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Legal Adviser Harold Koh

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That's actually a slightly narrower margin than he received on the cloture vote that ended the filibuster on his nomination. That vote was 65-31, indicating that a small handful of senators didn't support the filibuster, but then voted against confirmation. We'll track down who those senators are once the roll call goes live. Their precedent is one that supporters of Justice Department nominee Dawn Johnsen have been hoping for for months. But at least for the time being it seems as if very few of her opponents are willing to at least support giving her an up or down vote. Late update : Sens. Lamar Alexander ...
organizations. According to a recent study, since 1968, 40% of armed non-state groups have met their end because local police and intelligence agencies arrested or killed key members. A response to asymmetric tactics adopted by terrorists, insurgents, pirates, narcotraffickers, arms proliferators and other non-state actors, manhunting has been adopted by military and intelligence organizations to reduce collateral damage that would occur during a conventional military assault. The most visible such operations conducted today involve counterterrorist activities. Some involve government-sanctioned assassination , also known as ...
REVIEWS AND OPINIONS - Legal Adviser Harold Koh: Int'l Law and the Obama Admin
For all NATO countries, Canada in particular, this is an important message! We have far too many who are critical despite the precision of attacks now possible, they were not there when WW2 bombings of England or Europe were area raids at best! Thank goodness we are not risking hundreds of aircrew as well as hundreds of innocent civilians in the tasks now being undertaken. BS. Our drones don't belong there any more than our troops do. Come to think of it, he kind of reminds me of Bush's torture advisor, John Yoo, (and not just because his Korean American). Okay, so he's not John Yoo 2... nonetheless, this is a ... market research, surveys and trends
Inside Justice - International Law Blog - - ASIL Keynote Highlight ...
I know that I have gone on for awhile, but what I am about to say is important. In the same way in all of our operations involving the use of force , including in the armed conflict with al Qaeda , the Taliban , and associated forces , the Obama administration is committed in word and deed to conducting ourselves in accordance with all applicable law. With respect to the subject of targeting, which has been much commented on in the media and international legal circles. There obviously are limits to what I can say publicly. What I can say, . . . . that U.S. targeting practices , including lethal operations conducted with the use ... market research, surveys and trends


CNN Poll Shows Americans Want Conservative, Moderate Supreme Court ...
When President Barack Obama names a replacement for retiring pro-abortion Justice John Paul Stevens, a new poll shows a majority of Americans want someone with a different judicial philosophy. However, Obama will likely side with just one-fourth of Americans who want another pro-abortion liberal. A new CNN/Opinion Research poll released Tuesday showed 37 percent of adult Americans want Obama to nominate someone with a "moderate" judicial temperament. Another 36 percent want a new Supreme Court justice with ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Hannity's Conservative Victory: More than 20 falsehoods, smears ...
Sean Hannity claims that conservatives "have the best weapon at hand to combat [liberals'] efforts: the truth." According to a Media Matters for America review, Hannity appeared to leave that "weapon" at home, as his new book is riddled with numerous falsehoods, smears, and distortions. Below are more than 20 of them: 1. Hannity trots out "socialized," nationalized health care falsehoods 2. Hannity pals around with falsehood that Obama and Ayers are "close" 3. Hannity: Dunn, Bloom are "entranced" by Mao 4. "XXX-rated reading list": Hannity continues ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
World court: Kosovo's independence was legal
THE HAGUE, Netherlands — The United Nations' highest court says Kosovo's declaration of independence from Serbia did not break international law. The nonbinding opinion sets the stage for a renewed push by Kosovo for further international recognition of its independence. Reading the opinion Thursday, International Court of Justice President Hisashi Owada said international law contains no "prohibition on declarations of independence." Kosovo sparked sharp debate worldwide when it seceded from Serbia in 2008, following a bloody 1998-99 war and nearly a decade of international administration. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Can Obama Really Say He's Anti-Torture?
Last month, representing Amnesty International in a meeting at the State Department, I listened to the new Legal Adviser Harold Koh , former Dean of the Yale Law School, describe the Obama administration as the anti-torture presidency. That is a bold claim and the International Day in Support of the Victims of Torture is the perfect moment to take a step back and review the administration’s record on this issue. Can Obama really claim to be the anti-torture president? As far as human rights groups were concerned the Obama administration got off to a flying start with the executive orders pledging to close Guantanamo and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Mar 31, 2010 ... Department Legal Adviser Harold Koh, along with about ten other delegation members representing most of the ICC stakeholders in the US ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Obama Administration and International Law
Thank you, Dean Areen, for that very generous introduction, and very special thanks to my good friends President Lucy Reed and Executive Director Betsy Andersen for the extraordinary work you do with the American Society of International Law. It has been such a great joy in my new position to be able to collaborate with the Society on so many issues. It is such a pleasure to be back here at the ASIL. I am embarrassed to confess that I have been a member of ASIL for more than 30 years, since my first year of law school, and coming to the annual meeting has always been a highlight of my year. As a young lawyer just out of law ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Yale Law School | Harold Hongju Koh
Harold Hongju Koh is the Martin R. Flug '55 Professor of International Law.� On June 25, 2009,�the U.S. Senate confirmed�Professor Koh�as Legal Adviser to the United States Department of State.� He began teaching at Yale Law School in 1985 and served from 2004 until 2009 as its fifteenth Dean. From 1998 to 2001, he served as U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, and previously had served on the Secretary of State's Advisory Committee on Public International Law. Before joining Yale, he practiced law at Covington and Burling from 1982-83 and at the Office of Legal Counsel at the ...
  1. profile image arenda Video & Text: State Dept Legal Adviser Harold Koh's briefing on the ICJ opinion on Kosovo-
  2. profile image ForeignPressCtr Legal Adviser of the Department of State Harold Hongju Koh and U.S. Ambassador to Kosovo Christopher Dell are at the FPC now.
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Where can I find the editorial by Larry D. Swicegood on Examining ...
Editor: I hope most folks didn't feel too insulted when they read Jim Nance's column describing conservative leaders as dummies, or Paul Lundrigan's letter describing our current government as justified, or Gary Parker's recent letter of half-baked truths about the Obama administration's failed policies. However, out of the three only Mr. Parker's advice on examining Obama's radical record made sense. So let's do a little of that. While these three gentlemen were heaping praise on the current administration, I found it strange that neither of them mentioned any of the following information.
WikiAnswers - Was the war legal
Because it wasn't a declared war, this question is almost always asked. Yes it was a legal war because the President and Congress approved it (money & men). If someone is still questioning (hung... Are airsoft wars legal in illinois? As long as they are performed on private property with the owner's consent, no they are not. Is land won in a war legal ? Usually the acquisition is made legal by a peace treaty between the parties concerned. Was there a declaration of war civil war ? Short answer: No, can't declare war on yourself.Long answer: The whole purpose of the Civil War was for a new nation to be created, the ...