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Special Report on

Municipal Legal Authority

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are located in major cities throughout the United States as well as over 400 resident agencies in smaller cities and towns across the country. More than 50 international offices called "legal attachés " are in U.S. embassies worldwide.
Sewer meeting closed to public - Evening Sun
Several members of Reading Township's municipal authority, the township's engineer and a solicitor met Thursday afternoon with the state Department of Environmental Protection at a meeting that was closed to the public and the press. Upon entering the meeting room, Reading Township municipal authority solicitor Sharon Myers said that members of the press and the general public were not allowed at the meeting. "The wrong information was given out by mistake," said Myers. "This is not an open meeting because it has not been advertised and there is not a quorum of the board here." Thursday's ... market research, surveys and trends
Anchor Rising: What is Municipal Receivership?
The Attorney General Should not be Rewarded with Your Vote: What Dave Kane Will Do with Some of the Station Nightclub Fire Settlement Money , by Monique Chartier Rhode Island Politics 12:31 PM, 05/19/10 An ad and a spoof of another ad , by Donald B. Hawthorne National Politics 10:12 AM, 05/19/10 Pardon me for asking what might be a silly question here, but what does a municipal receivership of the kind being undergone by Central Falls actually mean? I've looked through the Rhode Island General Laws , and there is no mention of municipal receivership there that I am able to find. There's something in Federal law called ... market research, surveys and trends


Yields on BP-Backed Municipal Bonds Surge to 10% (Update1 ...
have surged to as much as 10 percent on concern that the costs of cleaning up the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and litigation are spiraling higher. Yields on short-term bonds backed by London-based BP to build sewage and solid-waste disposal facilities at a chemical plant in Will County, Illinois, and a refinery in Texas City, Texas, that are now at 10 percent were as low as 0.5 percent at the start of June. The maximum rate BP will pay on the bonds is 15 percent, according to the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board’s disclosure Web site . BP backs more than $3.5 billion of U.S. municipal obligations, according to Bloomberg data. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
A default is a situation when a debt obligation is not met, that is, the principal or interest payments are not paid when they are due. Not all bonds are subject to default risks. Any security issued directly by the federal government, such as Treasury securities and savings bonds, are considered free from risks of default, even though they are unrated. These are considered risk-free because a default by the federal government is considered all but impossible.   The frequency of defaults depends on the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
BARNSTABLE MUNICIPAL AIRPORT COMMISSION, MICHAEL A. DUNNING, BRUCE P. GILMORE, FRANCISCO SANCHEZ and QUINCY MOSBY, Defendants, Appellees. No. 09-2173. United States Court of Appeals, First Circuit. June 23, 2010. Marc E. Kasowitz with whom Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman LLP was on brief for appellant. Scott P. Lewis with whom Kevin D. Batt, Melissa C. Allison and Anderson & Kreiger LLP were on brief for appellees. Before Lynch, Chief Judge, Boudin and Lipez, Circuit Judges. BOUDIN, Circuit Judge. Rectrix Aerodrome Centers, Inc. ("Rectrix") is a tenant at the Barnstable Municipal Airport that provides certain ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Musa Madain appeals the denial of his petition for a writ of mandate challenging denial by the City of Stanton (the City) of his application for a permit to operate an adult-oriented cabaret. The City denied the application on the basis the location selected by Madain was within 300 feet of a planned church. Although Madain challenged the authenticity of the church itself in the proceedings below, he does not do so here. Instead, he argues two things: first, that a church which has merely applied for a permit to operate at a particular location, but whose application has not yet been meaningfully processed, does not qualify for ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


MUNICIPAL LEGAL AUTHORITY. Taking Action: Local Government Strategies to Mitigate the. Impact of Foreclosures on Communities ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Maryland's NPDES Municipal Stormwater Permits
Legal Authority. Certification from counsel that adequate authority exists to control discharges from the municipal storm drain system must be submitted. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Legal Authority to R egal Authority to R egal Authority to ...
Cheryl Sbarra, Tobacco Control Legal Consortium, Legal Authority to Regulate Smoking and ..... upheld the authority of municipal boards of health to ...
  1. profile image JohnRock2011 Going to the Municipal Authority of Westmoreland Co. to teach supervisors Defensive Driving Legal Aspects.
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WikiAnswers - What is a municipal library
Most municipal libraries are not owned or operated by the actual city in which the exist. Typically, a separate quasi governmental entity is created separate and apart from the city entity. The municipal library usually has its own officers, trustees and directors that are not under the direct authority of the municipality. Most libraries are not totally within the organizational structure of the municipality, meaning they are not just another department of the municipality like a police or fire department. Despite not being part of the municipality as a legal entity, most do receive some funding from the municipality for their ...
WikiAnswers - What type of government does Cuba have
The Cuban constitution states that, "the Communist Party of the superior guiding force of society and the state." Members are selected by the party in a thorough process that includes interviews with co-workers and neighbors. Those selected are considered model citizens and strong supporters of the revolution. It makes recommendations concerning the future development of the revolution, and it criticizes tendencies it considers counterrevolutionary. It has a relatively large influence in Cuba, but its authority is "moral", not on any legal authority. The Communist Party of Cuba is the sole legal ...