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Legal lease definition

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Sheldon Gross Realty's Barbara Gross, executive vice president, recently completed the following transactions: * A lease renewal at 11 Commerce Dr. in Cranford, N.J.; * A lease renewal at 595 Shrewsbury Ave. in Red Bank, N.J.; * A lease renewal at 30A Vreeland Rd. in Florham Park,... Tags : Sheldon Gross Realty Inc. Research articles 2006-05-17 Sheldon Gross Realty, Inc has leased over 83,574 square feet of office space at Fairfield Corporate Park in Fairfield, N.J Sheldon Gross Realty, Inc has leased over 83,574 square feet of office space at Fairfield Corporate Park in Fairfield, N.J.. Robert Nathin, senior vice ...
system, there is a division between movable and immovable property. Movable property roughly corresponds to personal property, while immovable property corresponds to real estate or real property, and the associated rights and obligations thereon. The concept, idea or philosophy of property underlies all property law. In some jurisdictions , historically all property was owned by the monarch and it devolved through feudal land tenure or other feudal systems of loyalty and fealty . Though the Napoleonic code was among the first government acts of modern times to introduce the notion of absolute ownership into a statute , ...
Business Definition for: operating lease
An example is renting of an apartment or automobile. The lessee debits rental expense and credits cash. Rental expense should be recognized on a straight-line basis, unless another systematic and rational basis is more representative of the time pattern in which benefit use is derived. Thelessee shows nothing about the lease on the balance sheet. Lessee footnote disclosure includes future minimum lease payments in aggregate and for each of the five succeeding fiscal years, contingent rentals, and sublease rentals. The lessor, upon receipt of rental payments, debits cash and credits rental revenue. The lessor also ... market research, surveys and trends
General Assignment of Rents, Additional Security for Your Lending ...
You may be a lender for the commercial properties and lend the money to commercial property dealer, who has rented the property to tenants. How could you as a lender secure your lending? As an additional security to your lending, you can make borrower sign a General Assignment of Rents, allowing you to collect and receive the commercial property rents from the tenants. In actual Lease Agreement, the only requirement for the landlord is to deliver the property to the tenant and him paying the rent to the landlord. But after signing the Assignment of Rent as a collateral security for the borrowings, the landlord rents or ... market research, surveys and trends


Equipment Leasing Law & Legal Definition
A lease is in essence an extended rental agreement under which the owner of the equipment allows the user to operate or otherwise make use of the equipment in exchange for periodic lease payments. In leasing terminology, the owner is the lessor, the user is the lessee. Equipment leasing is a popular option for companies of all sizes. The Equipment Leasing Association of America estimates that 80 percent of all companies lease at least some of their equipment, and the organization estimates that firms leased $220 billion worth of goods in 2004, projected to reach $229 billion in 2005. But equipment leasing is particularly favored ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Commercial Leasing Capital Lease |
Commercial leases come in two main categories -- capital or operating lease agreements. Capital leases meet one of four standards set by the Financial Accounting Standards Board: lease life exceeds 75 percent of asset's life, if ownership is transferred to lessee at end of term, if lease agreement includes a purchase option with a "bargain price", or if discounted rate value exceeds 90 percent of the asset's fair market value. Businesses usually enter into capital leases as a way to acquire an asset without having to pay for it upfront, thus avoiding the loan process. Whether you are buying equipment or leasing ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
of the Internal Revenue Code in effect when the petition was filed. Pursuant to section 7463(b), the decision to be entered is not reviewable by any other court, and this opinion shall not be treated as precedent for any other case. Respondent determined a $34,488 deficiency and a $6,898 accuracy-related penalty in petitioner's 2004 Federal income tax. [ 2 ] After concessions, [ 3 ] the issues we must decide are: (1) Whether, pursuant to Rule 142 and section 7491, the burden of proof has shifted to respondent regarding the disputed deficiency; (2) whether petitioner had unreported gross receipts or sales (self-employment ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Before the Court is a substantive claims objection (the "Objection") filed by debtors SemGroup, L.P. ("SemGroup") and SemGroup Holdings, L.P. ("SemGroup Holdings" and collectively with SemGroup, the "Debtors"). The Debtors object to four proofs of claim (the "Claims") filed by Harvest Fund Advisors ("Harvest"), and argue that Harvest's claims should be subordinated pursuant to Bankruptcy Code section 510(b). Because section 510(b), by its plain terms, does not apply to the Claims, the Court will overrule the Debtors' Objection. The Debtors, together with ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


1 Questions: 1. Definition of commercial lease (what kind of ...
ILN Real Estate Specialty Group. August 2009. 6. II. Belgium - Vanden Eynde Legal. 1) Definition of commercial lease (what kind of premises are included) ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
FRB: Vehicle Leasing: Glossary
The definitions in this glossary are meant to give you, the consumer, a general understanding of terms used in vehicle leasing. They are not legal definitions, but they generally assume compliance with applicable legal requirements. The terms may be used differently in different situations, and their exact definition under federal law may differ from that under state law. Please refer to Federal Reserve Board Regulation M and the Consumer Leasing Act for more information about federal requirements for lease disclosures and terms. This glossary does not cover ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
paper focuses on some of the key legal issues in the context of the basic terms of a ground lease. The intent of the paper is not to cover these legal ...
What is the legal definition of abandonment of property? - Yahoo ...
I notified my landlord that would need to move to another city. I left all electricity on and vacated the premises so he could get a new tenant in. So, my feeling is that this is not abandonment, just allowing him to find a new tenant. He is keeping some of my money per the ABANDONMENT clause in our lease that says I have to pay the difference in rent. I would like to get out of this - can someone please explain abandonment and if possible, a source of their explanation. THANKS! I'm in Florida. 1 year ago You abandoned the lease, which is an enforceable contract. The landlord is within his rights and the terms of the ...
WikiAnswers - What is a modified gross lease
A modified gross lease is a variation of a gross lease in which, typically, a tenant only pays base rent during the first calendar year (even if it is only part of a calendar year) and in subsequent years also pays a percentage of increases in building property taxes, insurance, utilities, and other operating expenses. The first calendar year is considered the base year and any increase in taxes, insurance or operating expenses over the base year are allocated to tenants based on the percentage of space in the building or multi-building project that the tenant occupies. The tenant must then pay its percentage of allocated ...