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Special Report on

Limited Liability Companies

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Businesses organized as subchapter S Corporations or Limited Liability Companies generate roughly one-fourth of all business receipts. Yet 19 states impose only nominal taxes on these entities even though they benefit from state services just as businesses that are subject to state corporate income taxes do. These 19 states should consider imposing meaningful levies on S-Corps and LLCs as a source of additional revenue to help close the major budget gaps many of them are facing. The 31 states that impose significant taxes and fees on S-Corps and LLCs should determine whether reforms are warranted. In ...
is a flexible form of business enterprise that blends elements of partnership and corporate structures. It is a legal form of business company , in the law of the vast majority of United States jurisdictions, that provides limited liability to its owners. Often incorrectly called a "limited liability corporation" (instead of company), it is a hybrid business entity having certain characteristics of both a corporation and a partnership or sole proprietorship (depending on how many owners there are). An LLC, although a business entity, is a type of unincorporated association and is not a corporation. The primary ...
Should You Use an LLC for Your Small Business? Probably–and Here's ...
Accountants and attorneys love limited liability companies, limited. But with limited liability for companiesLLCs shortreally sense for small businesses. Maybe. And for two almost unknown reasons. Large legal benefits LLC: Limited Liability Company the great advantage of the law firm that all the companies to provide limited protection to liability corporationbut same with much less bureaucracy. Regular Corporation, for example,, small business bookkeeping , requires the regular meeting of shareholders, the Board of Directors, regular meetings of directors and shareholders, and of course taking into account all these activities ... market research, surveys and trends
Why Use Family Limited Liability Companies? | Jobs and Employment News
Estate Planning experts and professionals often refer to Family Limited Partnerships (“FLPs”) and Family Limited Liability Companies (“FLLCs”). Most professionals now utilize FLLCs instead of LPs because FLLCs are less complicated to form and the manager of the FLLC is not personally liable whereas the general partner of a limited partnership is. Because the general partner is personally liable, another liability shielded entity like an LLC or a corporation has to be formed to be the general partner. This is an additional expense, inconvenience and complication that the FLLC avoids. The following ... market research, surveys and trends


Survey: Competition, Capacity Characterize Surety Bond Market
Although today's construction industry is coming out of a trench and contractors are intensifying competition by bidding low to get enough work to utilize available capacity, an increase in private sector opportunities has surety bond producers predicting a brighter future, according to a "Surety Credit Survey" conducted by Grant Thornton LLP. Sixty-six percent of survey respondents predicted the environment will improve in 2005. Regarding their own market, respondents were fairly comfortable demand will stay the same or increase during the next three years. More than one-third (35 percent) saw the demand for ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Federal Reserve Made $47.4 Billion in 2009 - DealBook Blog ...
last year, a result of the central bank’s actions to support the fragile housing market, Sewell Chan reports in The New York Times. The transfer to the public coffers rose roughly 50 percent, or $15.7 billion, from $31.7 billion transferred in 2008, the Fed announced on Wednesday in releasing its annual financial statements, which were audited by Deloitte. “Central banking is a great business,” joked Vincent R. Reinhart, a former director of monetary affairs at the Fed. Unlike private banks, the Fed does not exist for the purpose of making a profit, though it inevitably does so. Historically, it paid no interest on the currency ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Canada rethinks taxation of US limited liability companies
On May 19 2010 at the 2010 International Tax Seminar of the International Fiscal Association (Canadian Branch), the Canada Revenue Agency indicated that it will not appeal the decision and will undertake a review of its implications with the expectation of providing "definitive guidance in the near future regarding the application of the Canada-United States Tax Convention in the light of the decision". The issue before the Tax Court in TD Securities was the rate of branch tax to be paid under the Canada-US Tax Convention by TD Securities (USA) LLC on Canadian branch profits; or in other words, whether and in what circumstances ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Regions-financed EpiCentre files Chapter 11
Regions Bank recently asked the court to appoint a receiver to take possession of the mixed-use center at 101 College St. View Larger A bankruptcy court judge approved the Chapter 11 filing for Regions Bank -funded EpiCentre entertainment and retail complex in Charlotte, N.C., during a hearing Friday morning that lasted less than 20 minutes. The expedited hearing was held a day after the court filing by Pacific Avenue LLC and Pacific Avenue II LLC, the companies established to develop and own the uptown Charlotte hot spot. Birmingham's Regions Bank launched foreclosure proceedings last week against those affiliates after ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


A Guide To Limited Liability Companies
Limited Liability Companies. 2. Advantages of Forming an LLC ... Limited Liability Companies. The Limited Liability Company, or LLC, is a relatively new ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Articles of Organization (Form LLC-1) - LIMITED LIABILITY ...
Registration of a limited liability company (LLC) with the California .... The name of the limited liability company may not contain the words “bank,” ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Limited Liability Company: The Growing Entity Of Choice ...
Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) are rapidly becoming the entity of choice for businesses of all types and sizes. To date, 47 states, including New Jersey, have adopted limited liability company laws. Legislation is pending in the remaining three: Hawaii, Massachusetts and Vermont.  LLCs are hybrid business entities which possess a unique combination of favorable legal, business and tax attributes that do not exist in any other single entity. Properly structured, LLCs provide the benefits of limited liability protection, operational flexibility, and pass through taxation without the restrictions generally applied to S ...
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WikiAnswers - What is a limited liability company
A limited liability company (LLC) is a relatively new business entity in the United States. The first modern LLC statute was adopted in Wyoming in 1977 and by 1997 every state allowed the creation of a limited liability company. Its basic features are its owners have limited liability for the entity's debts and obligations, similar to the status of shareholders in a corporation or limited partners in a limited partnership, and its income and losses are normally passed through to the owners as if it were a partnership (or sole proprietorship, in the case of a single member LLC owned by an individual). An LLC is probably most ...
Google Answers: Leaving a general partnership
I am a partner in an architecture firm that has been in business for 3 years as a general partnership in California. For family reasons, I will be leaving the partnership next year and most likely moving out of state. We are trying to consider options for whether I just become an inactive partner (silent?) or whether I dissolve the partnership and the business continues as a sole proprietorship. We are also considering changing our status into an LLC, but that may only have tax benefits. I am interested in retaining ties to the firm if I can limit or remove my liability once I am no longer working in the firm. ...