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Native American Legal Update

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In a landmark event that will provide a quantum leap forward in health care for Alaska Natives residing above the Arctic Circle, the Arctic Slope Native Association (ASNA) has issued an $82 million contract for construction of a modern hospital in Barrow, Alaska – the northernmost city in North America. ASNA’s project team worked for more than a decade in cooperation with the federal Indian Health Service to plan, design, and obtain funding for the facility, which will provide much-needed health services to Native communities located in Alaska’s northernmost region. After signing the historic contract, ASNA ...
societies. Most of the written historical record about Native Americans was made by Native Eurasians when after thousands of years, the populations re-established contact. Native Americans lived as hunter-gatherer societies and a vast majority retained a conservative value system when contrasted with the agrarian , proto-industrial immigrants from western Eurasia . The differences in culture between the established native Americans and immigrant Europeans, as well as shifting alliances among different nations of each culture, caused a great deal of political tension and ethnic violence. Estimates of the pre-Columbian population ...
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In that first “stupid has the ball” picture, the guy is running away from dogs…I’d assume that if he’s not fast enough, he may not have balls much longer. Maybe it’s because I do identify as “intellectual,” but this whole series of ads is totally off-putting to me. Even if I were “STUPID” I’d still hate to be the guy who is “Stupid has the ball” (where it’s singular), no matter how good the jeans are. … but anywho, I doubt that those jeans would fit me anyway (both physically and financially). Diesel, as I understand it, is ridiculously ... market research, surveys and trends
Army News, news from Iraq, – Army Times | Nascar News Update news/2010/06/gns_army_citizenship_062610 By Gerald Ensley – Tallahassee (Fla.) Democrat Posted : Monday Jun 28, 2010 16:29:44 EDT TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Axel Runtschke is blond and blue-eyed. He hunts and fishes. He listens to country music and watches NASCAR. He spent three years in the Army, is married and has three kids. He’s a regular American guy. Except that he’s an illegal immigrant. And though he has been in the United States for 20 years after moving here from his native Germany as a child, he has been unable to gain legal residency ... market research, surveys and trends


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it’s worth taking a break from the hype to examine how Native Americans are portrayed in this franchise. The general storyline is familiar to many at this point: vampires living near Forks, Washington have a volatile coexistence with shape-shifting wolf-people of the local Quileute Tribe, with the teenage protagonist Bella Swan as the center around which they all revolve. Previous articles regarding Eclipse predecessors Twilight and New Moon have noted the ill-informed but all too common stereotypes of Native people reflected in the films. Unfortunately, the latest installment does little to reverse this trend. Eclipse ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Cobell Trust Lawsuit Resolved In Multi-Billion Dollar Settlement ...
Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and Attorney General Eric Holder today announced a settlement of the long-running and highly contentious Cobell class-action lawsuit regarding the U.S. government's trust management and accounting of over three hundred thousand individual American Indian trust accounts. Also speaking at the press conference today were Deputy Secretary of the Interior David Hayes and Associate Attorney General Tom Perrelli. “This is an historic, positive development for Indian country and a major step on the road to reconciliation following years of acrimonious litigation between trust ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
From the Desk of Senator Craig Johnson: June 25, 2010
The Senate Standing Committee on Investigations & Government Operations recently released a report detailing New York’s failure to collect taxes from sales of cigarettes on Native American Reservations to non-Natives, Committee Chairman Senator Craig M. Johnson, (D-Nassau) announced. The report, entitled “Executive Refusal” found that New York is correct in its position that it is entitled to collect taxes on these sales. However, it concluded that the main cause of the current stalemate is the Executive Branch’s long-standing failure to engage in aggressive negotiations with New York’s Native American nations. “This is a ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Schools Chief Maria Goodloe-Johnson Faces Biggest No-Confidence Vote Yet, But Why?
have been voting to express no confidence in Superintendent Maria Goodloe-Johnson. Now, the teachers union as a whole is poised to vote on the matter, following a resolution introduced to the Seattle Education Association last night. Hundreds of parents also have voiced criticism of the superintendent in recent surveys . So you might think that the superintendent has made some whopper of a mistake--on the order of the $34 million district shortfall that was discovered when, in 2003, the SEA voted no confidence in then-superintendent Joseph Olchefske. But such is not the case. Sure, she's overseen a number of blunders, like the market trends, news research and surveys resources


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Generation, Native American Legal Update,. Native American Law Blog, and Aboriginal. Law Blog. You can hover over an article's ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
National NAGPRA has developed answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding NAGPRA and its implementing regulations. For additional information on the specialized terms used in NAGPRA, see the NAGPRA Glossary . What is NAGPRA? The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act is a Federal law passed in 1990. NAGPRA provides a process for museums and Federal agencies to return certain Native American cultural items -- human remains, funerary objects, sacred objects, or objects of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
U.S.Supreme Court Update 2001-2002 : Cases Involving or Affecting ...
Under applicable Indian-law canons of statutory construction, does IGRA, by 25 U.S.C �2719(d)(1)'s express incorporation of Chapter 35 of Internal Revenue Code, confer on Indian tribes conducting gaming operations same exemption from wagering taxes afforded to states by Chapter 35 of IRC? History : Petition for certiorari filed 10/03/00. Certiorari granted 1/22/01. Case argued 10/02/01. Case decided 11/27/01. Motion for petitioner to dispense with printing the joint appendix granted 3/19/01. Holding : The US Supreme Court held that section ...
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There were many indigenous people already living on the entire North American continent when the first European explorers arrived. They had long ago divided into several distinct groups, each with its own customs and specific way of life. Questions about these Native peoples and their interaction with the early explorers - and, later, with the Colonists - belong in this category. Total questions 53600 Supervisors Become a Supervisor ID1205826412 asked What did the olmecs do for fun and said it was different from What kind of farming did the olmec do 7 minutes ago ID1668400099 asked Are apaches native americans and said it was ...
When will the native americans get a chance to speak on ...
It depends on which nation is affected and also on whether or not they are actually native Americans as it is defined... There are a lot of Mexicans who are now claiming to be Mexica or Nahuatl or Azteca. Mexicans, like a lot of the Whites in the southEASTERN part of the country are actually blends of "native Americans" which is an ambiguous term to begin with. Both metis and mestizo are mixed indigenous and European, it just depends on what group they identify with and there is a large "brown skin power" activism taking place. So some DO speak out... whether or not they are native is questionable, if they don't ...