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Laws, Life, and Legal Matters

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CONTAINER CORPORATION, SUCCESSOR TO INTEREST OF CONTAINER HOLDINGS CORPORATION, SUCCESSOR TO INTEREST OF VITRO INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION, Petitioner, v. COMMISSIONER OF INTERNAL REVENUE, Respondent. No. 3607-05. United States Tax Court. Filed February 17, 2010. E-mily A. Parker, for petitioner. Dennis M. Kelly, for respondent. HOLMES, Judge. The Code puts a 30-percent tax on "fixed or determinable annual or periodical" income received by foreign corporations from sources within the United States. Vitro, S.A. is a Mexican corporation that charged one of its U.S. subsidiaries a fee to guarantee the subsidiary's debt ...
and maintains an active presence on the Internet. In 1996 the legal entity SubGenius Foundation Inc became located in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. The Foundation's president is Ivan Stang . Publicly accessible cited figures from 1988 indicated a membership of 3,500, "more than 5,000" in 1990 and "close to 10,000" by 2003. 1 Cite error: There are tags on this page, but the references will not show without a {{Reflist}} template or a tag; see the .
Laws, Life, and Legal Matters – Court Cases and Legal Information ...
Oliver McFarline Phillips appeals from the dismissal of his complaint for medical negligence, medical malpractice, and negligent infliction of emotional distress following the trial court’s grant of summary judgment in favor of the City and County of San Francisco, San Francisco General Hospital, and the Tom Waddell Medical Center (collectively, the City). Phillips contends the grant of summary judgment was based on a fraudulent declaration by the City’s expert. But ... market research, surveys and trends
Laws, Life, and Legal Matters - Appeals Court Case - STATE v. LUKACS
Joseph T. Deters, Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney, and Judith Anton Lapp, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, for Plaintiff-Appellee. Bryan R. Perkins, for Defendant-Appellant. {¶1} Defendant-appellant, Christopher Lukacs, appeals convictions for three counts of rape under R.C. 2907.02(A)(1)(b), one count of rape under R.C. 2907.02(A)(2), one count of felonious assault under R.C. 2903.11(A)(1), and one count of failure to verify his address under R.C. 2950.06. We find no merit in his thirteen assignments of error, and we affirm his convictions. {¶2} In his first and second assignments of error, Lukacs contends that ... market research, surveys and trends


Mathilde Notaro vs Alisa Spitzberg -Appelate Corruption ...
Eventually, the story will come out in a lyrical way. Eventually, it will end in a stunning and gorgeous denoument.  Eventually, it will be not only be a masterfully wrought cautionary tale but the pulitzer prize winning tract that overshadows   Solzhenitizin's . Scratch that, it will be win the Nobel prize- because it transcends your story. It is our story. It is the story of our time. You're not selfish.  Till, then, you'll struggle with ways to package the truth so you can be unbanned and unbanished from your supposed potential.You do deserve that, and Mathilde ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Strawn v. Farmers Insurance Company of Oregon (Re - Laws, Life ...
FARMERS INSURANCE COMPANY OF OREGON, an Oregon stock insurance company; MID-CENTURY INSURANCE COMPANY, a foreign corporation; and TRUCK INSURANCE EXCHANGE, a foreign corporation, Defendants-Appellants, and FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP INC., a foreign corporation, Defendant. 990809080, A131605. Court of Appeals of Oregon. Filed: January 27, 2010. Richard S. Yugler and Landye Bennett Blumstein LLP for petition and supplemental petition. With them on the reply was David N. Goulder. James N. Westwood, P.K. Runkles-Pearson, and Stoel Rives LLP for response. Before WOLLHEIM, Presiding Judge, and BREWER, Chief Judge, [ 1 ] and SERCOMBE, Judge. industry trends, business articles and survey research
Veiled Threats?
In Spain earlier this month, the Catalonian assembly narrowly rejected a proposed ban on the Muslim burqa in all public places — reversing a vote the week before in the country’s upper house of parliament supporting a ban. Similar proposals may soon become national law in France and Belgium.  Even the headscarf often causes trouble.  In France, girls may not wear it in school.  In Germany (as in parts of Belgium and the Netherlands) some regions forbid public school teachers to wear it on the job, although nuns and priests are permitted to teach in full habit.  What does political philosophy have to say about these ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Planning Matters: Don't let nursing home care claim assets
Your spouse is in a nursing home. You are paying out $6,000 or more per month for his or her care. You have been told that you can only keep one half of your combined assets and have to spend down the rest on the nursing home before you can apply for Medicaid to pay for your spouse's nursing home care. Is there something else you can do? Absolutely. First, we look at the exempt assets you can keep. Subject to certain limits, these include your home, prepaid funeral expenses, burial plot, one automobile and life insurance with a cash value less than $1,500. Next we look at your countable assets. Assets that are not exempt ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Laws, Life, and Legal Matters - Court Cases and Legal Information ...
Oct 13, 2009 ... Laws, Life, and Legal Matters - Court Cases and Legal Information … - All Federal and State Appeals Court Cases in One Search ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Incorporating Domestic Violence Legal Issues into Law School Curricula
Domestic violence legal issues should be incorporated into law school curricula as a core component of legal education. It may be easy to understand the benefits of raising these issues in clinical programs, which train students to represent or assist victims in the community. A more subtle need, however, is to alert lawyers to the ways in which domestic violence issues crop up in seemingly unrelated fields of law. Lawyers who practice any kind of family, criminal, tort, financial (including wills, trusts and estates, and tax law) or poverty law are likely to have cases complicated by domestic violence. Understanding how to ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Stanford Lawyer | Stanford Law School
Charles T. Munger is a man of many interests, much like his hero Benjamin Franklin. Self-taught in a range of disciplines, he's a strong advocate for interdisciplinary education saying, "If I can do it, many people can." A student of physics and mathematics before entering law school, he left his mark on the legal profession early in his career by co-founding Munger, Tolles & Olson in 1962—a firm that is today consistently ranked at the top of its field. Now an icon of the business world, he joined forces with Warren Buffett in the mid-1960s—leaving law to become vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway and ...
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WikiAnswers - Divorce and Marriage Law Questions including "I need ...
Depends on what you mean by "contact". You cannot get a divorce from someone without giving notice. Notice is usually done by... Is there a way a man and woman can get a civil union or domestic partnership that gives them the same rights as a married couple in PA? YES! marriage is a civil union that a man & woman enter unto. Apparently in 2003, the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania... If you marry outside of a Community Property state and then move in together as husband and wife are you exempt from the debts of the partner that were incurred before wedding? No, you do not become responsible for debts incurred ...
Google Answers: Divorce differences between states
I am about to move from high-priced California to another state. In considering which state to move to, unfortunately I must also consider how each state treats divorce, as my wife and I may divorce in the next year. While I already know about the 7 community property states, are there other factors or criteria by state that I should consider in my selection of a new state? In addition to deciding whether or not to move to a community property state, there are many differences between the states in how divorce is handled. Other factors you may want to consider include provisions for alimony, child support and visitation ...