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Special Report on

Legal Forms of Netting

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This report analyses policy objectives and implications of netting. It sets out minimum standards for the design and operation of cross-border and multi-currency netting and settlement schemes, as well as principles for co-operative central bank oversight of such schemes; also applicable to other types of netting schemes (November 1990). By reducing the number and overall value of payments between financial institutions, netting can enhance the efficiency of domestic payment systems and reduce the settlement costs associated with the growing volume of foreign exchange market activity. Netting can also reduce the size of credit ...
industry. ISDA has more than 820 members in 57 countries; its membership consists of derivatives dealers, service providers and end users.
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ISDA® Research Notes
exposure by over 85 percent; without the benefits of netting, banks ... takes two forms in the ISDA Master Agreement. Payment netting takes place during .... might have exposures of large multiples of $1 billion of 10-year ... variety of legal jurisdictions. For that reason, policy makers should attempt to preserve ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
activity. However, these amounts may be a misleading indicator of risk exposure. Data such as fair values and credit risk exposures are more useful for analyzing point-in-time risk exposure, while data such as trading revenues and contractual maturities provide more meaningful information on trends in risk exposure. Data on credit derivatives was reported in the first quarter 1997 call report. Analysts should be cautioned that data on credit derivatives are being reported for the first time, and could contain reporting errors. The notional amount of all credit derivatives for the eight commercially insured institutions ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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3 - Report on netting schemes (Angell Report) - Feb 1989
Legal forms of netting. 5.1. Several legally distinct forms of netting can be applied to conventional foreign exchange transactions, spot or forward, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Representative Publications
In Hope in the Economy. (Hiro Miyazaki and Richard Swedberg, eds., forthcoming Stanford: Stanford University Press 2006). Skepticism, Intimacy and the Ethnographic Subject: Human Rights as Legal Knowledge (pdf) . American Anthropologist (forthcoming 2005). The Contributions of Law and Society Approaches to Comparative Law. Oxford Handbook of Comparative Law (Reinhardt Zimmerman and Mathias Reimann, eds., forthcoming 2006). Legal Fictions. Special issue of Triquarterly Magazine on Law and Literature (Forthcoming Spring 2006). And Never the Twain Shall Meet? An Exchange on the Strengths and Weaknesses of Anthropology and Economics ...
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