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Mechanics Lien Forms

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Avoid Probate: Florida Construction Lien Law: Forms
I have a client who once thought he would save money in attorneys’ fees by filing his own Claim of Liens. In July of 2005, he filed a Claim of Lien against an owner (or the person he thought was the owner) seeking more than $100,000 in unpaid labor and materials provided for completion of an apartment complex. He thought he had met the owner on several occasions and even visited the person he thought was the owner at his home. He had been introduced to this person by the contractor who stated during the introduction “Meet the big dog. He owns this place.” When my client sent the Claim of Lien to the owner he sent it to the ... market research, surveys and trends
Washington Appeals Case Confirms Lien Requirements Are Technical ...
,” Alan reports on a recent Division II appeal decision that “underscores the need…to comply with the lien statute.”   The case is Williams v. Athletic Field Inc . Alan’s right.   This decision really accentuates just how technical lien statutes are in Washington.  More interesting to me, however, was the decision to award the loser of the suit attorneys fees, which accentuates how risky it is to litigate the validity of a Washington construction lien . RCW 60.04.091 requires all mechanics liens to be “signed by the claimant or some person authorized to act on his or her behalf…”  ... market research, surveys and trends


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Texas Mechanics' Lien And Bond Claims | North America > United ...
Texas is perhaps the most difficult state in which to perfect a mechanics'/materialman's lien or a claim against a surety's payment bond. Many a subcontractor or supplier has not received payment for equipment or material provided, because when a customer does not pay, the claimant has not secured a lien or a bond claim. Generally, subcontractors and suppliers do not care whether their customer or a third party (i.e., a project owner or a general contractor) pays for equipment or material provided, so long as bills are paid; perfecting a lien or a bond claim helps achieve that goal. Therefore, here's a primer ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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Waiver of Mechanics Lien - Full and Final
mechanics lien forms are available for free on the Web at ... mechanics lien forms commercially available that do not require your agreement ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
DFI: Understanding a Mechanic's Lien
You are a homeowner; you do not necessarily understand (or care) about matters of real estate or construction law. But you've recently built your home, remodeled or added on and now you've received this document with a bunch of legal "mumbo-jumbo" called a "Notice of Intent to Hold Mechanic's Lien," "Pre-Lien Notice," Notice of Lien Rights," or some other document or letter to that effect. First, a mechanic's lien is a claim by someone (a person or a business) who performs construction work on your property. What constitutes work for which a mechanic's lien can be ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Cook County Misc forms
Circuit Court of Cook County - Transfer Order from Mechanics Lien Section to Chancry Calendar ...
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Illinois mechanic lien statute of limitations? - Yahoo! Answers
I am not a lawyer - this is not to be construed as legal advice in any shape manner or form. Contact a lawyer to answer legal questions. Now that being said. There is a 2 year statute of limitations for mechanics lien in Illinois. Unless you are a sub-contractor - then you have to file within 90 days of completion of the work. If you are the consumer - there are some tips on how to deal with sub-contractors in the second source posting. Find the section titled "Duties of the General Contractor and Subcontractors" and read thoroughly. Also be aware that some states require that the lien be renewed on a periodic basis (e.g. yearly).
How can I file a mechanics lien in Pennsylvania? - Yahoo! Answers
Credit bureaus have been contacted after customer refused to pay for agreed upon services (issued a check on a non existing account). I want to lien the house so if she sells it, or tries to refinance it, I'll be paid. **Bad Check Issued by Customer** -- my first step if I had a bad check issued by a customer on a non-existing account would be to file "bad check" charges against the customer. The fact that it was issued on a non-existent account makes it a criminal matter, and the District Judge will be the enforcer of the collection. The applicable portion of the Pennsylvania criminal law is 18 Consolidated ...