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Special Report on

Legal and Business Perspectives

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Recognizing that legal and business studies complement each other and that real-world problems often require solutions from both legal and business perspectives, Washburn University has developed a dual degree program to encourage students to obtain J.D. and M.B.A. degrees during their course of study at Washburn. The M.B.A. program also requires up to 30 credit hours of foundation-level courses. This requirement is met either through the completion of undergraduate courses or by taking 920 level courses offered by the School of Business. On its own, the J.D. program at the Washburn University School of Law requires 90 credit ...
a specialized category of professional assistance for investors, entrepreneurs, and enterprises, is a field which has arisen from the increased popularity and profitability of franchising . Potential franchise owners (called franchisees) employ franchise consultants to help choose the correct franchise company ( “franchiser” ) in which to invest. Conversely, franchisers employ the franchise consultant to act as an agent between themselves and interested franchisees. The majority of franchise consultants offer their services free (or virtually free) of charge to the franchisee, primarily receiving remuneration from franchisers. ...
Teenage Cyber-Bullying and Facebook – Reducing the Risks - Online ...
Social networking sites such as Facebook allow people to keep in touch with family and friends using the Internet. They can chat, leave posts (or messages), play games and share pictures. Facebook, in particular, has grown in popularity over recent years to a point where, according to ( Facebook Press Room, 2010), over 400 million people worldwide are using it. Facebook demographics, according to Corbett (2010), show that around 10% (or 40 million) Facebook users are teenage school children. Although there are risks for anyone using Facebook, the teenager is at the greatest risk. Teenagers are not experienced in the ... market research, surveys and trends
The Startup Ethos: The importance of being ethical
The Startup Ethos and Entrepreneurial Navel-Gazing. Musings on the mind-set of entrepreneurs and the human side of startups, with a penchant for education and social ventures. The 'how-to'? Not so much. But definitely the why, the what and the whatever. I was having a conversation about the HP brouhaha recently and there was some discussion of whether this was just a big company problem. The problem has many facets to it, questionable ethics being front and center, and that's what I'm focusing on, as the legality issues are just a corollary (in my opinion, if people had made ethical choices, there ... market research, surveys and trends


Manhattan Institute | Center for Legal Policy
James R. Copland is the Director of the Manhattan Institute Center for Legal Policy. Copland writes on the litigation industry, medical malpractice law, and securities litigation. • Litigation Reform • Medical Malpractice • Securities Litigation • Overcriminalization Marie Gryphon is a Manhattan Institute Center for Legal Policy Senior Fellow. Gryphon is an expert on loser pays litigation reforms and law and economics. • Litigation Reform • Loser Pays • Law and Economics • Overcriminalization Peter ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Legal Studies Research Paper Series Research Paper No. 2006-03 ...
IPOs in which more than ten percent of the net proceeds are being directed .... in the $1.4 billion Global Research Analyst Settlement with, inter alia, ..... accounting, legal and business perspectives;24 (2) a preliminary prospectus ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Billboard Q&A: Google's New Music Attorney Elizabeth Moody
this week that Google had hired veteran music industry lawyer Elizabeth Moody to help it score licensing deals with the music industry, it helped make the rumors that Google is considering a cloud-based music service just that much more believable. Billboard talked to Moody as she wrapped up her last week at Davis Shapiro Lewit & Hayes and prepared to move from New York to San Francisco for her new role. Here, Moody discusses where she’s going, what she’s doing, and how label negotiations have evolved in the last few years. What can you tell us about this Google gig? There’s not much I’m able to say right ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Let's keep talking
Gov. Gary Herbert's immigration summit was a good start to addressing a highly complex issue. The 31 community leaders who participated in Tuesday's two-hour meeting did not achieve consensus. They did, however, bring to the table their respective points of view in a civil manner. It is hoped that this dialogue will be the start of many such community conversations before the state moves ahead with any substantive policy changes. It is generally agreed upon that the federal government has dropped the ball on immigration reform and providing adequate resources to protect the border and other law enforcement and judicial ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Adoption and Use of Open Source Software: Preliminary Literature ...
Chumney, Wade M., and Zehai Zhou, “Legal and Business Perspectives of Open Source. Education Software,” Journal of American Academy of Business 13, no. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
BSP: Legal Services - Bulboacă & Asociatii -- U.S. Commercial ...
We are a business law-oriented Romanian law firm providing high quality, specialist legal services at international standards to national and multinational corporations and financial institutions. Our legal services are grounded on the in-depth and international experience and education of our lawyers, as well as on their understanding and capability of solving of clients' needs within the context of a developing regulatory framework. We believe that we are able to provide legal services at international standards on the basis of our professional experience, infrastructure, team-work approach, multiple language skills and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Domestic Violence and Work: Legal and Business Perspectives (2009)
Domestic violence--"a substantial cause of injury to women (BJS, 2007; CDC, 2003; Tjaden & Thoennes, 2000)--"significantly impacts America’s workplaces.  Individuals subjected to abuse, their coworkers, other third parties (volunteers, contractors, customers, etc.), and businesses all suffer consequences as a result of domestic violence that occurs at or spills over into the workplace.  As explained below, domestic violence may cause employees to be distracted at work, arrive late, leave early, or otherwise miss work to address their injuries.  A large number of victims report being subject to adverse ...
WikiAnswers - What is the importance of culture in business ...
It is important to know as to why and how anthropologists became interested in tourism as a relevant subject of enquiry. First, tourism occurs in most societies, which involves travel and also... What is the importance of culture ? -Culture determines what we know-- the sum of all the angles in a triangle; what a screw driver is used for; how to use a computer to find out where Peloponnesians are. -Culture determines what we... What is a business culture ? The culture of an organization is the cult like behavior exhibited by every one within the organisation Which of these best explains why it's important to understand the ...
Google Answers: Law Degree vs. MBA
If someone wants to be involved in international business and foreign affairs, which would be better to pursue, a law degree or an M.B.A? Is it better to pursue the degree that appeals more on a basic interest? Hi shabazz22, When you say, "Is it better to pursue the degree that appeals more on a basic interest?" do you mean your own basic interest? I must agree with this idea. Choosing what YOU want to do with your life is more important than anything that anyone or any website can tell you. The only thing that will work for you is what you want to do the most and what helps you find the most joy. If I were you, I ...