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This case arose from injuries suffered by nine different employees as a result of working for defendant CSX Transportation Inc. The plaintiffs successfully alleged at trial that their injuries, mostly knee, were a result of their employment with CSX. More specifically, CSX improperly placed mainline ballast (large pieces of rock) in areas which the plaintiffs walked, crouched, kneeled, and crawled while performing their duties. After trial, a jury awarded a total of $19.3 million to the injured employees. This amount was reached by determining the percentage of fault attributed to both CSX and the plaintiffs and apportioning the ...
's use of a deep river for his baptism suggests immersion, pictorial and archaeological evidence of Christian baptism from the 3rd century onward indicates that the normal form was to have the candidate stand in water while water was poured over the upper body. 2 Other common forms of baptism now in use include pouring water three times on the forehead. Baptism was seen as in some sense necessary for salvation , until Huldrych Zwingli in the sixteenth century denied its necessity. 3 Martyrdom was identified early in Church history as "baptism by blood", enabling martyrs who had not been baptized by water to be ...
My thoughts.....: Career, studies and personal
I am who I am, I'll write on what I feel, what I see, what I observe... be it about my personal life, career, or about any current issues! Take note that all of my posts here are made on a without prejudice basis. For legal related articles, please go to When I was offered a place to pursue my Masters in UK (way back in the year 2002), I was so happy... It was for Masters of Art in Business Law. Upon completion of the programme, I can continue my studies for another 6 months to obtain ICSA qualification. I was not in a hurry because the offer letter was valid for 2 years. While working out to ... market research, surveys and trends
Employment Attorneys In High Demand In Usa
Chicago is known to be major metropolitan city in US that includes strong hold firms, financial institutions, Unions and non profit organizations. That is the reason numerous job opportunities and networking at bar associations and professional societies is quite possible over here. Attorneys and non attorneys dealing in employee benefits program are in great demand among professionals. They work in a law firm, in house, financial institutions or a governmental organization or agency. Even in metropolitan cities like Washington DC and New York and suburban, rural areas are also flaming with the employment attorney needs. ... market research, surveys and trends


Expanded SEC Whistleblower Program Is Likely – Legal Related Articles
A little-noticed provision in the financial regulatory overhaul legislation currently before Congress allows whistleblowers who report securities violations to recover part of any settlement that exceeds $1 million. Similar legislative provisions are contained in both the House and Senate versions. Although currently part of the broader financial regulation changes, the whistleblower provisions have sufficient Congressional support that they will likely become law through another proposal even if the broader regulatory changes are unable to pass. The Senate version of the bill (section 922), would award whistleblowers between 10 ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Blackbook Legal Blog: March 2009
We've received word from a tipster at the University of Pennsylvania Law School that a fellow student (we'll keep it confidential) has spent the majority of this school year writing . . . a novel. The novel apparently incorporates the student's classmate-friends into the story line and is replete with other interesting details. This is not the first time a law student has taken time to write a novel while in law school. I came across an article in the Winston-Salem Journal about a student at Wake Forest University Law School, who spent the better part of her 3L year writing her first novel, The Killing Tree . ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Judge hears arguments on Arizona immigration law
A judge held two hearings in a courtroom packed with spectators and top Arizona officials Thursday on whether the state's new immigration law should take effect amid a flurry of legal challenges against the crackdown. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer attended the second hearing, as did the U.S. Attorney for Arizona, Dennis burke. Judge Susan Bolton did not issue a ruling at the end of the first hearing. The afternoon hearing focused on the U.S. Justice Department requesting a preliminary injunction blocking key sections of the law from taking effect next week. During the morning hearing, Bolton told lawyers for the American Civil ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Newspaper Chain's New Business Plan: Copyright Suits
Borrowing a page from patent trolls, the CEO of fledgling Las Vegas-based Righthaven has begun buying out the copyrights to newspaper content for the sole purpose of suing blogs and websites that re-post those articles without permission. And he says he’s making money. “We believe it’s the best solution out there,” Gibson says. “Media companies’ assets are very much their copyrights. These companies need to understand and appreciate that those assets have value more than merely the present advertising revenues.” Righthaven CEO Steve Gibson is embarking on a copyright trolling litigation ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Searching for a PI - Searching for a private investigators
More Legal Related Articles... You've got to read this book... Psst.. Pass It On .. I Found Out It's a Hoax.. Registration of Personal Names in the PRC ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Human Genome News Archive by Subject
These are some of the disease genes for which we prepared text; this is not a comprehensive listing. For a full discussion of specific disease genes, see Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man . Third Human Chromosome Finished: Chromosome 20 Genes Implicated in Diabetes, Obesity (February 2002) Chlamydia Genome Offers Surprises (February 1999) International Team Delivers C. elegans Sequence (February 1999) Livermore Biomedical Scientists Help International Team Find Kidney Disease Gene (April 1998, unpublished) New MIM Edition (January 1998) First Parkinson's Disease Gene Discovered (June 1997) DOE Clone Resources Spur ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Drake Law School - Law-Related Articles
The Law Library subscribes to many law reviews and journals. Law reviews are periodical publications of law schools, bar associations, or commercial publishers that contain articles analyzing legal issues and offering practical legal information. They can be general in scope (such as the Drake Law Review ) or focused on a specific subject (for example, the Drake Journal of Agricultural Law ). Many journals are published several times a year, insuring that the articles are current and topical when published. Oftentimes, journal articles will cover a developing area of the law before books on the subject are available. ...
  1. profile image ilr_business By MAE ANDERSON 2010-07-22T19:45:17Z NEW YORK (AP) -- Bratz dolls will remain in legal limbo for a ...
  2. profile image ilr_news DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Everyday Guide, a how-to book on advocating for children with disabilities in spec..
  3. profile image ilr_india Srinagar, July 19- Minister for Finance, Mr. Abdul Rahim Rather today threatened legal action against a newspaper ...
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Best way to approach law firms for employment prospects | LinkedIn ...
As a third year law student, I am (along with many of my law school friends) beginning the process of looking for that first post-graduation legal job. The "traditional, career-services office" advice is to send a cover letter and resume to law firms introducing yourself and hope the firm shows interest. Question to lawyers and managing partners: what is the best way to present our credentials/qualifications to law firms who we'd hope to hire us? Is the conventional carpeting-bombing resumes technique really the best way? (Assume there isn't a previous personal relationship.) Have you seen a creative way in which a ...
Research paper on legal issue related to health services ...
i have to do a 15 paper research paper on legal issue related to health services administration and laws to effectively address the legal issue. I need at-least 16 scholarly journal articles. I have no ideas where to start looking for this information. Please tell me where I can find this information and some ideas on a topic. This paper has to be 15 pages not counting title page, reference page and appendix or table of content. It has been a long time since I wrote a research paper and I need all the help that I can get. Member since: January 26, 2007 Total points: 10965 (Level 6) well, first you actually have to choose the ...