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Legal privilege and competition law

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A host of international legal associations are making a last-ditch attempt to obtain legal privilege for in-house lawyers in EU competition cases, following an earlier defeat in the European Court of Justice Court of First Instance. A growing body of international lawyers’ associations have signalled their intention to fight the recent preliminary ECJ ruling on legal privilege for in-house lawyers. To date, the European Company Lawyers’ Association, the Association of Corporate Counsel and the CCBE have all confirmed their intention to appeal. As parties to the original hearing before the ECJ Court of First Instance ...
and governments have always been subject to scrutiny, and sometimes severe sanctions. Since the twentieth century, competition law has become global. The two largest and most influential systems of competition regulation are United States antitrust law and European Union competition law . National and regional competition authorities across the world have formed international support and enforcement networks. Modern competition law has historically evolved on a country level to promote and maintain competition in markets principally within the territorial boundaries of nation-states . National competition law usually does not ...
Legal professional privilege and disciplinary complaints by non ...
If you are a solicitor and someone other than your client or former client has lodged a disciplinary complaint against you in Victoria, you should not disclose the subject matter of any communications to which legal professional privilege attaches, or might arguably attach, unless you are instructed to do so by your client or former client. Nor should you give up any document which records such a communication, or disclose any communication which tends to reveal the content of a privileged communication. That is so even if the Legal Services Commissioner purports to compel the information, for in the case of investigations of ... market research, surveys and trends
AKZO Decision Denies Legal Privilege Protections (LPP ...
does not apply to communications with in-house lawyers.  [The AG’s opinion proposes that the Court should dismiss the appeal, but is not binding on the Court of Justice. It is the role of the Advocates General to propose to the Court, in complete independence, a legal solution to the cases for which they are responsible; most commentators agree that the Court relies heavily on the AG’s opinions and directions, but the Court will now begin their own deliberations on the matter and deliver their decision at a later date.]  The AG’s opinion is based on her belief that internal communications ... market research, surveys and trends


Strategic Legal Technology
“Firms are finding that a two-tiered associate structure can be an efficient profit model in that the second tier of ‘non-partnership track associates’ are paid sometimes as much as 50 percent less than the first tier of “traditional associates,” but may be billed to clients with rates that are only 25 to 30 percent less than those of the traditional associates.” Miller notes that multi-tier partnerships are common now but that tiered non-partner lawyers is a “recent development.” I agree. Though several BigLaw firms have staff attorney programs, these lawyers typically work only ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Legal Services Marketing Research | Marketing Research | ResearchWikis
industry and can include information on the background, market structure, definitions, competitors, trends and developments of legal services and is related to other topics such as law, litigation, tort, attorney, counsel and solicitor. Table of Contents 1 Background 2 Market Structure 3 Industry Definitions 4 Market Metrics 5 Industry Players 6 Recent Trends and Developments 7 Sources The professional service industries are undergoing enormous changes and experiencing a powerful surge in business around the world. Record revenue growth rates were reported for many U.S. professional services firms in 1998. The health of ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
NBA Elections: The Politics, the Candidates, the Issues
Next Wednesday and Thursday, accredited delegates of the Nigerian Bar Association, as well as observers, will gather at Ibadan to elect the next President of the NBA. The Association elects its President every two years for a single two year period. An informal zoning arrangement means the presidency has been zoned to the North this time. Two years ago, it was zoned to the West, and in an unprecedented move, the region ensured the emergence of a single candidate who ran unopposed, Rotimi Akeredolu, SAN. It removed the rancour, bitterness, rigours and risks of travelling to all 88 branches nationwide to canvass for support and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Communications Trends, Inc. ("CTI") filed this lawsuit against its former employee, Lynette Fine, alleging claims for breach of a non-solicitation covenant, breach of a non-disclosure covenant, violation of the Georgia Trade Secrets Act, and breach of a duty of loyalty. CTI also sued Fine's current employer, Allscope Media, alleging claims for tortious interference with its business and contractual relationship with Fine. Fine and Allscope denied CTI's allegations and filed a counterclaim alleging claims for defamation, libel and slander per se. [ 1 ] The parties filed cross-motions for summary judgment. The ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Competition law and legal privilege ...
Website E-mail Competition law and legal privilege. Prepared by the Commission on Competition. This issues paper sets forth ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Why Competition Law Matters To Health Care Quality
Competition law does not privilege quality over .... initial salvos in the legal battle for health care competition focused on supply-side competition. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
English Law of Legal Professional Privilege. Office of Fair Trading report on competition in the professions in 200139 con- cluded that legal professional ...
Jail Sentence for Inventor and Manufacturer - Fair or UnFair ...
I'm listening to talk radio and a talking head noted the inventor of the "Whizzinator" - a contraption that assists those taking 'pee-pee' drug tests to 'beat the system' was convicted and will serve 6 months in jail. Wikipedia has this entry: On October 14, 2008, federal prosecutors in Pittsburgh won a 19-count indictment against Puck Technology, maker of the Whizzinator, and its owners for fraud and selling drug paraphernalia. Prosecutors manufacturing/selling the Whizzinator, Puck Technology, company prime minister Gerald Wills & King Robert Catalano conspired to defraud the Substance ...
Question: Calling the opposition's lawyer as a witness, NYS
I've advanced a NYS Supreme Court lawsuit against me to having an evidentiary hearing for the appt of a Guardian ad Litem scheduled. (delete the spaces: psychotic -Karin -Kaufman .org) I will be calling the opposition lawyer as a witness, to show he is an example of the people knowingly taking advantage of a woman in psychosis. (The lawyer would not be testifying against his client, nor would I ask privileged questions.) The JSC said if either side wished to file cites pro/con regarding this, to do so. What information can be found for this for NYS? Answer by Researcher davidsarokin on Tue 11 Dec 2007 - 10:45 pm UTC: