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Special Report on

Legal Jobs in Sacramento, California

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Whether surgeons, such as these performing a cardiac procedure, or family practitioners, physicians in California can be scrutinized more fully by patients or prospective patients through an interactive database that provides information about infractions, suits and disciplinary actions. Barbara Chaccour's teenage daughter needed a dermatologist, so Chaccour picked one from a glossy magazine ad. Months later, the Sacramento businesswoman was shocked to learn that her daughter's doctor had been convicted and fined for using research drugs instead of Botox, and that his medical license was on probation. "If I'm ...
Defiant Bell mayor defends city manager's high salary, hours after ...
A defiant Bell City Council defended the hefty compensation awarded to City Manager Robert Rizzo and two other officials just hours after the three agreed to resign amid a public outcry. In the city's first formal statement on the salary issue, Bell released a letter from Mayor Oscar Hernandez in which he praised Rizzo's service to the city and said his nearly $800,000 annual salary was justified. "Unlike the skewed view of the facts, the Los Angeles Times presented to advance the paper's own agenda, a look at the big picture of city compensation shows that salaries of the City Manager and other top city ... market research, surveys and trends
REPOST: Black achievement in the shadow of slavery ...
I just finished both submitting my article for a popular Black web publication and was just up some hours ago being interviewed by Rhonda Deniston of KCBQ 1170am San Diego ( podcast of show ). Also, I will be interviewing Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall today. So needless to say, I had very little time to sort through all the race talk and find something worth talking about. Here is a post I did a while back. ==== While many in the black community are well familiar with the downfall of what was considered “ The Black Wall Street ” of its time (Tulsa, Oklahoma), not may of us are familiar with the many successes market research, surveys and trends


Schwarzenegger wants more federal money for California | Reuters
California (Reuters) - California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on Wednesday vowed to pry more dollars from the federal government, which he said took more than it gave, but left details on how to close a $19.9 billion state budget gap until later this week. In a state of the state speech, the governor said creating jobs was the top priority for his last year in office and proposed spending $500 million in worker training funded by part of the budget which is in surplus. He also laid out ambitious reforms for the final year of his term -- almost certain to include months of budget battle. Schwarzenegger on Friday will present ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Survey Ranks California's Lawsuit Climate Among Worst in the Nation
A new national survey finds that California's lawsuit climate is among the worst in the country and on par with states including Alabama, Louisiana, and West Virginia. Among local jurisdictions, Los Angeles' courts were mentioned as the second worst in the nation for legal fairness after Chicago, Illinois. San Francisco's courts were named as the sixth worst. The findings from "Lawsuit Climate 2010: Ranking the States" were released by the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform (ILR). The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive by telephone and online from October 2009 to January 2010, ranks the worst ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Costs And Benefits Of Illegal Immigration Are Unequally Distributed
Above: California remained the leading state of residence of the unauthorized immigrant population in 2009, with 2.6 million. The next leading state, Texas, had 1.7 million unauthorized residents, followed by Florida with 720,000, New York with 550,000, and Illinois with 540,000. (Source: U.S. Department of Homeland Security) The immigration issue sparks strong views. That’s because powerful interest groups have much at stake in either changing things or keeping things as they are. As part of our Envision series "Crossing the Line - Border Stories," we look at the winners and losers under the current system. An ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Water board tentatively OKs buying desalinated supply
— The San Diego County Water Authority on Thursday moved ahead with plans to buy desalinated seawater from Poseidon Resources, approving a preliminary agreement that also leaves the door open to local ratepayers eventually taking over the project in Carlsbad. The authority’s board of directors voted unanimously to spend a nonrefundable $300,000 to launch a comprehensive study of the proposal to ensure that there would be no legal, financial or engineering surprises. If not, the board would consider finalizing a deal that promises to bring enough new supply to the region to serve 112,000 households a year. No date has been ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The Need to Expand Immigration Legal Services in Northern California
Sacramento-Stockton area. The overwhelming majority (92 percent) of. Northern California immigrants reside in these two geographic areas. 5 Access to legal ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Examinations offered by DOJ - Career Opportunities - California ...
Lawyers with less than five-and-a-half years of legal experience are eligible to take the Department of Justice exam for employment as a Deputy Attorney General. Get DAG Exam . Lawyers with at least five-and-a-half years of legal experience are eligible to take the Department of Justice exam for employment as a Deputy Attorney General III. Get DAG III Exam . This section includes information about current examinations being given by the Office of the Attorney General, Department of Justice. If you have additional questions after reviewing the information on this website, please call our Testing and Selection Unit at (916) 324-5039. technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Welcome to UC Davis Medical Center
Patients will meet at the hospital tower lobby information desk, which is located near the gift shop. A nurse will greet you in the lobby and lead the tour. Time: 2 p.m. For more information, please call 916-703-BABY or visit  website . July 26 — Prepared Childbirth (six-week course). This class teaches the coach to manage the labor process. The date listed is the first day of the series. Remaining dates will be on the same day of the week for the next five weeks. Time: 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Location: 4900 Broadway, Suite 1630, Sacramento. UC Davis Medical Group patients: $65, Community: $80.  Register online . August 4 — ...
WikiAnswers - What jobs are there for 14 year olds in Sacramento
Mow lawns for neighbors. For money : lemonade stand , chores , mow the lawn (possibly) Jobs : Not unless you get a job under-the-table from a family member or a family friend. you could however get a... Can a fourteen year old have a job ? it depends in whch country you live in. if you live in the usa you can legall work need a work permitit from your local high can only work a certain number hous a week Research your answer:   Our contributors said this page should be displayed for the questions below. ( Where do these come from ) If any of these are not a genuine rephrasing of the question, ...
Careers: Law: From Paralegal Studies to Law School, mcgeorge law ...
I am 34 years old and will be graduating from American River Junior College(Sacramento, California) in 2007 with my A.A. in Paralegal Studies. I contribute it to be a late bloomer but I have a high GPA, and I love what I am studying. My junior college is not ABA accredited but the classes will trasnfer to Sacramento State for the Pre-Law Program there.  After junior college and aquiring a job in a law firm I plan to go to Law School. I can go to Lincoln Law School which only requires an A.A. degree, or I can go to Sacramento State obtain a B.A. in PreLaw and apply to the more prestigious University of the Pacific McGeorge ...