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BT is the largest communications service provider in the United Kingdom and Ireland and also one of the largest communication companies in the world. With offices through the UK and Ireland, BT provide IT services and products to consumer and business customers. Products and services range from home telephones to business mobile services. Jackson Mullan Consulting provided consultancy services in the UK rollout of new BT Business products. We performed a range of broad business analysis functions within BT, covering stakeholder and requirements capture and management through to process mapping and solution design. Thomas Burns ...
Even though there is no specific, universally accepted definition of 'democracy', equality and freedom have been identified as important characteristics of democracy since ancient times. 2 These principles are reflected in all citizens being equal before the law and having equal access to power. For example, in a representative democracy, every vote has equal weight, no restrictions can apply to anyone wanting to become a representative, and the freedom of its citizens is secured by legitimized rights and liberties which are generally protected by a constitution. 3 4 There are several varieties of democracy, some of ...
Podcast353: Free, Online K-12 Education Options for ALL Oklahoma ...
This podcast is an interview with David Chaney of Epic Charter Schools in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on June 25, 2010. In early-June 2010, Oklahoma governor Brad Henry signed Senate Bill 2319 into law which radically changes the groundrules for online, virtual learning in Oklahoma. In this podcast, David discusses the model of virtual learning which is now available FREE for ANY K-12 student in the state of Oklahoma through Epic One on One Charter School, and a little background about how the law in Oklahoma changed about two weeks ago to permit statewide online enrollments. David explains each student in Oklahoma receives a ... market research, surveys and trends
Friday Harbor woman sues San Juan County; alleges police brutality ...
A Friday Harbor woman is suing San Juan County in federal court, alleging two sheriff's deputies illegally searched her home, used excessive force and falsely arrested her on March 21. Specifically, Toni Michele's civil suit — filed July 20 in U.S. District Court in Seattle — alleges unlawful search and seizure, unlawful imprisonment, negligence, and assault. Sheriff Bill Cumming declined to comment Wednesday. "We reviewed the incident and passed it on to the prosecutor. They reviewed it, it went to risk management, and the status of the case precludes any other comment." Michele, 45, alleges that on the ... market research, surveys and trends


Global Search Market Draws More Than 100 Billion Searches Per Month
comScore, Inc. (Nasdaq: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world today released a study of the global search market showing that more than 113 billion searches were conducted in July 2009, representing a 41-percent increase versus year ago. Google Sites attracted significantly more searches than any other engine with 76.7 billion searches conducted, or 67.5 percent market share. Yahoo! Sites ranked second worldwide with 8.9 billion searches (7.8 percent share), followed closely by Chinese search engine Baidu with 8 billion searches (7.0 percent share). Most of the top search properties worldwide experienced significant ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Police and Detectives
Job opportunities in most local police departments will be favorable for qualified individuals, while competition is expected for jobs in State and Federal agencies. Bilingual applicants with college training in police science or with military police experience will have the best opportunities. Police officers and detectives protect lives and property. Law enforcement officer�s duties depend on the size and type of their organizations. Police and detectives pursue and apprehend individuals who break the law and then issue citations or give warnings. A large proportion of their time is spent writing reports and maintaining ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
In November 2006, after receiving tips from two informants that defendant was in the area with drugs, the City of Albany Police Department carried out surveillance of defendant's vehicle and an apartment in the City of Albany out of which he was believed to be working. Police also conducted a "rip operation" in which they listened while an informant used a cellular telephone to arrange a crack cocaine purchase from defendant. Police stopped the vehicle while the drugs were allegedly being delivered and arrested the driver and sole occupant, Boshaun Gregory, who was found with narcotics on his person. Defendant was ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
The mobile app discovery problem
One of the biggest problems in the evolving mobile applications market is context: how do you know what you want, and why? Google's Tim Bray (Credit: Alex Waterhouse-Hayward) Google's Tim Bray tackled those topics in a post to his personal blog Wednesday, unfortunately unable to solve the issues in under 1,000 words but making some good points in exploring them. Bray works for Google's Android development team but said in his post that the Android Market development is handled by a separate group. In short, when it comes to both Apple's App Store and Google's Android Market, "just as with the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


LAW SEARCH DIRECT. REQUISITION FOR SEARCH. From: Title of Case:................. ............. Dated this day of. 20. SEARCH on Index of names only, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics - Find Grant Opportunities - Opportunity Synopsis
The synopsis for this grant opportunity is detailed below, following this paragraph. This synopsis contains all of the updates to this document that have been posted as of 03/09/2009 . If updates have been made to the opportunity synopsis, update information is provided below the synopsis. If you would like to receive notifications of changes to the grant opportunity click send me change notification emails . The only thing you need to provide for this service is your email address. No other ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Prescription Drugs
Consumer Advertisements of Prescription Drugs,” Food and Drug Law Journal, ..... Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association, Direct-to-Consumer ...
Is your Direct Marketing business looking for an additional ...
I am looking for individuals interested in expanding their product offerings to include Behavioral Targeted Ads. Most ad networks charge a $10,000 minimum buy at a $30 cpm leaving small businesses without any options to advertise. I'm offering a strategic partnership with a limited number of businesses to resell my Ad Network and your cost will be fixed at a $12cpm with no minimum buy required, no minimum contract. Giving you plenty of room to resell the products at a significant profit to your clients. Example profit = your client signs a 12 month contract, spends $2400/mo at a $25cpm your annual profit $31,200!! What are ...
"I always turn to the sports pages first, which records people's accomplishments. The front page has nothing but man's failures." --Chief Justice Earl Warren posted 24 days ago Multimedia Producer and i3D Programmer for Acrobat 3D PDF, JavaFX, Mobile & Virtual Worlds see all my answers Sports. Why? Talent, Accomplishment, Entertainment. Other news is suspect anyway. posted 24 days ago Ten minutes of silence, to organize the questions and answers. posted 24 days ago Business WRITER, Editor | Blogger | Strategic MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS, B2B | Web Content Creator | Business Development see all my answers Horoscope, ...