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General Executive with a global view of (international) business: strategic, tactical, operational; with relevant experience, knowledge and skills in the areas of sales, finance, legal, administration, HR, engineering and technology (for systems, equipment, products and services). Dynamically organizing business activities with focus on: excellent customer service (external and internal); coaching people; operational effectiveness and efficiency. Broad experience with Board Management, General Management, Senior Management Teams, Business Development, M&A, Change Management, Process Management in large and small organizations. ...
HR Challenges in The Middles East and GCC Countries - GLG News
Human Resources, in the wake of recent economics events, have been affected the most in the Corporate. How HR Managers are responding to this change and what challenges are they facing – especially in the Middle East region – are the focus of this paper. According to Manpower inc. ( ) study in March 2010, the10 hardest jobs to fill are: Engineers, Machinists, Skilled trades, Technicians, Sales representatives, Accounting and Finance Staff, Mechanics, Laborers, IT staff and Production operators. Companies that are most concerned about talent Shortage are smaller companies (under $100 Million) in revenue and ... market research, surveys and trends
HR Audits: the Only Surefire Way to Root Out Problems-HR Daily ...
we covered audit areas for preemployment issues. Today, we'll look at employment and termination issues, and we'll introduce a unique checklist-based audit system. Job descriptions. For all positions, you should have up-to-date job descriptions that accurately reflect the job duties. Make sure that the job descriptions identify all essential functions of the job. Posters. Make sure you maintain a complete set of up-to-date posters as required by law. Recordkeeping. Be sure that you are maintaining records as required. Reasonable accommodation. Do you have a reasonable accommodation policy? Have you trained ... market research, surveys and trends


HR 5658 – Duncan Hunter National Defense Authorization Act, FY 2009
May 22, 2008 ... concerns with H.R. 5658, which the Administration looks forward to ... billion as a result of competitions completed between FY 2001 and FY 2007, .... pay must be kept competitive, the 3.4 percent raise, equal to ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Statement of Administration Policy
Jun 16, 2009 ... The Administration strongly supports passage of H.R. 2847, making appropriations for the ... and construction activities by $85 million (13 percent); the ... all citizens have access to legal representation and urges the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Step-by-step financial reform
The Senate is poised to give final approval to a bill that would impose tough new regulations on banks and Wall Street. Passage of HR 4173, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, would mark the second major expansion of Washington's regulatory power during the Obama administration — the first being the comprehensive healthcare reform law enacted in March. But these measures hardly mark a return to New-Deal-era interventionism in Washington. They're not as radical as critics claim. That's not to say they won't have an impact on business and the economy, or that they're ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Synthetic Marijuana Gives Users Legal High
Across the country, demand for a synthetic form of marijuana is soaring. Unlike the real thing, this drug - called spice or K2 - is legal in most states. Now, a handful of lawmakers are taking action. This week Missouri became the sixth state to ban the use of K2. It's a designer drug fad fueled online, CBS News Correspondent Seth Doane reports. Brian Siegal first heard about it from friends and then saw it on the Internet. "The word gets out so quickly and just spreads like wildfire," Siegel said. It has names like spice and genie but is mostly known as K2, providing a high likened to marijuana. If you have not ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


ECLA 2010 Brochure.indd
and examine the critical HR tasks performed by principal ... in the Master of Science in Legal Administration program at the University of Denver's Sturm ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
NYC Summer Internship Program
City government internships allow students to make important contributions to the City while participating in a challenging and rewarding work experience. To complement the work experience, all summer graduate and undergraduate interns participate in a special seminar series that features top City officials presenting overviews of municipal government, specific agencies, and the latest issues confronting the City. Criteria for Participation: To participate in the summer internship opportunities in City agencies graduate students must be currently enrolled or accepted into a graduate program and undergraduate students must be ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Appendix E: Master of Science in Legal Administration (MSLA ...
The Masters of Science in Legal Administration degree is designed for individuals interested in the management and administration of law firms, courts, corporate legal departments, public law offices, and other organizations within the legal field. The dynamic field of legal administration is growing rapidly, combining traditional business management strategies with very specific approaches unique to the management of law offices, courts and legal organizations. The profession offers intellectual challenge, economic opportunity, and career satisfaction. Law firm and court managers play a critical role by ensuring the effective ...
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Who controls investigations of employee misconduct within your ...
All really good answers because basically with investigations, there is no play book. Typically however, HR does take the lead with legal playing an advisory role. Our firm (HR Acuity) does an annual survey regarding employee relations and investigation processes. As part of that survey (over 170 companies participated from different sizes and industries) we asked who “owned” the investigation process within the organization. Last year, Human Resources came out as having clear ownership of the process at 87%, even higher than 2008's percentage of 66%.No other function (legal, compliance, security) showed ...
WikiAnswers - Why pursue an MBA in hr
Any master's degree program opens up more doors for you. More knowledge means you are capable of doing more things as well as earning more money. Master's degrees are looked upon highly in the business world. First answer by Tina . Last edit by R.careloves . Contributor trust : 0 [ recommend contributor ]. Question popularity : 70 [ recommend question ]. Can you answer these graduate degree programs questions? Related answers: How can you get a job in HR you mba with HR ? Not completely sure what your question is, but I think you are asking whether you can go into HR with an ...