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Maintaining your law license

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After your business is registered, you will probably need to make regular registration filings, renew certain permits and licenses, or seek assistance of some sort. Fictitious Name Registration Renewal of the fictitious name registration for your business is required every five years and may be completed online for a fee of $7.00. Corporations The Business Services Division of the Secretary of State’s Office has online annual report filings for general and non-profit corporations. Brokers/Advisors The Securities Division of the Secretary of State’s office provides securities registration for brokers and advisors. ...
Clinton presided over the continuation of an economic expansion that would later become the longest period of peace-time economic expansion in American history. The Congressional Budget Office reported a budget surplus in 2000, the last full year of Clinton's presidency. After a failed attempt at health care reform , Republicans won control of the House of Representatives in 1994, for the first time in forty years. Two years later, in 1996, Clinton was re-elected and became the first member of the Democratic Party since Franklin D. Roosevelt to win a second full term as president. 3 Later he was impeached for perjury and ...
Culture Shock Norway: Law and Order | Stavanger Expats
You may be convicted of an offense even if you do not know that you are breaking a Norwegian law. It is therefore important to be familiar with the most important laws. In Norway, the law takes precedence over religion or tradition. That means you must obey Norwegian law even if it goes against a tradition that you are accustomed to. You cannot justify an unlawful act by calling it tradition or a religious act. If you break the law, you may be tried before a court. If you are found guilty and convicted of a serious criminal offense, you may be sentenced to many years in prison and/or be given a large fine. The maximum penalty in ... market research, surveys and trends
Get Your Auto Insurance Quote from A+ California Casualty Auto ...
You can never be denied auto insurance based on your gender, race, or ethnicity. In most circumstances, a company cannot refuse to sell you insurance based on where you live as long as you meet the company’s acceptance criteria. If you are denied auto insurance coverage, the agent or company must state a reason. Common reasons include: • You do not meet any of the company’s acceptance criteria*. • The insurer is a “membership company” that only covers certain categories of drivers. • The Department of Banking and Insurance has permitted the insurer to stop writing new policies. You have the right to cancel or change insurance: ... market research, surveys and trends


Economics of Practicing Law Survey: A 1992 Snapshot | State Bar of ...
How are Wisconsin attorneys billing for their services? Do they charge for phone conversations and postage? What benefits do they provide to themselves and their employees? And how much do they earn? Results of the State Bar's 1992 Economics of Practice Survey, which originally appeared in the October 1993 issue of the Wisconsin Lawyer, shed light on these and many other issues. Early this summer (1992) the State Bar conducted an Economics of Practice survey to take a "snapshot" of how Wisconsin lawyers are approaching the business side of practice. The last such survey was conducted six ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Wisconsin Lawyer April 2006: 2005 Bench and Bar Survey: Lawyers ...
The 2005 Bench and Bar Survey examines views from both sides of the bench on key issues affecting law practice and judicial process, such as components of continuing education, whether pro bono work should be mandatory, the impact of budget cuts on court efficiency, and more. by Dianne Molvig hether you're an attorney, a judge, or a court commissioner, probably no day goes by without noticing some aspect of the justice system you wish you could change. Every two or three years, Bar members get a chance to voice such concerns through the State Bar's Bench and Bar Survey. In 2005, a random sampling of ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Immigration-law training video is released
With four weeks until Arizona's new immigration law takes effect, police and the public finally got their first look at training material Gov. Jan Brewer ordered the state's police-training board to create for its launch. The material attempts to clarify some key points and spends ample time reminding officers of the good work they do and training they already receive. The training material was sent out to every law-enforcement agency in the state this week and released to the public Thursday. But there is no requirement for officers in Arizona to participate in the training, and it is possible that agencies could ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Zain Property Development hand-over Phase I of Affordable Luxury 'Dar Al Zain ...
Zain Property Development held an intimate 'hand-over' ceremony last week to present customers the keys to the Phase I of 'Dar al Zain'; their debut development. The ambitious Seeb based development hit headlines regionally as Muscat's first 'affordable' development; the 160+ unit project, covering an area of over 62,000 square meters, is aimed solely at middle-income families seeking luxurious community living.  Phase I sold-out within a matter of weeks, and consists of 36 high quality 5 bedroom twin villas.  Zain Property Development was established in January 2008; around the same ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Motorist Handbook and Study Guide - Untitled
Information About Your Driver's ... Maintaining Your Driver's License . ..... license, Maine law requires that you notify the Bureau of Motor Vehicles ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Construction Contractors Board Help maintaining your CCB license
An inactive license is “on hold”. While your license is inactive, you cannot practice (advertise, bid, obtain permits, offer to perform, or perform) as a contractor. You do not need to maintain a bond or general liability insurance while your license is inactive. How do I make my license inactive? The following steps are required: At renewal time – Find the status of your license on your Renewal Notice and cross out the word “active”. Write in the word “inactive”. Sign the Renewal Notice (by an owner, partner, member, trustee or corporate officer). Submit the Renewal Notice to the CCB ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Copyright Law: Your Rights and Responsibilities
The goal of University of Wisconsin-Stout is to conform to existing United States copyright laws and to maintain the highest possible ethical standards in the use of copyrighted materials. UW-Stout's Intent Because UW-Stout desires that all its employees maintain the highest possible ethical standards in the use of copyrighted material, this brochure has been prepared to: provide basic information about the copyright law, including the limitations of the "fair use" provision provide references and resources that ...
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WikiAnswers - Business Law Questions including "What is a non ...
Anything related to the legal aspect of business, including the suing of companies, laws that companies must follow, or the breaking of laws by businesses should be asked here. Total questions 17600 ID1577545665 asked Data protection act 1998 accessing records and said it was the same as What are the principles of the data protection act 45 minutes ago ID3412278172 asked Define and classify the doctrine of ultra vires and said it was the same as What is the doctrine of ultra vires 5 Jul 2010 12:31 ID1166522759 asked Why do you think the drafters decided to proposed it as a separate and distinct uniform act and said it was the ...
Google Answers: Use of foreign driver's license in New York State
Is a foreign citizen on a J-visa considered resident of New York State for the purposes of a driver's license? I am a foreign citizen on a J visa, working in an Academic Training program after completing my university studies. I have lived in NYS for 1 year now. Am I required to get a NYS driver's license or can I use my foreign license? From my research, I got conflicting answers: - anyone maintaining a place of abode in NYS for over 90 days is generally considered resident: that would require a NYS license - out-of-state students are typically not considered resident: I am not a student anymore but ...