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Legal Research Solutions

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In the face of unpredictability on Wall Street and a time of precarious economic down turn, accusations of weak management within companies and inadequate oversight by regulators are precipitating an astonishing increase in internal corporate inquiries and investigations. The inclination for an increase in disputes and complex legal actions are not far behind. Exposure to risk and crisis is unavoidable and no organization is completely in the clear. Be it surrounding an allegation of fraud or fiscal misstatement, resolution is based upon an aggressive and expeditious response. Timely action will reduce your organization’s ...
legal documents and other printed sources. LexisNexis describes itself as the "world’s largest collection of public records, unpublished opinions, forms, legal, news, and business information", and targets its products to a wide range of professionals in the legal, risk management, corporate, government, law enforcement, accounting and academic markets. Typical customers of LexisNexis include lawyers , law students , journalists , and academics . "It's how you know" was the primary slogan for LexisNexis for over a decade, but in 2007 it transitioned to a slogan of "Total Solutions." The ...
A brief Introduction to Exemplary Damages
This article is prompted by the not-so-easy-to-explain inclination, very frequent with advocates who rely on precedents in drafting, of praying for orders for exemplary damages in virtually every suit. Recently, I encountered exemplary damages in a suit for compensation on ground of redundancy and unfair dismissal, as one of the prayers for exemplary damages against the Defendant. The Defendant had allegedly failed to give proper notice to the Plaintiffs' trade union and the government of their eminent dismissal of redundancy. On that ground, and in a suit whose cause of action was breach of express and implied terms of an ... market research, surveys and trends
Motorola and Research In Motion Settle All Outstanding Legal Disputes
In a newly-released press statement, it has been noted that two mobile giants — Motorola and Research in Motion — have officially settled all outstanding legal disputes regarding patent infringements and the like. Terms of the two companies’ agreement includes an up-front sum of money and on-going royalties for use of Motorola’s patents, according to the statement. Further terms in the agreement have not been disclosed, we’re learning. The press release describes that both Motorola and Research in Motion will “benefit from a long-term, intellectual property cross-licensing arrangement,” ... market research, surveys and trends


Study: IT outsourcing services multiply - CNET News
A growing number of firms are trying to relieve businesses of their information technology chores, according to a new study. The report, conducted by market research firm IDC, says a new crop of competitors are challenging computer service giants like IBM and Electronic Data Systems (EDS) with low prices, specialized expertise, and advanced technology. Up-and-comers in the IT outsourcing market include Dell, which specializes in the desktop management, and Lucent Technologies, which focuses on network maintenance. Although the services of these equipment makers are relatively limited, each has inked big contracts based on their ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Sheryn Bruehl - LinkedIn
First and foremost, my objective is to do work that improves the quality of life of everybody it impacts. My specialty is identifying the intersection of needs and services where everybody involved gains maximum benefit. Win-win-win is my constant goal, and crafting creative solutions from the tools available is second nature to me. My career path has been rich and varied, giving me the opportunity to help practicing lawyers improve their quality of life with both high technology and introspection; people with disabilities learn life and recreational skills; and people of all ages and walks of life develop new life skills, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Emerald Ash Borer - A practical discussion on saving your trees
Emerald Ash Borer is creeping into our ash trees undetected, destroying them from the inside, and threatens to devastate our urban forests, leaving many neighborhoods without trees. The financial impact to cities will be enormous if these trees come down. This pest, a hitchhiker on packing materials originating in Asia, was discovered in the United States in 2002 and has spread to 13 Midwestern states and Canada. Left untreated, Emerald Ash Borer, or simply EAB, is expected to kill every unprotected Ash tree in the country. Considering that Ash trees make up from 20-30 percent of the canopy of our boulevards, with residential ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Legal, Drug Free and Affordable Solutions to Releasing Human Growth Hormone
Sixty year old+ Hollywood stars such as Sylvester Stallone and Suzanne Somers openly admit to using expensive Human Growth Hormone treatments, prescribed by Beverly Hills anti aging doctors, such as Dr. Michael Galitzer. Using the HGH releasing binaural beat sound healing techniques first introduced by aerospace engineer Michael Hurculese, Dr. Jane Ma'ati Smith C.Hyp. Msc.D. has introduced a very affordable audio "fountain of youth". Sebastopol, CA ( PRWEB ) June 10, 2010 -- What is the secret behind the seemingly "eternal youth" of stars such as 60 something's Sylvester Stallone and Suzanne Somers? Would ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Meet legal requirements, while reducing costs
LexisNexis Legal Research Solutions for Prisons or to schedule a demonstration. Delivery Systems Include: • Touch Screen Kiosks (includes hardware) ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Legal research sites
Also includes links to other legal research resources. 15. It's Legal — Source of Do-It-Yourself Legal Solutions - ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Berkeley Law - Berkeley Empirical Legal Studies (BELS)
The University of California, Berkeley has long been associated with empirical research on law, at least since the founding of the Center for the Study of Law and Society by Philip Selznick in 1961.  Today, Berkeley Empirical Legal Studies are characterized by a rich interdisciplinary approach that seeks to ground empirical analysis in sociolegal theory and to embrace a broad range of methods, both quantitative and qualitative. Many BELS scholars adopt a multi-method and interdisciplinary approach. Now that Empirical Legal Studies has gained prominence in the legal academy, Berkeley Law and the Center for the Study of Law ...
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National Readers Service and Credit & Collection Solutions Inc ...
I couple years ago, when I was younger and more naive and gullible, I signed up for the National Readers Service magazine subscription. When I became dissatisfied with their service, I tried to cancel my membership, but they stated that it was impossible because I was under a contract and that they had already pre-paid the magazine companies for my subscriptions. After doing some research about National Readers Service, I stumbled upon a lot of complaints from people about this company as well as many people saying this was a big scam. I became angry at myself for falling for such a thing and I immediately cancelled my credit ...
Where can find the the licensing/customs/legal requirements for ...
Unfortunately there is no clear answer unless you hire a $100k consultant who will do all paperwork for you. I can point you in a right direction as far as federal importing guidelines go, but Florida State laws I'm not sure. Basically, any alcohol imported into the US needs to be prescreened/preapproved by FDA (their site below), additionally you will need to be licensed by TTB (site also below). For TTB you will need an importer certificate as well as a label approval. Initially, you will have to send a bottle of the alcohol for testing @ TTB & FDA. Once everything is approved you're good to start importing. With ...