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Legal Definition of Insolvent

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Your duties and responsibilities as a director change radically the momnet your business becomes insolvent and you have entered a world where you may be at risk of personal liability. This article looks at the legal definition of insolvent, the tests that apply, the impact that it has on your position as a director, and where to go for insolvency help. Why insolvency matters In normal circumstances the duty of the directors of a company are to act in the interests of the company and its owners, the shareholders. In an insolvent company, those duties change. The director's main duty is then to protect the interests of ...
The System And Functional Approach To The Management Of Bankruptcy
Management in the broad sense of the word is a synthesis of means and ways of preparation of administrative decisions and the organization of their execution. We will formulate the term definition «management of bankruptcy». Management of bankruptcy – is the activity of public authorities (or under their commission of other legal bodies), set of levers by means of which is carried out the influence on the subject of the managing which is insolvent or the bankrupt. Management in general is extremely a difficult kind of activity and management of bankruptcy in this sense – not an exception. Therefore in administrative ... market research, surveys and trends
The Crisis Is Over
Well just guess how much money the US has committed in the past year to supporting the financial system? US$ 700 billion... The more impressive figure follows in the Reuters article : "The current outstanding balance of overall federal support for the nation's financial system... has actually increased more than 23% over the past year," wrote TARP inspector general Neil Barofsky this week, "from approximately $3.0 trillion to $3.7 trillion -- the equivalent of a fully deployed TARP program -- largely without congressional action, even as the banking crisis has, by most measures, abated from its most acute phases." This is ... market research, surveys and trends


Ponzi Scheme legal definition of Ponzi Scheme. Ponzi Scheme ...
A fraudulent investment plan in which the investments of later investors are used to pay earlier investors, giving the appearance that the investments of the initial participants dramatically increase in value in a short amount of time. A Ponzi scheme is a type of investment Fraud that promises investors exorbitant interest if they loan their money. As more investors participate, the money contributed by later investors is paid to the initial investors, purportedly as the promised interest on their loans. A Ponzi scheme works in its initial stages but inevitably collapses as more investors participate. A Ponzi scheme is a ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
with Both Government and Private Sector Legal Characteristics
subsidy was worth $23 billion in 2003, up almost 70 percent from $13.6 billion in 2000. With respect to Fannie Mae and ... for one insolvent GSE, the Farm Credit System. ..... Even the definition of a majority is complex. For instance, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
AIG: The First Test of Financial Reform?
More specifically, now that the government has obtained the authority to place systemically important financial companies into receivership, should the government use this procedure with A.I.G.? After all, former Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. has said that if he had been able to use that process in fall 2008, he would have used it. If not then, why shouldn’t the government act now? Steven M. Davidoff, writing as The Deal Professor, is a commentator for DealBook on the legal aspects of mergers, private equity and corporate governance. A former corporate lawyer at Shearman & Sterling, he is a professor at the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Questions & Answers 2010 EU-Wide Stress Testing Exercise
A: Stress tests are an important risk management tool that has been used for a number of years now, both by banks as part of their internal risk management practices and by supervisors to assess the resilience of banks and of financial systems in general to possible shocks. Stress tests assess adverse and unexpected outcomes related to a variety of risks, and provide an indication of how much capital might be needed to absorb losses would the shocks that have been assumed actually occur. Usually stress tests envisage a set of hypothetical "what if" scenarios with different degrees of severity. Stress tests do not ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


What is Insolvent? The latest legal position on what makes a ...
Section 5(3) states that:- “A person who is not solvent is insolvent”. The concepts and legal position regarding the definition of solvency and insolvency ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Form 982 (Rev. March 2009)
page 3), the box on line 1b if the discharge occurred when you were insolvent ( see the definition in the instructions for line 1b on page 3), or the box on ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Creditors Cannot Bring Direct Claims for Breach of Fiduciary Duty ...
the Delaware Supreme Court, in a case of first impression, provided some clarity on the controversial issue of whether and to what extent creditors have the ability to assert fiduciary duty claims against directors.  The Supreme Court held, unequivocally, that “creditors of a Delaware corporation that is either insolvent or in the zone of insolvency have no right, as a matter of law, to assert direct claims for breach of fiduciary duty against [a] corporation’s directors.”  Rather, the court noted, creditors can protect their interests by asserting derivative fiduciary duty claims on behalf of an insolvent ...
Is the US Federal Government Insolvent? | LinkedIn Answers | LinkedIn
I have read the Management Discussion (Summary) of the US Federal Financial Statements for both last year FY 2008 and the recently issued statements for FY 2009. I am not an accountant but can read an income statement. Does anyone else think that the US Federal Government is insolvent or soon will be? posted 4 months ago in Economics | Closed Share This, JCB Capital Performance - Personal Wealth Management, Asset Manager, Financial Planner, Wealth Adviser see all my answers This was selected as Best Answer Hi David, No, many "developed" countries have higher deficits/gdp and higher national debts/gdp with greater ...
WikiAnswers - Example Sentences Questions including "What is the ...
Looking for sample sentences? Some may consider emulation as a form of flattery. A proven method of teaching is to show by... What is the definition of condolence? Whenever someone says that they are offering their condolences it just means that they are offering their sympathies. Usually... What is the definition of group? Group Noun: 1) Any number of entities (members) considered as a unit 2) (Chemistry): two or more atoms bound together as a... What is the definition of homogeneous? Both alleles of one trait are either dominant or recessive. Not one dominant and one recessive. For example, the homogeneous hair... How ...