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Special Report on

Korean Business Law

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Mainly, I solve Problems for Clients, usually on a short-term engagement, sometimes by embedding myself into the Client organization, but mostly as an outside counsel or consultant, like a plumber. In addition, I originate private equity transactions in Korea, for both the buy and sell sides. Finally, I consult and teach on a variety of topics, ranging from legal risk management and post-merger integration to the evolution of technology and the management of innovation. CUBE has partnered with VA Capital Partners (NY), GlobalFluency (Palo Alto) and VentureValuation (Zurich). Crisis Management, Post-Merger Integration (PMI), ...
with the sole purpose of supporting the entry and successful establishment of foreign business into Korea. With assistance extending to comprehensive post-establishment services, Invest KOREA enables foreign corporations to maximize the benefits of Korea's investment environment to facilitate their rapid settlement in Korea.
RAIN & JYP Ordered to Pay $8 Million to Hawaiian Conert Promoter ...
had lost their lawsuit in Hawaiian District Court brought by a local promoter, Click Entertainment, alleging Rain’s last minute cancellation of Honolulu concert in 2007 cost them $1.5 million and caused damage to the company’s reputation. A couple of days ago, the court found in Click’s favour, ruling that Rain and JYP were guilty of both breach of contract and fraud.  Nearly $5 million of the damages payment are punitive, with Rain himself and JYP ordered to pay half each. It is reported that Rain has testified he didn’t know why the concert had been cancelled and the cancellation was out of his control. market research, surveys and trends
The iPhoning of Korea
Korean tech junkies are cheering this week's move by the government to allow the import! of the iPad, Apple's new tablet device. Its introduction had been stalled by a government agency that claimed it needed to "certify" the tablet's wireless networking feature. Popular pressure forced Seoul to reverse course. But while fans go aflutter over the possibilities of this new kind of computing, the transformation being wrought by the last Next Big Thing, the iPhone, is hardly finished either. It's not simply that programmers and users continue experimenting with the iPhone's technological ... market research, surveys and trends


Socrates v. Confucius: An Analysis of South Korea's Implementation ...
book Korean Business Law (Carolina Academic Press) will focus more ... than five percent (previously, no such exam was required to sit for the ..... and expanded students loans up to JPY ¥16 billion (USD $1.6 billion) would be provided ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
A tale of two tigers: employee financial participation in Korea ...
... on all voting corporate issues as defined by Korean business law. ... cent in 1974 to 76 per cent in 1997, when nearly one million employees participated in ... percent in 1998. Most strikingly, the table makes it clear that this ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Who Owns the Korean Taco?
who worked in food services at a hotel at the time, had an epiphany. What if he stuffed a tortilla with Korean barbecued short ribs? This was the birth of the now-famous “Korean taco,” a concept that fused two of L.A.’s favorite cuisines—both associated with abundant alcohol and good times—into one delicious combination. Within a month Manguera had teamed up with his friend Roy Choi , an accomplished chef, who took the idea and made it work. Together, they launched a business selling Korean tacos out of a truck. They called it Kogi, a play on the Korean word for meat. In L.A., food trucks are a common sight, but for decades ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
South Korean company to invest $21 million in plant
Gov. Mark Sanford tries out an electric police car manufactured by CT&T Southeast on Thursday at the Statehouse after announcing that the company will build a new electric car plant in Duncan. Published: Friday, July 2, 2010 at 3:15 a.m. Last Modified: Friday, July 2, 2010 at 1:09 a.m. COLUMBIA — State Rep. Mike Forrester mashed the pedal to the floor. “Feel that power?” he asked. Forrester was in the driver's seat of a half-ton electric car, one of several the newly formed CT&T Southeast had on display at the Statehouse grounds Thursday. It was a bucket seat, and he faced a small, modern dashboard. On ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


KOREAN ENVIRONMENTAL LAW DEVELOPMENTS. By: Min Shin. Young-sun Lee .... ( decontaminated) only by a soil decontamination business with expert personnel. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Overview -- U.S. Commercial Service Korea
Protection of intellectual property and the laws governing enforcement of these protections exist but are not necessarily extra-territorial. What is understood and practiced in the United States is not always practiced in Korea. U.S. companies wishing to sell their products or services in Korea should first and foremost register their intellectual property rights (copyrights, trademarks or patents) in Korea. The best way to enforce a right-holder's claims is to have their intellectually property recognized by the Korean government. Trademarks and Patents Both the United States and Korea are members of the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Columbia Law School : The Center for Korean Legal Studies
IN THE PAST DECADE, the Korean Peninsula has been among the most active regions in the world. The two Koreas, divided at the start of the Cold War, remain to this day a curious juxtaposition of different systems and values. The success of South Korea's economic recovery following the Asian financial crisis and its establishment of a full-fledged democracy and the rule of law are in stark contrast to a closed system in North Korea that has remained largely unchanged for the past 60 years and now is the center of international attention over its nuclear weapons program. After the breakdown of the multilateral arrangement ...
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What are the Dos and Don'ts of Korean business and culture ...
Although I've been to China and Japan, I'm evaluating an engagement in Korea. Respecting local custom and etiquette is very important to me as I want to make a good first impression with my Korean colleagues. Additionally, I'd like to make sure I'm not exposing myself to any unforeseen financial risk (taxation, etc.) by taking on this project. Can anyone offer some golden nuggets I should be aware of as I start this project in terms of culture and/or business risk (taxation, etc.)? This engagement will be no more than 3 weeks, but may lead to additional work. Location specific: Korea posted January 11, 2007 in
Korean Business Registration Number Now Required on Websites
Couple of months ago Overture sent us an email that we need to show a Korean Business Registration number on our website if we want to continue to display our ads in Overture. We wrote back to them and informed them that we are an Indian company and not registered in Korea, hence we don�ft have the Korean Business Registration number. To which they replied that it is a new government rule. As per the rule all the websites which process credit card payments on their website they need to display the Korean Business Registration number. So we had asked for an extension but they replyed stating that the extension as per Govt rules ...