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Legal Term and Law Dictionary

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Becoming a paralegal or legal assistant in the state of California may be a good career move, considering that employment growth is projected to be "much faster than average" in this field, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In California, where a paralegal is among the top 100 professions in the state, the market for these positions may become increasingly competitive. California is currently the only state that regulates paralegals through a bill called AB 1761, which defines the role of a paralegal/legal assistant and establishes educational criteria, including continuing-education requirements. For ...
a sword symbolizing the court's coercive power; scales representing an objective standard by which competing claims are weighed; and a blindfold indicating that justice is (or should be) meted out objectively, without fear or favor, regardless of identity, money, power, or weakness. Law is a system of rules, usually enforced through a set of institutions . It shapes politics , economics and society in numerous ways and serves as a primary social mediator of relations between people. Contract law regulates everything from buying a bus ticket to trading on derivatives markets . Property law defines rights and obligations ...
Laundering | Due Diligence Checklists – For Commercial Real Estate ...
Planning to purchase or finance Commercial or Industrial Real Estate? Shopping Center? Office Building? Restaurant/Banquet property? Parking Lot? Storefront? Gas Station? Manufacturing facility? Warehouse? Logistics Terminal? Medical Building? Nursing Home? Hotel/Motel? Pharmacy? Bank facility? Sports and Entertainment Arena? Other? A KEY to investing in commercial real estate is performing an adequate Due Diligence Investigation to assure you know all material facts to make a wise investment decision and to calculate your expected investment yield. The following checklists are designed to help you conduct a focused and ... market research, surveys and trends
Nolo's Plain-English Law Dictionary
Law Dictionary” by the Editors of Nolo, Gerald N. Hill and Kathleen Thompson Hill is promoted as, “This is ‘not’ your grandfather’s law dictionary.” This law dictionary is written in clear English and contains compete definitions of legal terms you need today. As an attorney, this book will not replace my “Black’s Law Dictionary” which is the standard for legal dictionaries, but this lighter, plain- English text is very convenient to have on hand. For most people, this text is all they would need when wondering about a legal term. To illustrate the differences in ... market research, surveys and trends


Economic Conditions-Economic trends-legal profession-lawyers ...
The careers of real-life lawyers are often less glamorous and satisfying than those portrayed by their television counterparts in shows like “L.A. Law.” At the Chicago office of Perkins Coie, partners recently unveiled a “happiness committee,” offering candy apples and milkshakes to brighten the long and wearying days of its lawyers. Perhaps this will serve as an example to other firms, which studies show lose, on average, nearly a fifth of their associates in any given year, in an industry in which about 20 percent of lawyers over all will suffer depression at some point in their careers. Last year, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Tort Law legal definition of Tort Law. Tort Law synonyms by the ...
A body of rights, obligations, and remedies that is applied by courts in civil proceedings to provide relief for persons who have suffered harm from the wrongful acts of others. The person who sustains injury or suffers pecuniary damage as the result of tortious conduct is known as the plaintiff, and the person who is responsible for inflicting the injury and incurs liability for the damage is known as the defendant or tortfeasor. Three elements must be established in every tort action. First, the plaintiff must establish that the defendant was under a legal duty to act in a particular fashion. Second, the plaintiff must ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Brewer's Moves Hearken Back to Worst of History
Not to be outdone by the late segregationist, Alabama Gov. George Wallace, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer will go down in the history books as an ardent xenophobe and racist. Brewer's hatred of immigrants and disregard for the civil rights of Latinos (both legal residents and citizens) have come to fruition in Arizona's recently passed laws aimed at criminalizing immigrants, racially profiling Latinos and denying racial minorities the right to learn about their history. I'm speaking, of course, of Arizona SB 1070, the unconstitutional law that requires police officers to demand legal documentation of individuals ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
George S. Cardona, Acting United States Attorney, Christine C. Ewell, Assistant United States Attorney, and Erik M. Silber (argued), Assistant United States Attorney, Los Angeles, California, for the plaintiff-appellant. George J. Terwilliger III (argued), Daniel B. Levin, Darryl S. Lew and Michael H. Huneke, White & Case LLP, Washington, D.C., for the defendant-appellee. Thomasenia P. Duncan, David Kolker, Kevin Deeley, Erin Chlopak and Steve Hajjar, Federal Election Commission, Washington, D.C., for amicus curiae Federal Election Commission. Peter Ferrara, American Civil Rights Union, McLean, Virginia, for amicus curiae ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Legal Dictionaries and Thesauri
of a less common term or legal phrase, consult one of the full-size dictionaries . .... Nolo's Free Dictionary of Law Terms and Legal Definitions. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Glossary of Legal Terms
the act of going before a qualified officer (e.g., Clerk) and declaring the validity of the document. The officer certifies same, whose certification is known as the acknowledgment acquit: the act of freeing a person from the charge of an offense by means of a decision, verdict or other legal process; to discharge action: a civil judicial proceeding whereby one party prosecutes another for a wrong done or for protection of a right or prevention of a wrong; requires service of process ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
JURIST - Legal Dictionaries
A chronological summary of all official records and recorded documents affecting the title to a parcel of real property. Acceptance - The taking and receiving of anything in good faith with the intention of retaining it. Accessory - A person who assists in the commission of a crime, either before or after the fact. Accomplice - 1. A partner in a crime. 2. A person who knowingly and voluntarily participates with another in a criminal activity. Accord - A satisfaction agreed upon between the parties in a lawsuit which bars subsequent actions on the claim. Accord and satisfaction - A method of discharging a ...
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When did an illegal alien? - Yahoo! Answers
The term "undocumented is meant to "soften" the term, and make something ILLEGAL seem as if it's only some sort of an administrative oversight!!!! Asker's Rating: Asker's Comment: ok, thanks. There are currently no comments for this question. * You must be logged into Answers to add comments. Sign in or Register . Check your dictionary. Alien: someone who is from the outer world. resident: someone who lives here. They had to change the wording because some not so smart members of society was treating anyone who look hispanic as if they are from outer space. well, they as well be. ...
Legal versus Lawful! What does that mean? | LinkedIn Answers ...
Government Policy (3), Criminal Law (3), Ethics (3), Energy and Development (3), Biotech (3), Using LinkedIn (3), Occupational Training (2), Health Care (2), Internationalization and Localization (2), Property Law (2), Project Management (2), Engineering (2), Career Management (2), Business Dining and Entertainment (1), Travel Tools (1), Mentoring (1), Risk Management (1), Government Contracts (1), Government Services (1), Personnel Policies (1), Staffing and Recruiting (1), Environmental Health (1), International Law (1), Contracts (1), Corporate Law (1), Public Relations (1), Sales Techniques (1), Business Analytics (1), ...