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Lease or rental agreement

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Various federal, state and local laws and ordinances protect housing rights. The Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968 makes it illegal for a landlord to discriminate because of a person's race, sex, national origin or religion. Some local laws forbid discrimination against unmarried persons, children, homosexuals, disabled persons or others. Washington has a Residential Landlord-Tenant Act which defines the minimum duties of landlords and tenants of residential dwellings. These laws also impose certain restrictions and provide remedies if one party fails to carry out a duty. The remedies include eviction, reduced rent, ...
could include use of a computer program (similar to a license, but with different provisions), or use of a radio frequency (such as a contract with a cell-phone provider). A gross lease is when the tenant pays a flat rental amount and the landlord pays for all property charges regularly incurred by the ownership from lawnmowers and washing machines to handbags and jewellry. A cancelable lease is a lease that may be terminated solely by the lessee or solely by the lessor. A non-cancelable lease is a lease that cannot be so terminated. In common parlance, “lease” may connote a non-cancelable lease, whereas “rental agreement” may ...
Real Estate Law – Lease And Rental Agreement Terminology | The ...
The landlord and tenant relationship is often fraught with turmoil, especially when one violates the lease or rental agreement. In order to help manage expectations in the event of a default by either party, make sure you are familiar with the following terminology. Duration: The duration provision will define how long the lease or rental agreement will be enforceable. Most leases are for a defined period of time, generally six months or one year. Rental agreements are usually month-to-month, and they can be terminated upon the expiration of each month, as long as the tenant gives proper notice. Deposit: Many landlord and ... market research, surveys and trends
Real Estate Basics – What Must Be Included In A Lease Or Rental ...
Tһе cornerstone &#959f;аחу landlord аחԁ tenant relationship іѕ tһе lease οr rental agreement. Tһеrе аrе сеrtаіח terms аחԁ provisions tһаt ѕһουƖԁ bе included іח еνеrу agreement, both tο protect tһе landlord іח tһе event &#959f;default bу tһе tenant, аחԁ tο protect tһе rights ... market research, surveys and trends


Cable and Pay TV--Revenue and Expenses statistics - USA Census numbers
[In millions of dollars (19,111 represents $19,111,000,000), except percent. Based on a sample of taxable employer firms with one or more establishments that are primarily engaged in the dissemination of visual and textual television programs on a subscription or fee basis. For SIC 4841 (see definition below source). Based on the 1987 Standard Industrial Classification code; see text, Section 17, Business]     Total and other pay TV revenue Pay-per-view and other premium service     Total operating expenses Security and other supplemental benefits Telephone, other purchased ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Telephone Communications--Finances statistics - USA Census numbers
[Based on a sample of employer firms with one or more establishments that are primarily engaged in providing telephone, voice, and data communication services (154,474 represents $154,474,000,000). For SIC 481. Based on the 1987 Standard Industrial Classification code; see text, Section 17, Business]      Operating revenue      Operating expenses Employer contributions to Social Security Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Annual Survey of Communication Services. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
On appeal from his conviction of violating Code § 18.2-118 by failing to return rental property within ten days of the expiration of the rental agreement, David Elwood McNeal, Sr., contends the evidence was insufficient to support his conviction. We agree and reverse the judgment of the trial court. Under familiar principles of appellate review, we review the evidence in the light most favorable to the Commonwealth, granting to it all reasonable inferences fairly deducible therefrom. See Haskins v. Commonwealth , 31 Va. App. 145, 149-50, 521 S.E.2d 777, 779 (1999). Wenda Workman, the manager at Central Virginia Rental, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
O'Fallon working on implementing rental housing program
On March 1, the O'Fallon City Council adopted an ordinance creating a Crime-Free Rental Housing program. The ordinance was modeled on a concept developed in Mesa, Ariz., in the early 1990s in response to escalating crime and drug dealing in their rental communities. Since the program was developed, hundreds of communities across the country, including many in Illinois, have adopted programs based upon the Mesa model. Across the country, the police spend between six and eight times more resources responding to calls for service at rental properties than they do responding to owner-occupied properties. With the number of ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Sample Lease
SAMPLE LEASE OR RENTAL AGREEMENT. By this agreement made at. , PA on the ______ day of. , 20____, the Landlord. and the Tenant. agree as follows: ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
This Rental Agreement or Residential Lease shall evidence the complete terms and conditions under which the parties whose signatures appear below have agreed. Landlord/Lessor/Agent, _____________________________, shall be referred to as "OWNER" and Tenant(s)/Lessee, _____________________________, shall be referred to as "RESIDENT." As consideration for this agreement, OWNER agrees to rent/lease to RESIDENT and RESIDENT agrees to rent/lease from OWNER for use solely as a private residence, the premises located at ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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If there is no rental agreement or lease, does a tenant need to ...
There is no rental agreement or lease, at all. Does the tenant still have to give the landlord 30 days notice to move out even without a lease or rental agreement in Nevada? Also, can they raise the rent when a roommate moves in, supposedly for the insurance? The lease or rental agreement expired months ago. The landlord has yet to come up with a new rental agreement. Rent has been paid, though no oral agreement has been made. Does the tenant have to pay rent for the 30 days of notice? Or does the notice still take effect? 3 months ago Member since: December 01, 2006 Total points: 337715 (Level 7) Badge Image: If you paid rent ...
Do all adults need to sign the lease or rental agreement?
It was advertised as month-to-month by the landlord. After my son and his roommate moved in the landlord had my son sign the rental agreement which turned out to be a three month lease agreement. Unfortunately, my son signed it. His roommate did not sign any rental agreement, even a month-to-month. Now the roommate (after only three weeks) is talking about moving out. My question is: Is this contract binding since the roommate never signed an agreement, but is living there and the landlord is aware that the two of them are paying rent? And, is my son responsible for the entire rent for 3 months if the roommate bails? Thanks very ...