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Landlord Tenant Law

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This guide provides general information regarding the Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act. In addition to the state law, cities within the state may also have their own Landlord and Tenant laws that expand upon state laws. This not a comprehensive discussion of the area of law. It is not intended to replace the advice of counsel. You are encouraged to seek legal counsel from an attorney who can provide you with legal advice specific to your situation and location. The Act, A.R.S. §§ 33-1301 to 33-1381 , applies if you are renting a residential dwelling unit, i.e., a house or an apartment. If you ...
where the ownership of a property is purchased outright and thereafter held for an indeterminate length of time, and also differs from a tenancy where a property is let (rented) on a periodic basis such as weekly or monthly. Until the end of the lease period (often measured in decades or centuries; a 999 year lease is quite common) the leaseholder has the right to remain in occupation as an assured tenant paying an agreed rent to the owner. Terms of the agreement are contained in a lease , which has elements of contract and property law intertwined. The term estate for years may occasionally be used. This refers to a leasehold ...
Tenant Troubles: Can My Landlord Search My Apartment For Pot ...
So, I just got this letter in the mail from the real estate company who owns the apartment building I've live in (about 15 units), and it just seems weird to me: INSPECTION OF PREMISES - for Unsanitary Living Conditions, Hoarding, Alterations, Pets, and growing, cultivation, sale or use in any form of marijuana. The owners and management company will notify and issue a 24-hour notice to inspect the units and building for Unsanitary Living Conditions, Hoarding, Alterations, Pets, and growing, cultivation, sale or use in any form of marijuana to protect and secure ALL tenants in the building. IMPORTANT NOTE Refusal to allow ... market research, surveys and trends
A New York State Eviction Guide - Evicting Tenants in Nassau and ...
In New York, eviction proceedings are mostly initiated in the form of lawsuits to regain possession of real property, pursuant to New York State’s Real Property Law and Rules. Special actions to recover possession of a rented apartment or house are the most common Landlord and Tenant actions brought in Nassau District Court and Suffolk District Court.The two most conventional types of actions are: Holdover Actions  - initiated when a tenant remains in a rented premises after the lease expires, against the will of the landlord. Non-Payment Actions  - brought when ... market research, surveys and trends


Articles about Tenant Law - Orlando Sentinel
THE DELAND and West Volusia Board of Realtors will hold its first realtor-attorney seminar and luncheon on Nov. 18. The event will feature attorney and author David L. Thomas, who will discuss tenant law and rental management.Reservations for the event are due by Nov. 14th at the board office at 734-6544. The luncheon will start at 11:45 a.m. at the DeLand Country Club. The cost of the seminar and luncheon is $15, while the seminar only is $10. Landlord-tenant matters prompt a lot of call and letters to the Florida Division of Consumer Services. To help tenants bone up on rights and responsibilities, the division supplies ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
What's New In Landlord Tenant Law
A drug and alcohol treatment center applied for a building permit in an area zoned for "mixed-use" retail and residential. The permit was granted because the center qualified as a business or professional "office" under the city's zoning ordinance. However, the zoning board revoked the permit after residents and business owners protested that the center would lower property values because the clients are a bad element. The ZBA did not hold a hearing or issue a written opinion, but found that the rehab center was actually a "clinic", not an "office". The treatment center sued on the basis that a zoning decision is a ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Eviction process: another housing meltdown
NEWARK -- More than 20 landlords and now-former tenants filled the hallway Thursday leading to the tiny fourth-floor courtroom where eviction hearings take place twice a month. "There's a lot of hard luck in the county right now," said Wayne Brown, a small-claims magistrate with Licking County Municipal Court who has presided at eviction hearings since August 2009. Former tenant after former tenant walked into the courtroom, mostly saying the same things: They haven't paid their rent for months ... They have nowhere to go ... Can they have just a few more days? In June alone, 71 eviction requests have been filed. market trends, news research and surveys resources
In this real-estate conveyance dispute, appellant developer argues that the district court erred in granting summary judgment in favor of respondent park board after concluding that appellant could not unilaterally waive a buyer contingency and failed to deliver an executed parking-ramp lease, as provided in the purchase agreement. We affirm. The facts in this matter are undisputed. Respondent Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board owns a strip of property along the Mississippi River acquired through a condemnation proceeding. In October 2002, respondent sought proposals for development of the property and accepted a proposal ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Missouri Landlord-Tenant Law booklet
Know the Landlord-Tenant Law. Laws passed in 1997 offer greater .... Know the Landlord-Tenant Law. If a tenant wishes to move out before a ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
law. § 5118. Summary of residential landlord-tenant code. A summary of the Landlord-Tenant Code, as prepared by the Consumer Protection Unit of the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
  1. profile image CIllustration @smbeaudoin Landlord/tenant law does say they must give 24-hr notice before entering property.
  2. profile image anareynosoREO the law - Property Law - Real Estate & Landlord-Tenant - FindLaw ...: what is the law on property line adverse pos...
  3. profile image jordangrecolaw Keep up to date on Mass Landlord Tenant Law! Don't let that tenant or landlord keep you down!
Florida banking laws. What happens to the tenant if a landlord is ...
There is an article sited from the St. Petersburg Times posted here the discusses the increasing frequency with which your sort of situation has been occurring. You can read it here: -florida-housing-market.html The last several paragraphs offer some practical advice to persons in these situations and I have pasted them below. You may also need to seek legal counsel. Good luck. "...Avoiding eviction Even if they suspect the owner has defaulted on the Florida mortgage, tenants should continue paying the rent or they can be evicted. “The reason is that ...
Commercial Real Estate Investment: commercial lease audit ...
I have a commercial lease that will expire in seven months.  My Landlord just sent me a letter requesting an audit for the last three years of sales.  I don't want to bother with this audit because our gross sales doesn't even nearly exceed the threshold  where the landlord is entitle to additional rent. They are legally entitle to see my books but are they entitle to see my tax records if i choose not show them?  What typically happens if i don't cooperate with the audit? Thank You, Kim ANSWER:   Kim - You have not indicated the timing of the audit matters up until today, but it may ...