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Special Report on

Law As An Agent Of

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The role of the narrative or story in legal discourse has been explored and developed in legal scholarship over the last several years. The goals of the various calls for more storytelling in the legal context vary. They generally relate, however, to a desire to move away from exclusive reliance on abstract legal argumentation to persuade. The goals of ‘storytellers‘ are also linked to furthering an understanding of the dynamics of oppression based on race or gender, or both. The judicial and legislative processes have always included a narrative component. Clinical legal scholarship has also explored the critical role of ...
Responsibly Debating the Supreme Court: the Top Ten “Activist ...
Too often, social conservatives use the terms “activist judge,” “activist court,” etc., to describe jurists and decisions they simply don’t like. We forget that phrase used to have real meaning. The phrase “activist judge” should only attach to those jurists and decisions that either embrace the use of law as an agent of social change, or break surprisingly with established law. Properly understood, “judicial activism” is neither liberal nor conservative, nor is it always bad, or at odds with the ideals of the American Constitution. Granted, sometimes it is. Allow me to ... market research, surveys and trends
Health Law
Health Law is the law, rules, regulations and other jurisprudence that cover a wide range of legal concerns, from healthcare law, mental health, public health, technology and medical care, to medicine, and the entire healthcare field, including specific laws governing the health industry: physicians, nurses, hospitals and health systems, health maintenance organizations, health insurers, managed care companies, nursing facilities, home care providers, and the relationship among them and patients. USA Health Law. * Health Law: an Overview - Wex Improvements in technology and medical care have increased life expectancy by a ... market research, surveys and trends


New York Law School :: Mission and History
New York Law School was established in 1891 by Columbia College School of Law faculty, students, and alumni who were protesting their trustees’ attempts to dictate the teaching methods used by professors. The central figure in the revolt against Columbia and the subsequent creation of New York Law School was Columbia Law School’s founder, Theodore Dwight, a major figure in the history of American legal scholarship. Almost immediately, New York Law School attained a formidable reputation due to the excellence of its students and faculty. From its beginning, New York Law School has been dedicated to providing diverse ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
nthposition online magazine: The impact of Christian Zionism on ...
Last spring I traveled to Waco, Texas to deliver a lecture at Baylor University, the premier Baptist University in the United States. When leaving the Waco airport to drive to the campus in the car of one of my academic hosts, I saw a huge billboard on the side of the road near the entrance to the airport. The billboard message was: ��and the Lord said to Jacob... unto they offspring will I give this land.� Genesis 35:11-12 . Pray that president Bush honors God�s covenant with Israel. Call the White House with this message 202-456-1111.� The message was signed �The Religious Roundtable,� which is a Christian Zionist grouping. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Judge sides with Google in $1 billion Viacom case
A federal judge Wednesday found in favor of Google in a $1 billion copyright lawsuit filed by Viacom over videos posted on YouTube, a case that legal experts said could have dramatically altered the rules for user-posted videos, music and other content on the Web had the ruling gone the other way. Instead, Judge Louis Stanton of New York delivered a summary judgment that essentially endorses current practices, finding that YouTube was in line with the federal Digital Millennial Copyright Act when it promptly removed copyright videos from cable channels such as Comedy Central and Nickelodeon when it was notified by Viacom. Viacom ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Valentine out of mix
One high-profile Orioles managerial candidate is out, another interviewed Wednesday and two more, including fan favorite Rick Dempsey, will talk formally with Andy MacPhail about the position in the near future. Buck Showalter, the ESPN baseball analyst who has managed three major league organizations, met with MacPhail, the Orioles president of baseball operations, and principal owner Peter Angelos for about three hours at Angelos' law office Wednesday. Hours earlier, the Orioles learned that Bobby Valentine, the former New York Mets and Texas Rangers manager who interviewed with MacPhail and Angelos on June 11, had ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


In october 1999 a legal “dream team” led by David Boies filed a
Commentary on the law as an agent of change typically examines the impact of concrete legal developments: court decisions, legislation, or agency action. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
U.S. Copyright Office - Copyright Law: Chapter 5
is an infringer of the copyright or right of the author, as the case may be. For purposes of this chapter (other than section 506), any reference to copyright shall be deemed to include the rights conferred by section 106A(a) . As used in this subsection, the term “anyone” includes any State, any instrumentality of a State, and any officer or employee of a State or instrumentality of a State acting in his or her official capacity. Any State, and any such instrumentality, officer, or employee, shall be subject to the provisions of this title in the same manner and to the same extent ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Sports & Entertainment Law
After the 1996 Hollywood blockbuster "Jerry Maguire," the previously held misconception of lawyers changed dramatically. Viewers realized that lawyers are not typically courtroom bigwigs or menacing arguers; instead they came to the conclusion that a lawyer could work in virtually any field of law. And one of those "fields," as seen in "Jerry Maguire" and the television series " Arli$$," has proven to have mass appeal. This playing field is different than that associated with the typical courtroom lawyer; it's known as ...
WikiAnswers - What constitutes acting as an agent of the police
LEGAL: An agent for the police is another term for a sworn POLICE OFFICER (Officer, Deputy Sheriff, Sheriff, Constable, Detective, Investigator, Agent, etc.) or any employee of the police department to act on their behalf when they speak to any member of the public for the Department. ILLEGAL: Anyone who impersonates a police officer by using any of the above-mentioned terms or by any other means of leading the public to believe one is a law-enforcement officer. This can either be in person or by telephone. One can also be an agent of the police by conducting a search at the behest of law enforcement. This is not the same as an ...
Google Answers: Agent for Service of Process
Hi, My wife and I are in the process of incorporating our home based business. We intend to use an attorney to help us with incorporation. The main question is: Should we be the 'Agent for Service of Process' or should the attorney be the Agent? I am looking for a "Pros and Cons" type of an answer as well as how this choice impacts us and the business. Please indicate in your answer: - do the attorneys that do incorporation service usually allow this option or would have a preference - what is the norm when companies incorporate through an attorney - would the attorney usually charge differently ...