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Rafael Simmons has been sentenced to 41 months in prison followed by three years of supervised release for wire fraud and money laundering in connection with a scheme to defraud accounts receivable finance companies (known as factoring companies) of more than $1 million.  According to Simmons’ plea agreement: From November 2007 through July 2009, Simmons and others engaged in a scheme to defraud factoring companies that purchased accounts receivable from federal government contractors and others. Simmons contacted Federal National Payables (“FNP”), a factoring company, and held himself out as the ...
Working as a lawyer involves the practical application of abstract legal theories and knowledge to solve specific individualized problems, or to advance the interests of those who retain (i.e., hire) lawyers to perform legal services. The role of the lawyer varies significantly across legal jurisdictions, and so it can be treated here in only the most general terms. More information is available in country-specific articles (see below).
Legal Self-Help Resources Available in Anne Arundel County ...
The number of legal self-help resources have just recently increased.  The court has provided “legal information and forms to assist pro se (unrepresented) litigants in matters of divorce, custody/visitation, child support and name changes” for years now in the Self Help – Family Law Self Help Center .  It is located on the second floor of the courthouse and is open on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and on Tuesdays and Fridays from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  They also have telephone hours everyday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.  The phone number is: 410-280-5374. The law library sees ... market research, surveys and trends
Legal Self-Help Websites - California Library Association: Weblog Home
To navigate our archives, please click on a category to the left. Do you have information that would be of interest to the library community? Please send your weblog submissions to the CLA office at . In this economic downturn, courts are seeing a rise in the number of lawsuits being filed. With layoffs, furlough days, and mounting debt, many people just cannot afford to hire an attorney. An increasing number of people are handling their own cases, writing their own legal documents, and conducting their own legal research. California's County Law Libraries' (CCCLL) primary mission is to provide ... market research, surveys and trends


Evaluation of the Van Nuys Legal Self-Help Center
Evaluation of the Van Nuys Legal Self-Help Center. Final Report ... shortage of affordable legal services for millions of Californians has been the ..... The Center was involved in nine percent of the family law cases filed in Van Nuys ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
California Law Review - Circuit - Self-Represented Litigants in ...
Approximately two hundred thousand divorce petitions are filed annually in California. Seventy percent of those cases involve at least one self-represented litigant at the beginning of the case. [1] That figure increases to 80 percent by the time of judgment. [2] This is not simply a California issue. Utah, for example, reports that 49 percent of petitioners and 81 percent of respondents in divorce cases are self-represented. [3] In New Hampshire's superior court domestic relations matters, almost seventy percent of cases have one self-represented party. [4] Indeed, national data indicates that 60 to 90 percent of ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
From CHP officer to insurance executive, Empire Law honors graduates
SANTA ROSA – Empire College School of Law honored 23 graduates on June 6, ranging from a former CHP officer to an insurance company executive. It was the school’s the 34th annual commencement. A total of 25 graduated in this class. The school of law was founded in 1973. Roughly 25 percent of the members of the Sonoma County Bar Association are graduates of the program. The following received their juris doctor degrees. Andrzej Bednarski – Mr. Bednarski has worked in insurance, sales, publishing and business consulting. While at Empire he provided bilingual assistance to clients at the Immigration Clinic. Lynnette Brown – ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Your Legal Corner: Senior independence
Officially, the Fourth of July commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence.   Thomas Jefferson, a primary sponsor of the Declaration of Independence, believed in the people's ability to govern themselves. Specifically, Jefferson throughout his life held an optimistic faith in the power of reason to regulate human affairs. The desire for reasonable independence, from budding adolescent through aging parent, still remains.  Similar to the Declaration of Independence, to remain reasonably independent as a senior citizen, requires preparation, a Care Plan.    Perhaps you should ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Self-Help Bibliography
Debtors' rights: a legal self-help guide / Gudrun M. Nickel. 3 rd ed. Naperville , IL: Sphinx. Publishing, c1998. Law Library at Milford ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
SIU Law Library: Self-Help and Referral Sites
SIU's Self-Help Legal Center has 3 missions: to help those who help pro-se litigants; to help pro-se litigants find the information they need; and to act as a clearinghouse for self-help legal information. This site provides information about areas of law such as family law, small claims court, immigration law, consumer rights, utilities, landlord-tenant issues, contract for deed, traffic court, and other legal issues. Many self-help packets have supplementary forms. Search the SIU Law Library catalog for Self-Help Law Books , written for the nonlawyer. Illinois Legal Aid Online Illinois ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
shlep: the Self-Help Law ExPress
Clark County Circuit Court Judge Daniel Moore was on hand to promote a new program for people of moderate income to get legal direction. The program will be the Clark Legal Self-Help Center and it would use local attorneys, second and third-year law students from the University of Louisville’s Brandeis School of Law with help from Indiana Legal Service offices to direct those with a need where to go. “I think this service will take the fear out of seeking legal advice,” said Jeffrey Caldwell, who has been helping to develop the program. The next step for many could include finding an attorney, where to find legal information or ...
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  3. profile image HotInEducation Martial Arts / Self-Defense Video Course & Manual – $47 Sale, 75% Com! | Colorado DUI Legal News & Help
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Does anyone know where I can file a legal complaint against an ...
Am looking to file a complaint against manager in apartment complex for issuing me an notice to vacate in 30 days without providing a reasoning. I pay my rent on time and have never had any problems/complaints about my residence there. Appears manager is retaliating against me for complaining about her neglect of management responsibilities. Please let me know what resources are out there to protect tenants/renters against being abused/evicted without reason. 2 months ago Member since: May 30, 2008 Total points: 60359 (Level 7) Badge Image: Are you on a month to month lease? If so, they don't need a reason to evict ...
where can i get free legal advice in marin county for divorce?
Will the division of property and potential spousal support be affected by whether or not I obtain a fault or no-fault divorce? Do I need to have an attorney to get a divorce? Can my soon-to-be-ex-spouse and I share an attorney? VA -- Where do I file for divorce? VA -- May the provisions in a divorce be changed afterwards? VA -- Can I evict my husband from our home during the divorce proceedings? VA -- When we were married my spouse had not gotten a divorce from his former wife. I understand this is bigamy. Can I get my marriage to him annulled? VA -- How long will it take me to get a divorce? VA -- What will happen to our ...