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Letters of administration

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� While Florida probate administration may have many parallels to administration in other states, there are certainly some unique requirements and customs that are unique to Florida. �For example, many states have a proceeding refererred to as “small estate administration” while Florida’s rough equivalent is called “summary administration.” �In some states, small estate administration is often confused with small estate affidavits (which are legally distinct from ac read more To access this complete feed in the blog feed reader login or register for free . Full post as published by
Lackawanna County Court Notes 6-4-2010 - Courts - The Times-Tribune
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., by attorney-in-fact Marie T. Easie, to Scott and Barbara Outman, address unavailable; a property at 835 Hill St., Archbald, for $95,000. - Joseph J. and Harriet A. Guzek, Clarks Summit, and L. James Lynott, Dalton, to Emily C. Swarr, address unavailable; a property at 204 White Birch Road, Glenburn Twp., for $220,000. - Robert C. Oliver and Karan Abdalla-Oliver, Wayne, to Richard and Mary Theresa Lewis, Montrose; a property at 1232 Waddell St., Jessup, for $220,000. - Aurora Loan Services LLC, by attorney-in-fact LPS Asset Management Solutions Inc., to Naftali Leser, address unavailable; a ... market research, surveys and trends
Why it is important for sole company directors/shareholders to ...
things can become quite problematic.  Dependants (widows, children etc) can be left waiting for extended periods of time, as the estates cannot be wrapped up quickly.  As such, the State or Territory Public Trustee will step in to manage the estate unless the Court grants letters of administration to someone else to take control. However, the complications and distress can have an even greater impact on the people affected when a sole director of a company dies without a Will. Quite often the company will be left without anyone officially authorised to manage the company straight away. Usually if a company director dies without ... market research, surveys and trends


$100 Million Grandmama Rules Greenwich Village Empire | The New ...
While William Gottlieb, the well-known Greenwich Village and meatpacking district landlord, was driving around the neighborhood in his old, battered station wagon and conducting his tough negotiating sessions in local diners, his older sister was in the office making sure the bills were paid on time. Mollie Bender, 77, had been her brother's constant office companion for most of 20 years, helping her brother collect rent checks and attend to the details of his 100-building empire. With Gottlieb's death on Oct. 5, that entire empire and its related holdings–estimated at anywhere from $100 to $300 million–is about to ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Executors and Administrators - What percentage of the assets would ...
(1) A personal representative shall be entitled to a commission payable from the estate assets without court order as compensation for ordinary services. The commission shall be based on the compensable value of the estate, which is the inventory value of the probate estate assets and the income earned by the estate during administration. (2) A commission computed on the compensable value of the estate is presumed to be reasonable compensation for a personal representative in formal administration as follows: (a) At the rate of 3 percent for the first $1 million. (b) At the rate of 2.5 percent for all above $1 million and ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Pike County Court Notes 6-16-2010
- Falling Creek Investments LLC, Brodheadsville, to Dany Kogan, Brooklyn, N.Y.; a property in Lehman Twp. for $36,500. - Thomas T. Schuldner, executor of the estate of Tiberius H. Schuldner, formerly of Phoenix Ariz., and Suzanne Giacobbe, executrix of the estate of Tiberius Schuldner, formerly of Denville, N.J., to Andrew and Leslie Taylor, Chester, N.J.; a property in Lackawaxen Twp. for $410,000. - Thomas Bujoso, Elmhurst, N.Y., to Tamara and Katherine Howard, Clifford, N.J.; a property in Lehman Twp. for $162,500. - Edward and Judith McDonald, Lindenhurst, N.Y., to Brady Candell and Kathleen Terrell, Jersey City, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
No will was left
WHEN a person dies leaving assets but no valid Will, he or she dies intestate. In order for one or more of the beneficiaries to be legally authorised to deal with the assets of such an estate, a Grant of Letters of Administration (the "Grant") must first be obtained from the Courts. This Grant effectively appoints a personal representative to administer the estate in accordance with the laws governing intestacy. There are circumstances where a deceased leaves a valid Will but a portion of the estate nevertheless becomes subject to the laws of intestacy. This is described as a partial intestacy as the Will does not ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Petition for Letters of Administration INSTRUCTIONS I. Specific ...
This form is to be used for a petition for letters of administration pursuant to O.C.G.A.. §53-6-20, et seq. 2. Use of this form is permissible, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
No one shall act as the executor or administrator of a domiciliary decedent's estate within this State without letters testamentary or of administration being granted in accordance with this title. Code 1852, § 1775; Code 1915, § 3340; Code 1935, § 3805; 12 Del. C. 1953, § 1502; 59 Del. Laws, c. 384, § 1; 70 Del. Laws, c. 186, § 1.; § 1502. Grant of letters testamentary. (a) If a will of a domiciliary or nondomiciliary decedent is admitted to probate in accordance with this title, letters testamentary shall be granted by the Register of Wills of the county in which the decedent ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
a) After letters of administration issued, will admitted to probate. b) After letters testamentary issued, will is set aside or subsequent paper revoking ...
  1. profile image Bstreukens Tears of joy in my eyes! Dr. Bas did all his administration more letters to be made :-)
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  3. profile image GlenLC RT @catinflorida: I believe Senators Collins & Snow as well as Maine Gov wrote letters 2 administration telling of oil Boom manufacturer!
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WikiAnswers - How to apply for a letter of administration
"Letters of Aministration" is the formal name for the document that a probate court issues to a person who is appointed to handle the estate of a decedent who died without a will. "Letters Testamentary" are issued to executors when there is a will. To apply for Administration, the local probate court will usually have application forms you can fill out. You will need to know certain information about the decedent and the names and addresses of the heirs at law. These are usually his closest blood relatives. You might even have to know the approximate value of the estate, since the court will probably order ...
Trusts & Estates Law: Letters of Administration, white plains ...
"Wills" includes advice and preparation of the following documents: wills, powers of attorney, living wills, healthcare proxies, burial instructions, and other supporting documents. "Probate" includes the following Surrogate's Court proceedings: probate, intestate administration, small estate administration, and most other proceedings. "Estate Planning" includes planning for the following areas: asset protection, estate tax, income tax, charitable giving, and other wealth planning issues. Experience Experience: Anthony Park is an attorney with an active Wills, Probate, and Estate Planning ...