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Legal Copyright Notice

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Please completely read and print this contract. It stands as the restrictions and agreement between the owners of this site and all visitors. This is a dynamic Web site, including information and inputs from colleagues as well as the site authors. In preparing this site effort has been made to offer the most current and clearly expressed information possible. However, inadvertent errors can occur, and applicable laws, rules and regulations often change. Please do not consider this information as more than food for thought at any time. The information, links, recommendations, and implications contained in this ...
The Congress shall have Power [. . .] To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries. This clause forms the basis for U.S. copyright law ("Science", "Authors", "Writings") and patent law ("useful Arts", "Inventors", "Discoveries"), and includes the limited terms (or durations) allowed for copyrights and patents ("limited Times"), as well as the items they may protect ("exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries").
The Online Photographer: Presenting and Protecting Your Pictures ...
It's late as I write this and I want to get back to "regular programming" tomorrow (Ctein has a post awaiting publication, and I'd like to say more about Wood, Water, and Light by Mendlowitz and White), so just a few final final recommendations, after three days of vigorous chewing on the issue of copyright. The issues involved in presenting work and protecting it are somewhat at odds. Few of us want publicity at the cost of control, and few of us want complete protection at the cost of any sort of exposure. Thus, a balance is usually what is sought. You need to find your own balance, one that you are comfortable ... market research, surveys and trends
Re-Imagineering: Disneyland doesn't have an 'R' in it.
After a 46 year history without it, in 2001 the marketing geniuses that gave us DCA decreed that any use of the word ‘Disneyland’ in any media from that point on would have to carry the ‘R’ registered trademark symbol. Gone were the days when Disneyland was indeed a special and unique magical little park that stood alone. Now it’s just another brand name – not that it wasn’t before – but now it is proclaimed as such to all, and the little ‘R’ follows its name just like the Disneyland Resort and the California Adventure Park. It serves to remind us that it is just ... market research, surveys and trends


Martin County Defender
On 10-21-09, the County Commission held a workshop to discuss various options for trimming costs related to vacation and sick days.  Current policy allows employees to accumulate those hours for Paid Time Off (PTO). They can receive cash payments for up to 160 hours if they have used 40 hours of vacation and have 200 hours remaining. This is more or less typical of numerous other counties that were surveyed. However, private industry was not surveyed. A number of employees spoke out against any reductions in PTO.   There are plenty of residents who believe that there should not be any PTO. They advocate a “use it ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
SQL Tools Help
There are approximately 4.2 billion possible Authorization Codes. ...... Returns "Y" if the Datasource supports an escape character for the percent ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Artists Are Not Above the Law
In 1987, sculptor Richard Serra launched a lawsuit against the federal government's General Services Administration for removing his "Tilted Arc," a public artwork that same agency had commissioned several years before for New York City's Federal Building Plaza. Throughout the art world and beyond, people took sides, some arguing along with the artist that the federal government had violated Serra's first amendment rights (by censorship) and artistic "moral rights" (destroying the piece by taking it away from the site-specific location for which it was solely created), while others condemned ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Lawsuit challenges Mo. health care referendum
A lawsuit filed last week seeks to block the Aug. 3 statewide vote on Missouri's "Health Care Freedom Act." Lawmakers placed the issue on the ballot last month to preserve and protect "the rights of Missourians to choose their own medical and insurance product ... without fear of penalty or imprisonment," Senate sponsor Jane Cunningham, R-Chesterfield, told colleagues before their May 4 vote on House Bill 1746. The House passed the bill a week later. But the 27-page lawsuit said the bill as passed "violates Missouri law and the Missouri Constitution." The Constitution's section on ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Case Study in Tourism: FETISH
Jun 7, 2001 ... Legal Copyright Notice. Please note that the session materials have been prepared and provided by. Herzum Software LLC. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Copyright Basics
forms of the notice, you may wish to seek legal advice before using any form of the notice other than those given here. Position of Notice. The copyright ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Copyright Notice, Office of Legal Affairs, University of Maryland
An original work is protected under copyright law as soon as it is fixed in a tangible form. Copyright notices are not required under United States law for works created afte 1978 to claim copyright or the protections of copyright law. It is nonetheless useful to include a notice on all works, including on line web sites, to reinforce the protected nature of works and to inform persons who to contact for permission to reproduce a work. Elements of copyright notice: The standard copyright notice consists of 4 elements: "Copyright" or "©" or both. The copyright symbol © is typically used in ...
  1. profile image jbronn "The author disclaims copyright to this source code. In place of a legal notice, here is a blessing" (via sqlite3.h)
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Are Explicit Copyright Notices Necessary for Weblogs and Web Pages ...
Dave, I see some sites with and some sites without a copyright line. Do you know if someone must follow an official process before adding this line? Such as (C) 2002-2004 by Dave Taylor, etc... Dave's Answer: In general, copyright law is defined by the international Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, which covers written materials, photography, illustrations, sketches, etc., but doesn't cover "news of the day or to miscellaneous facts having the character of mere items of press information". A few important points from the Berne Convention: Copyright lasts for the life of ...
What copyright wording should I use on my ebook? :: Free Tech ...
I'm about to publish my first ebook, "How to Hack Your Sony Vaio", and am wondering what kind of copyright notice and copy prevention verbiage I should include? Part of me wants to have a big 'do not copy!' on every page, while another part thinks that a two line note at the beginning of the ebook will be sufficient. What's your opinion, Dave? Dave's Answer: Rather than share my own opinion, I asked a bunch of high-profile ebook authors what they use in their own ebooks. Here's what they shared... David Lawrence, publisher of the popular 10 Quick Steps ebooks, uses this as his ...