Harris, we offer services related to wills, trusts, estate administration, estate planning, tax planning, business planning, shareholder agreements and mergers, elder law, long-term care, guardianships, prenuptial agreements, Medicaid, asset protection planning, and ... market research, surveys and trends


U.S. Treasury - Fact Sheet on the History of the U.S. Tax System
The federal, state, and local tax systems in the United States have been marked by significant changes over the years in response to changing circumstances and changes in the role of government. The types of taxes collected, their relative proportions, and the magnitudes of the revenues collected are all far different than they were 50 or 100 years ago. Some of these changes are traceable to specific historical events, such as a war or the passage of the 16th Amendment to the Constitution that granted the Congress the power to levy a tax on personal income. Other changes were more gradual, responding to changes in ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Testimony on fiscal and legal implications of legalization and ...
Oct 28, 2009 ... $53 billion in 2007-08. The BOE administers the state's sales and use tax and ... from the legalization/taxation of marijuana is a new one for us, ... 41 percent of users consume it, on average, 100 timers per year ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Black California activists divided over legal marijuana
Because non-violent drug arrests affect black men and women disproportionately, I find myself agreeing with the sentiments of California NAACP head Alice Huffman, who supports an upcoming ballot measure to legalize marijuana in the state. Countless studies have shown that black Americans’ drug use is in line with our share of the U.S. population (about 12-13 percent of black Americans use illegal drugs), but our drug arrests far outpace that. Non-violent drug crimes help explain the soaring rate of black incarceration in the 1980s and through the 1990s. From the NYTimes: “I’m not encouraging anyone to recreationally use ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
The Chartered Institute of Taxation and the Association of Taxation ...
The Chartered Institute of Taxation and the Association of Taxation Technicians Enhance Membership System With End-to-End Systems Integration 20th July 2010, Hemel Hempstead, UK – The Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) and the Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT) have chosen speech automation and data integration specialist Telephonetics PLC to supply their Business Solutions Development Platform ‘Eden’ to enhance their membership and subscriptions processes. Eden, from the subsidiary company Datadialogs , will streamline and integrate CIOT/ATT's core subscriptions systems, which should improve ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


I. Introduction. This guide is designed to help students locate a broad range of legal and non-legal materials on the history of American taxation. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
United States Tax Court: Law Clerk Opportunities
A law clerk or attorney adviser to a Judge or Special Trial Judge performs legal research, digesting, drafting, and related assignments on tax cases tried before the Judge or Special Trial Judge. The duties are performed at the Court in Washington, D.C. No traveling is required. Employment Opportunities Law clerks of the Judges and Special Trial Judges are recruited as vacancies occur; however, most positions become available in the summer months. Please review the list of Judges and Special Trial Judges currently recruiting for Law Clerks prior to submitting your application. Click each Judge's name to view Additional ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Tax & Legal Assistance
Please note that neither the GSC nor any branch of the ASSU is able to give out any tax advice. Students with specific questions are advised to contact a tax professional. Please address your feedback or suggestions on this resource to GSC Tax workshop co-coordinators . Contents The best resource for tax information covering issues related to student income at Stanford is prepared by the Stanford Financial Services . They provide information on: The University has already mailed all tax forms for 2009. If you are missing a form, contact them . The Bechtel International Center has very good tax information for international ...
  1. profile image rrothfeldt Administration admits #hcr is taxation - and may not be legal. Lies & obfuscation = hope & change? #tcot
  2. profile image jamieshan1 I'm not close to being a millionaire, but I have to say that the idea of an "estate tax" wreaks of double taxation! And this is legal???
WikiAnswers - Why is taxation important
Taxation is important for an economy for raising fund for meeting the public expenditure.For a country like India ,we are usually adopting deficit budget,we have to find additional fund every year.... What is taxation ? What you pay to be part of a civilized society. ----------------- When the goverment taxes you .... ---- Taxation, in the way used by the government, is when the government takes a certain amount... What is a taxation ? it is a man with taxes What are the purposes of taxation ? There are many answers to this question. I'd have to say that the two main reasons are to give power to the federal and/or state ...
Is income taxation and the IRS legal? - Yahoo! Answers
I heard the U.S. government stared this temporarly, to help the world war 1 and 2 efforts. the people did not vote for it, but the government kept it going as a huge money making deal, and it went out of control [wasteful spending and profit for elected officals], and it continues and they put the fear tactic on the people , saying you can't fight the government its to big and you must pay, how many peoples lives were ruined and property seized. I suspect that your schooling in American History is lacking in accuracy and/or detail. The income tax was started by the Congress, the representatives of the American people, ...