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Special Report on

Next Generation P2P

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Dutch academic Dr. Johan Pouwelse knows BitTorrent well, having spent a year of his life examining its inner workings. Now, as the scientific director of the EU-funded P2P-Next team, Pouwelse and his researchers have been entrusted with €19 million from the EU and various partners, and what they want in return is nothing less than a "4th-generation" peer-to-peer system that will one day be tasked with replacing over-the-air television broadcasts. P2P-Next is the largest publicly-funded team in the world working on such technology (though plenty of researchers at Microsoft, IBM, and countless tiny startups are also racing ...
SK Telecom is a provider of mobile service in Korea, with 50.5% of the market share as of 2008. Since being established on March 29, 1984 the company evolved from a first generation analogue cellular system, to second generation CDMA , then to the world's first third generation synchronized IMT-2000 cellular system. SK Telecom also became the world’s first to commercialize HSDPA in May, 2006. The company’s current services include NATE , a wired and wireless integrated multi-Internet service, June , a multimedia service, MONETA , a financial service, Telematic service such as NATE Drive and even Digital Home service. In ...
EU Invests $22 Million in Next-Generation BitTorrent Client ...
i ve already altered azureus’s piece selection mechanism to allow streaming while downloading…the way i ve done it, doesnt hurt the swarm health cause randomness is still maintained upto a certain extent so congestion is still avoided, but prioritization is given to the pieces inside the (sliding – moving) window of pieces who’s position is dictated by ur current playback location in the file….. offcourse when the avg swarm speed is lower than the playback rate, the playback wont be perfectly smooth on average for the swarm, but u can counter that by buffering a bit more (thus a slight delay be4 u ... market research, surveys and trends
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There are times when we have certain text in our document which we wish not to be check during a spell check by the text editor like word. There may be text in foreign language or some programing code or certain other portion of text which we wish to exclude from spell check. Here s how to do it. In such cases, the checker will stop numerous times while checking the document as it encounters unfamiliar words and... More DeskMenu is a lightweight and easy to use tool which makes the task of accessing the desktop items again and again a lot easier. It provides a faster access to all desktop items including shortcuts and other ... market research, surveys and trends


Teletrax - Global Media Intelligence /Industry
IFA 2009, Berlin, Germany � As high definition entertainment takes off in homes around the world, Philips is to provide business and leisure travelers with the same high quality viewing experience by launching the first HDTV platform for the European hospitality industry. Consumers are becoming increasingly familiar with the superior picture and sound quality of high definition entertainment, thanks to the availability of both HDTV services but also the growing popularity of Blu-ray Disc and more than a decade of the near-universal DVD format. Access to high definition content is steadily growing in Europe, where almost 60 ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
VirtualWayfarer – A Place For Intellectual Musings » Blog Archive ...
Over the past 15 years there has been a lot of dialog over the impact of modern technology, the amazing pace at which it has evolved and general shock at the impact of the Internet and personal computers on our day-to-day lives/the way business is done. In fact, as I completed my research for this article I’ve constantly had to re-evaluate the current situation based on significant developments which have been announced. Yet despite the common appreciation for the significance of current events our government, big business, and the American people have been slow to react. What we are experiencing now is not just an ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
ISP Music Levy, Legal P2P Back On Royalty Agenda
UK royalties collector PRS For Music has resurrected the idea ISPs should pay for copyrighted content that their networks transfer without authorisation. In a think paper , its chief economist Will Page writes: “With the introduction of the Digital Economy Act, the harm caused by the problem of piracy has to be measured , and if a problem can be measured it can be priced .” He presents two options… 1) “A dynamic compensation model, akin to the ‘cap and trade’ market for carbon emissions ... Operators would face a fee for the transmission of unlicensed media on their networks, though that fee ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
How to save the music business
He’s convinced the RIAA that he’s worth a seat on their board, even though his own label isn’t a member. He’s convinced A2IM (that’s the organization for independent labels only, sort of an RIAA-Lite) that he’s worth a seat on their board even though he sits on the RIAA board at the same time. He’s even convinced the independents that he’s a good “independent” Director for SoundExchange, even though the RIAA put him there and has yet to demonstrate the slightest urge “independent” of the RIAA while he’s there. Clearly, Tommy Silverman is a smart guy. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


On Next-Generation Telco-Managed P2P TV Architectures
work in that we evaluate next-generation P2P-based IPTV architectures under realistic viewing patterns, using a large trace from a live Telco-managed IPTV ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
P2P Piracy as Precursor to Commercial Entry
The Transition of TV. • From the “they TV” of the 3-network system. • to the “me TV” of multichannel TV. • To the “we-TV” of the next-generation P2P ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Professor Liu Receives Prestigious NSF CAREER Award | NYU-Poly
Polytechnic Institute of NYU assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, has received the National Science Foundation’s Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) award for his research proposal titled “Next-Generation Peer-to-Peer Streaming: Theory and Design.” The CAREER award is one of the most prestigious awards granted to up-and-coming science and engineering faculty who, according to the NSF, “exemplify the role of teacher-scholars through outstanding research, excellent education, and the integration of education and research within the context of the mission of their organizations.” With the esteem of the ...
Verizon Adopts Next Generation P4P File Swapping Technology
Verizon says it will work with, not fight, peer-to-peer file swappers on its network with a new technology called Proactive network Provider Participation (or P4P). Verizon says this technology can solve the bandwidth utilization challenges that surround peer-to-peer technology. Verizon's approach is in stark contrast to Comcast approach to P2P file swapping. Comcast is currently embroiled a controversy surrounding its admitted practice of slowing P2P traffic on its network. It's unclear if the implementation of P4P technology would have any impact on the massive volumes of pirated content that is swapped online using ...
Conficker.E Worm - P2P Update activated on April 7th • mozillaZine ...
The Conficker worm is one of the most dangerous malware threats in years, especially for corporate users. A new "C" variant has been developed that's even more potent and stealthier than the two prior variants. It's imperative that Microsoft's MS08-067 patch be applied to all servers and workstations, while the worm is currently dormant. If it establishes a foothold anywhere in the network, it can even spread to systems that are patched with the MS08-067, if they are insecure in other areas, (i.e., it uses multiple attack methods). Please take precautions now, as this one will be even more difficult than "B" was ...